Here Are The Best Ways to Customize Your Mac Desktop

Here Are The Best Ways to Customize Your Mac Desktop

In this ever-changing era where technology has become the universal language, everything is exciting & boring at the same time. For example going through unlimited content all over the internet is exciting but sometimes scrolling through the same category feels boring. Other similarities of boredom can be counted as the home screen or the computer desktop that you see every day.

Once in a while, everyone needs a change from the routine and we strongly believe that your device also needs a bit of customization. Doing so automatically will make you feel a bit new because you wouldn’t be having the similar experience that you were facing before.

Customizing Your Mac Desktop

When it comes to the device customization, I believe Apple comes at the bottom because everything has been set for the users from the start. For an example, if you are one of those Windows operating system users, you know how many changes you can make to the system desktop. However, the same journey cannot be experienced on the macOS due to the limitations Apple brings on its devices.

Thanks to the iOS14 (considered as the most revolutionary update Apple has released for iOS devices), iPhones users have control over device personalization more than ever. Keeping the same thing in mind, we have brought you the best ways to personalize your mac desktop so that it can become a whole new experience for you. And you can go through those many ways or tools that can give your mac a whole new makeover as long as it’s about customizing the mac desktop seamlessly.

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Here Are The Best Ways to Customize The Mac Desktop

Though mac is one of the most powerful & rich featured devices on the market, however, a few areas can leave you disappointed. One of those areas is the personalization your mac device needs because everything has been set on the system for quite a while. So let’s check out the ways to customize MacBook desktop and get a new experience altogether:

List of Contents

  • 1. Wallpaper
  • 2. Login Screen Changing Aspect
  • 3. Dock Customization
  • 4. Custom Color Scheme
  • 5. Icons & Background Customization
  • 6. Custom Sounds Addition As a Change

1. Wallpaper

In order to customize your macbook desktop, the very first step can be tweaking your desktop wallpaper. This can be considered as the refreshing change you’d want to bring to the system and that’s easily possible by visiting the further mentioned path “General > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop

customize your macbook
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Under the wallpapers that you can choose from, sources can be internal as well as external (the point is to set the mac desktop wallpaper that you liked the most). From Photos library on the device to checking out mac desktop themes, every source is available for the users to customize mac desktops.

2. Login Screen Changing Aspect

Another step that can help you customize your Mac desktop is tweaking the login screen a bit to keep things interesting. All you need to do is, be open for this change & start following below path:

System Preferences > Users & Groups > Password

Login Screen Changing Aspect
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Once you reach the above mentioned path, navigate to Settings & tap onto the existing user to see new opportunities. You can see Apple’s default one (currently using) as well as your Photos library to go ahead and save the necessary changes.

3. Dock Customization

In the process of customizing the mac desktop, another way is to do something with your device dock. Yeah!! In order to customize the Mac desktop, you can start with removing the app icons that you don’t need on your dock. Just drag them out of the dock & release when you see the prompt (remove) on the screen. Also, for opposite behavior, you can drag the app icons onto the dock if you wish to add them there. Additionally, don’t forget about changing the position of the dock to know which one suits the best according to your device desktop. From resizing the icons to magnifying them, many things are possible under dock customization category.

4. Custom Color Scheme

All of us are well aware of the fact that what transformation colors can bring in our lives. Similar concept can be used to customize mac desktops where you can tweak with the color schemes. For example, tweaking the macOS Mojave color scheme where you can pick different custom colors to make a whole new one. These colors can be Accent as well as Highlight ones that can be seen by users on different places including the buttons, menus & whatnot.

Custom Color Scheme
Image source:

5. Icons & Background Customization

Another step to customize mac desktop is through making changes in the icons as well as background of the desktop. From changing the icon size to how they will look, everything can be tweaked. Explore the app icons online that relate with your purpose and one thing you must know is that the image format must be supported by the Apple device.
Go with making the changes on a minor level and if you like them, make the necessary changes on a bigger level to make things look exciting.

6. Custom Sounds Addition As a Change

Most of the users have thought about it many times because they might be having the perfect tune or music for the particular situation. Times when you are either bored with the system voice or want to explore more, you can easily add new system voices to keep things interesting. All you need to do is, follow the mentioned path (System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech > System Voice).

Custom Sounds Addition As a Change


In order to get a new system voice, you can navigate yourself to “System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects” & narrow down one to set the new system voice. Though it seems a minor change, you can customize mac desktops in many different ways.

Customize Mac Desktop to keep Things Interesting

When you think about fulfilling the ultimate purpose to customize mac desktop, it needs to be a change that is visible. Apple products cannot be customized easily as they get released with a strong set of features. However, since iOS14 brought a transforming update to customize the device, we can expect the same from macOS as well, in the near future. Till then, it seems like we need to take the matter into our hands to customize mac desktops in an interesting manner.

So start exploring the different aspects (from icons to dock & system sound) to customize mac desktop & get the interesting outcomes from the changes.

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