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1. How We Can Collaborate
Hello there and thank you for your interest in Tweak Library! Our blog is a popular hub for creative writers and digital marketers who want to contribute in the field of technology and want to showcase their work as a trusted resource in our space.
We receive a high volume of requests for guest posting & video submissions, but if you follow all our guidelines, you can certainly expect a quicker response time from our team. With that in mind, check out the recommendations for each piece of content you submit.

2. List of Blog Post Themes & Topics:
Ready to start writing? Well, while brainstorming about what to write, you should check out the following categories under which we accept guest content for Tweak Library. Also, make sure you submit only original and unpublished work:

● Computer Security
● Software & App Reviews
● Top 10 Listicles
● How-To Guides
● Gadget Reviews
● Troubleshooting Tutorials
● Gaming
● Cybersecurity
● Artificial Intelligence
● Virtual Reality
● Cloud
● IT & Communication
● Helpful Tech Tips
● Social Media Tips
● Fun/Useful Websites

3. What Do We Expect?
We receive dozens of applications and honestly not all can get accepted. If you want to captivate our attention, make sure you adhere to our specifications: (1) Read this entire page before submitting your work. (2) Minimum word count is 1,000 words. (3) The topic should be relevant to the niches covered on our website. (4) Make sure you submit fresh content, keeping our audience in mind. (5) Mention the targeted keyword in the article & the search volume should be higher (6) You can only put 1 External Link (NoFollow).

There are a plethora of guest posts on Tweak Library blog with amazing topics, catchy titles, unique perspectives, high-quality internal images, and actionable advice & tips. Ideally, the content you create should engage the readers!

4. Acceptance Criteria For Sponsored Guest Posts:
Tweak Library accepts sponsored and promotional content, but it should be original and resonate with our audience. If you are interested in submitting a sponsored post for your product or brand, make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

● The content should be unique & Copyscape passed.
● Minimum word count is 1,000.
● You can put only ‘One’ outgoing link per article.

If you have any queries, feel free to write to us at social@tweaklibrary.com. We can discuss the eligibility factors and fees for publishing Sponsored Post on Tweak Library. As per our guidelines, the links in these posts will be coded ‘Sponsored’.

5. How To Submit A Guest Post
First thing first – – The Guest Content should meet our four main pillars of quality (1) Topic must be relevant & targeted towards our audience. (2) The article should be well-researched. (3) Selected keywords should be well-aligned. (4) The topic should be covered comprehensively & conclusion should be actionable. Once the quality-check is done from your side, you can Email your content at social@tweaklibrary.com or you can simply fill the contact form, provided at the right-side of the page.

6. Ready To Reach MILLIONS of Individuals?
Our Editorial & Video Team is happy to work with creative minds like yours and help you to increase your brand visibility by aligning your product or service in the form of Articles, Video Tutorials & Mentions. Keep in mind that most of the requests are ignored because they don’t fulfill all the prerequisites according to Tweak Library. All the mentioned points are mandatory if you want to make your guest post Live on our platform. Also, before submitting your request, prepend your subject line with [GUEST POST]. Thank you!

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