PDFChef: Personalize Your PDFs By Adding A Signature

PDFChef: Personalize Your PDFs By Adding A Signature

Being able to work around PDFs is an absolute requirement in this digital world. Especially for people working on their PCs a lot definitely have to deal with a lot of PDFs for both official and unofficial purposes. Even if you don’t require creating Financial Models, you still require, every now and then, the ability to work around with PDFs.

Having that said, the ability to add digital signature to a PDF is an absolute requirement but is equally cumbersome if you don’t have the right tool. Let me help you with the process of adding digital signatures to PDF conveniently.

How to Sign a PDF Document?

Windows OS and Mac Operating System don’t provide the ability to read and edit PDF documents out of the box. There is a plethora of Software to help you edit PDFs and add signature to a PDF.

You can check out this list of Best PDF Editors for Windows and Mac to help you through.

Because in my profession I have to deal with a lot of PDFs, I have my own favorite – PDFChef by Movavi.  I use this software for almost everything that concerns a PDF; be it adding an image, fetching text, creating PDFs from scratch, or to insert a signature in PDF. The software has got everything I need with only the tiniest of compromises.

That being said, let’s move forward on the actual process of adding signature to a PDF using PDFChef. In order to do so, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Before we move to Insert Signature in PDF file, we have to first download and install the PDFChef software from Movavi Website for Free.

Note: The Free Version is a trial version valid only for 7-days and contains all the features of the paid version. However, you will have to bear a watermark on your document.


Once you open the application, you will find the Interface Pretty intuitive in its own. It gives you various options including the option to create a new PDF file, Edit PDF File, Merge PDFs, and Convert PDFs To and From different formats.

Step 2: Because we are trying to Add Signature to a PDF, you can either Drag and Drop the PDF in the App or Click on Edit which will open a dialog box to let you choose the desired PDF file.

Add signature

Step 3: Click on Edit > Add Signature once you have the desired PDF file open.

Edit PDF

Step 4: You will now see the option to either Draw your signature using mouse or Trackpad or you can choose an image file with your signature.

Add signature using PDFchef

Step 5: If you choose to import the file with your signature, which most people do, you can move the picture around and put it in its place.

Voila, you have successfully signed the PDF without having to go to the trouble of printing the PDF, signing it, and then scanning it again to send it forward. The process is pretty easy.

If you are planning to use this software for long, you will have to Purchase the Paid version of the software and you can either purchase a 1-year subscription or the LifeTime License. I prefer the Lifetime License more.

If you are confused about whether or not you should be purchasing this software, here is a full list of all the things this can do for you:

List Of Features
Easily Edit PDF Documents – Add Images, Modify Text, Rotate and Delete Pages, etc.
Merge PDFs
Sign and Seal the Documents
Convert Files To and From PDFs
Create PDFs out of Scratch

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Yes, you can Add Digital Signatures or use any feature of PDFChef by Movavi while in the Trial-period. The Trial-Period ends in 7 days after you first download it. Also, the resulting PDF edited with the Free Version of the Software also has a Watermark on the PDF. Hence, for serious usage, you will have to Purchase the full version of PDFChef.



Yes and No. In actuality, PDFChef is all about PDFs. Hence, it allows you to “Convert Certain files to PDF” and “Convert PDFs to Certain File Formats”. This is an absolutely important functionality when you have to deal with PDFs a lot because sometimes you have to just create a document out of images, Documents, and HTML files and vice-versa.



PDFChef isn’t just designed for you to add a signature to a PDF and rather is a full PDF solution with which you can create PDF documents from scratch. And Yes, you can also edit anything and everything in a PDF, from text and images to hyperlinks.


So, this was all from our end on How to Add Digital Signature to PDF using PDFChef. If you have any query, do let us know in the comment section below. Keep Visiting Tweak Library for more such tech-related Guides and Reviews.

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