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Best PDF Compressor Software To Reduce PDF File Size
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Best PDF Compressor Software To Reduce PDF File Size

PDF file is the most common and safest option to share a file without worrying about the alteration in the document. However, sometimes the PDF files are large in size and therefore, it becomes hard to share them via email or online platforms, so what to do?

Furthermore, if you are in a hurry, and have to submit numerous PDF files via email to your client. You need a quick solution. Well, we can use the best PDF compressor software online. But I am wondering which PDF compressor software is worth using?

There are numerous document compressors scattered online which promises to compress PDF files for you in no time.

In this complete article, we have discussed some of the best PDF compression software to reduce the PDF file size.

Best PDF compressor software to reduce the PDF file size:

1. Hipdf


Hipdf is a free PDF compressor web-based tool that will help to Compress PDF File Online. Yes, this is a one-stop solution for all your PDF related concerns.

Steps To Convert PDF Using Hipdf:

hipdf screenshot

  • Click on Compress PDF.

choose file

  • Now you will be redirected to the new page where you need to upload a PDF
  • After uploading a file, click on a compress. Tap on Download.

Your new downloaded  Compress PDF File is ready to use.

You can even use the multipurpose in-built tool which allows you to edit, merge and convert the files. If you are looking for password protection, yes you can too find this feature here in the Hipdf software too.  Additionally, in this free platform, you can convert Google Docs files such as Word, Excel, file, PPT and many more in no time.

Visit Here

2. ilovePDF


ilovePDF is another key planner counted in PDF Compressor Software family.

iLovePDF consists of a smart editor tool which helps to merge, split, compress, rotate, add, and so on. And what if I say, you can repair the PDF which makes this software a Best PDF Compressor on Online. Yes, you can even protect and unlock PDF files too.

Steps To Convert PDF Using iLovePDF


  • Click on Compress PDF
  • Choose the file to compress.
  • In the new page, you will get an option of compression level.

compression level

  • Once you have chosen the level, click on Compress PDF. Tap on Download.

You are all set to use the Compress PDF File through this software.

Visit Here

3. SmallPDF

small pdf

A small PDF is a free PDF compressor. If you are a frequent user of PDF formats then yes, this Document Compressor is best for you as it offers free Chrome extension.

Moreover, this smart software is being used by millions of users as a smart Best PDF Compressor Online. You can even edit PDFs, convert them to

Steps To Convert PDF Using SmallPDF:


  • Choose PDF file to compress.
  • Here you will get an option to compress PDF file in two versions: Basic and Pro.

small pds 1

  • Click on Basic Compression, you will get an estimated compression with the file.

Now, here you go download the new Compress PDF File.

visit Here

4. Docupub


Docupub is Best PDF Compressor Online, to create compressed files of your choice. With the help of this software, you can adjust the compression level into medium, high, minimum and maximum compression.

Steps To Convert PDF Using Docupub:

docupub ss

  • You can adjust the compression settings according to your preferences. The settings include Presets, compassion compatibility, and image settings.
  • Choose the PDF file to compress.
  • A new pop will appear on your screen.

docupub sshot

  • Click on the Compressed Pdf File And hit like on the downloading icon.


Everything goes perfect with this software except the uploading size must be under 20 MB.

Moreover, you can also convert PDF into BMP, PNG, PS, EPS, JPEG, PCX, and TIFF.

5. LightPDF


As the name suggests, LightPDF is the Best Pdf Compressor Online which comes with simple UI. You can upload as much as documents without any effort in this top Pdf Compressor Software. You can compress PDF files in Mac, Windows and even on mobile devices.

Steps To Convert PDF Using LightPDF:

light pdf 1

  • Click on the choose file.
  • After choosing the file, click on the downward arrow to download the PDF.

Here you got the compressed PDF file.

This PDF Compressor Software works almost on every platform, such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. The best part is you don’t need to pay any fee or sign up to compress the PDF files.

6. Online File Compressor

open file compressor'

The Online File Compressor is the free PDF compressor that allows shrinking PDF files easily and efficiently.

Steps To Convert PDF Using Online File Compressor:

open file compressor'

  • Click on + button to add PDF file.
  • Here you will get an option PDF file type such as quality and size.
  • Tap on Compress, and here you go. Download your new compressed PDF File with a single click.

Final Word

We hope that you will surely like the above mentioned Best PDF Compression Software to Reduce PDF File Size. If I missed out at any point or you think there could be another better option that can come in the list, don’t forget to mention in the comment below.

I hope this article was useful for you, and other technophiles who want to Compress PDF File through best PDF Compressor Software.

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