Systweak pdf editor vs Wondershare PDFelement: Full Comparison

Unsure of which PDF Editor to choose among Systweak PDF Editor and Wondershare PDFelement? Read the article and decide soon.

Systweak pdf editor vs Wondershare PDFelement: Full Comparison

PDF files are important tools for information exchange and document management. As a result, the need for the best PDF editing software for Windows has risen exponentially. However, with so many alternatives available in the market, it is essential to know the significance of comparing different PDF editing software.

Wondershare PDFelement and Systweak PDF Editor are two famous names when discussing PDF editing applications, and users may choose the best PDF editor by evaluating the essential features, functionality, user interface, compatibility, and cost. Comparing PDF editor software allows customers to find the ones that provide the most complete functions and any potential downsides or restrictions.

Key Points To Know When Choosing The Best PDF Editor For Windows:

Before deciding the best option, one should keep the below-mentioned factors in mind and then make a wise decision:

1. User Interface:

The user interface governs how software is displayed to users and how they interact. UI should always be easy to understand, intuitive and visually appealing, with clear and straightforward navigation, and plays a crucial role in comparison.

2. Features Available:

One of the most important factors to examine is the software’s editing capabilities. Knowing the features helps users make an informed selection when learning to edit pdf.

3. Efficiency:

Another important comparison factor is performance and speed. Performance refers to the software’s general functioning and capabilities, such as its capacity to handle huge files, support many file formats, and give complex editing functions. Speed relates to how long the program takes to do certain activities, such as opening a file, saving changes, or converting PDFs to other forms.

4. Compatibility:

Compatibility is another major factor to consider when deciding the best PDF Editor.

5. Pricing and Licensing Options:

Examining the pricing structure and available licensing options for PDF editor software is crucial in determining the best option.

6. Customer Support and User Feedback:

Quality of customer support and user feedback for PDF editor software are also important comparison factors.

Let’s start reviewing the two products based on the following key factors.

Systweak pdf editor vs Wondershare PDFelement: Which is Better

1. Systweak PDF Editor:

When trying to learn how to edit PDFs, one should try Systweak PDF Editor. It is a straightforward solution for opening, viewing, editing, reading, password protecting, annotating, compressing, and performing various other PDF editing and management operations. It is recognized as one of the finest PDF editors for Windows PC due to its abundance of excellent features.

We can see the operations that the PDF editing tool can perform right from the home screen. It offers an easy-to-understand interface in terms of usability.

Home page



1. Edit:

When reading a PDF document, such as a legal contract, an answer sheet, or any other document, you may wish to include components that indicate changes and other information to the intended individual. Systweak PDF Editor includes several PDF editing tools like Add Text, Text Callout, Add Image, Add Notes, Edit PDF, Sign PDF, and Merge PDF.

2. PDF Annotation:

Systweak PDF Editor provides numerous options for annotating PDF documents. You may create squiggly and freehand lines, as well as underline text. Text can also be highlighted and struck through. You may use the eraser to delete any of these items.

3. OCR Capability:

When you load a scanned PDF into Systweak PDF Editor, you may use OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This implies that the content in the scanned PDF is now selectable and searchable.

4. Protect PDFs With a Password and Redact Text and Images:

You may password-protect your PDF documents using Systweak PDF Editor and even remove the password protection if necessary. You may encrypt the PDF using a strong password.

Regarding security, there may be situations when you want to filter or conceal specific images or text in your PDF document. You may redact or permanently blackout chosen text and pictures using Systweak PDF Editor.

5. PDF Compression:

You may want to compress your PDF files and reduce the PDF size for the convenience of distributing through email or other means. Systweak PDF Editor has three compression levels: High, Medium, and Low.

The High mode will compress the file to its smallest possible size while maintaining low quality. The Medium option will deliver somewhat improved quality but with medium compression. Finally, the Low compression setting will deliver superior quality, but the compression will be little.


  1. 24*7 customer support.
  2. Provides easy signing of PDF files.
  3. Provision of password-protecting the files.
  4. Compatible with all major Windows versions like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7 SP1 (32 & 64 Bit).
  5. Ample features are available for editing PDFs.
  6. Provides a seven day fully functional trial version.


