Microsoft Windows 20 Operating System! Are We Hearing This Right?

Microsoft Windows 20 Operating System! Are We Hearing This Right?

January 14, 2020 was the day when Microsoft had announced to stop providing support for the Windows 7 operating system. That means the only standing player in the field from Microsoft was Windows 10 that’s been running successfully. Now, people are going gaga over the Windows 20 concept that’s been shared on YouTube.

Windows 20

We all know the minor & major issues faced by Windows 10 over the years, so the much-needed-update on Windows 10 in the coming month is going to give some relief to the users. The update will bring additional features that might surprise you to use Windows 10 more than ever.

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 20 Concept

“All my users are happy” is an impossible sentence a tech service provider company can claim. Because, there will be plenty of users who might not be satisfied with the services or are looking for some more functionalities.

Recently, Kamer Kaan Avdan (concept creator for many operating systems from quite a while) shared a video with Windows 20 concept. The concept shared by Avdan gives a glimpse of how the Windows 10 successor should look like.

Windows 20 concept

Since Windows 10 has constantly been a victim of issues & bugs, the operating system version cannot be considered as one of the popular OS’ versions Microsoft offers. The company anyway needs to bring new updates to keep Windows 10 running. However, if any of the functions from Avdan’s concept gets adopted by Microsoft, the Windows 10 updates would become more interesting than ever.

According to Avdan, the concept he has demonstrated is the perfect combination of simple, effective, & flexible features. Few of the additional features that were the center of attraction were customized taskbars; file explorer tab; & advanced modified tablet tab.

Avdan’s concept for Windows 20 is just amazingly advanced with redesigned settings that let you manage multiple tabs in easy steps. Also there will be a new Action Centre that gives you access to the PC’s settings easily & quickly. Additionally, a new search UI, latest wallpapers, & obviously the dark mode makes it more interesting. The concept seems quite clean, advanced, & up to date with quite many customizations.

Microsoft About New Windows OS Version

There are no new Windows versions that have been announced by Microsoft in recent period of time. Company hasn’t announced anything about the Windows operating system or any Windows 10 successors. However, there will be new updates on Windows 10 OS with different features. A few bug fixes, new customizations, & advanced features that will give users new experience altogether will be included in Windows 10 updates.

What Kamer Kaan Avdan Says About Windows 10?

From Windows XP to Windows 7 & iOS 14, Avdan has created some beautiful, thoughtful, & eye-catching designs that make the future interesting. Avdan has been a constant appreciation receiver of different concepts from reputed tech personalities.

What Kamer Kaan Avdan Says

Avdan says, This video is a concept created for the purposes of visualising how Windows 10 could be changed in a future update. This is NOT an actual software. I am not affiliated with Microsoft. Microsoft confirms there will be no Windows 20. The name for this concept has been chosen as Windows 20 to emphasize the idea of ”The Future of Windows 10”. For those who are curious ”20” stands for the year 2020.

This concept was created using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D.”

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Wrapping Up

The much awaited and desperately required Windows 10 update is going to come up with bug fixes & advanced features. Amid the operating system concept creator, Kamer Kaan Avdan released a mind blowing & beautiful Windows 20 concept with advanced features that looked awesome.

Don’t wait for it to become old. Click on the link, watch it, & share your valuable feedback & suggestions.

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