  1. Does not have the functionality of a watermark.

Plans and Pricing:

Offers Yearly and Lifetime plans at 41.97 USD/year and 67.46 USD for the lifetime plan.


Compatible with all major Windows versions like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7 SP1 (32 & 64 Bit).

Download Systweak PDF Editor

2. Wondershare PDFelement:

Now that we have learned about the basics of Systweak PDF Editor, let us see what Wondershare PDFelement offers when editing PDF files.

Wondershare PDFElement is a remarkably lightweight PDF software that goes beyond mere PDF document viewing. It empowers users to view, edit, secure, and effortlessly convert even the most extensive and intricate PDF files. This versatile software is accessible on both Windows and Mac operating systems.



1. OCR Function:

Wondershare PDFelement offers a paid OCR function, enabling users to extract text from images. PDFelement stands as an additional reliable option. It easily loads images containing text, such as scanned books, and efficiently extracts the text, allowing easy copying to any desired location.

2. Support Multiple Languages:

It supports multiple languages, making it suitable for extracting textual content from scanned images in German, Italian, and French. Users can even set a default language for input files, improving text recognition accuracy. Wondershare PDFelement stands as a versatile and comprehensive tool for handling OCR tasks.

3. Edit PDF:

Editing in Wondershare PDFelement is simple. The software instantly identifies the different elements within the file, such as text blocks and images, and outlines them with boxes for easy recognition.

4. Convert PDF:

In Wondershare PDFelement, you can conveniently convert PDF files into several popular formats, including DOCX, EPUB, PNG, HTML, and RTF. The process is simple:

  • Select the output format from the options listed under the Convert menu.
  • Add the PDF files you wish to convert.
  • Let the program handle the rest.

5. Merge PDF:

Suppose you have several PDF documents that you wish to merge into a single file. In that case, Wondershare PDFelement offers a solution with its “Combine PDF” feature, conveniently accessible from the home screen. The application seamlessly handles the merging process by simply adding the PDF documents you want to merge.

6. Digital Signature and Password Protect PDF:

Wondershare PDFelement offers a hassle-free method to establish the authenticity of electronic documents through digital signatures. With minimal clicks, you can sign your documents electronically using either existing signatures or by creating new ones. For added security, the signatures can be protected with passwords. To access this feature, simply navigate to the Protect menu item, where you’ll find the option to add digital signatures easily and efficiently.


  1. PDFelement lets you easily insert any text or picture you desire.
  2. A powerful editing function supporting various fonts.
  3. It also includes a very simple yet user-friendly design that makes it easy to explore the entire software.
  4. Offers multiple plans and prices.
  5. Cloud Service is also available.
  6. Watermarking of PDF files is also available.


  1. App responds slowly and seldom crashes as well in cases of large files.
  2. Provides 14 days of limited functionality trial version.

Plans And Pricing:

It offers three types of plans:

The yearly plan is priced at 79.99 USD

Two-year plan priced at 109.99 USD

The perpetual plan is priced at 129.99 USD


Available on different platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Download Wondershare PDFelement

Table of Comparison:

Comparison Points Systweak PDF Editor Wondershare PDFelement
Plans Offers Yearly and Lifetime Plans Offers Yearly, 2 years, and Perpetual Plans
Pricing Relatively cost-effective Comparatively expensive
Language Support Available only in English Support multilingual PDFs
Watermark Not Available Available
Speed and Efficiency Can withstand large files with ease Experience crashes and lags.
Trial Version Provides 7 days fully functional program 14-day limited functionality program

We tried articulating the features and differences between the two most famous PDF Editor software. While Wondershare PDFelement provides more features like Watermark PDF, multilingual PDF support, and multiple pricing plans, Systweak PDF Editor is relatively easy to use. It also withstands large files without any lags and is offered at a much lower price. The best part about Systweak PDF Editor is that it offers a complete seven-day, fully functional trial version.

You can decide between the two PDF editing applications depending on the requirement and the money you are ready to spend.

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