Spice Up Your Device With Mesmerizing Wallpapers

Spice Up Your Device With Mesmerizing Wallpapers

No matter what device you are using, the moment you change the theme or the wallpaper, the whole experience starts shifting to something new. Something new is always exciting and changing wallpapers gives your device a whole new look. There are unlimited categories you can choose from like sea or nature for calmness, quote ones to inspire or motivate you or high-quality full-screen images of the movies you love.

best websites for wallpapers

We all know how we can change wallpapers on a personal desktop or a mobile device but where to find the ones we need with the best quality? Where to get great wallpapers that exactly match what you are looking for?

Well, we did our research and got you the topnotch websites to spice up your experience with awesome wallpapers. Let’s check out the best wallpaper sites below:

Best Wallpaper Websites To Download HD Backgrounds:

1. Unsplash

People who are big fans of changing device wallpapers quite often are familiar with Unsplash. A website with the perfect combination of high resolution & free-of-royalty, Unsplash is best with all the categories you can ask for.


From nature & travel to current events, you can find anything & everything in here. Apart from using the pictures in content & blogs, you can use them to set as your device’s wallpaper as well. And believe me, it’s a treat to have them on your device as all of them are just mesmerizing.

Access one of the best wallpaper website here on Web, Android(Resplash), & iOS.

2. Wallhaven

One of the most modern website that includes hashtags along with different categories. You name the category and you will find it in Wallhaven with quite high resolution. The website really stands out with its tagline and that is “The best wallpapers on the Net!”


The platform also shows the company stats as well as ongoing discussions that might be of use if you wish to. Just visit the page, scroll down to the end, on the left side, check the forums and the opposite side shows the stats.

Since it’s an absolutely free-of-cost platform, you can get the pictures without logging in. However, to join the forums, create an account or login if you already have one.

3. DeviantArt

Sometimes, the names of the platform are enough to tell us about what they have for us and DeviantArt is one of them. Alike Unsplash & Wallhaven, DeviantArt also stands out tall in the crowd with its high-resolution pictures from artists all over the world. The Fast Menu on the website lets you filter out hot trending as well as what’s popular in recent weeks.


From as calm & soothing as nature to as ferocious and splendid as a dragon, DeviantArt has everything you can expect. You can have a lot on one of the great wallpaper site, not only just the pictures to spice up your device. Such as polls, commissions, status updates, journals and etc. that lets you use DeviantArt more than any other website.

Access DeviantArt on the webpage here & download the same for Android & iOS.

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4. HDwallpapers

HDwallpapers is another addition that just lightens up the enlisting as well as gives more to the user. Absolutely free to download, HDwallpapers gives you a wide range of pictures from nature to culture, cars to deep-down-forest, and rocky mountains to all the celebrations we have in the year.


You can either click on the already given options of latest & popular or if looking for something specific, just put it in the search bar. The awesomely easiest user interface with quality outcomes, HDwallpapers give you top-notch wallpapers in endless categories.

Check out the website; explore every aspect of it, & start changing wallpapers every day.

5. WallpaperStock

Literally, the stock of wallpapers to choose from, be it a desktop as any mobile device, WallpaperStock is one of the best wallpaper website alternatives. With the necessary yet many filters, the website narrows down your search to what you are actually looking for.


You can choose from the different options from Fast Menu as well as submit wallpapers you think are quite amazing to be appreciated. In order to get an image from the website, you don’t need to have an account. However, to submit one, login is essential or else register on the website if you do not have an account.

Click and access the webpage of the WallpaperStock website for a wide range of wallpapers.

6. Vellum

Only available for iOS and iPadOS platforms, Vellum is restricted to Apple only. Even though having the configuration restrictions, the app holds 4.8 starts from more than 47.3k ratings. Providing beautiful and extraordinary wallpapers to keep you excited and your device charming as ever, Vellum is absolutely free to use.


With powerful built-in blurring, Vellum is a sea of breathtaking images that believes in delivering high-quality wallpapers to its users. The concept of “A fresh wallpaper, every day” is quite unique with Vellum where each wallpaper is available for one day only. If you missed a day, go for a one-time purchase of Premium version, you’ll get access to the last four weeks of Daily Wallpapers.

Thoroughly explore the Vellum app for wallpapers on the OS & iPadOS platform here.

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7. Abstruct

Hampus Olsson, an award-winning OnePlus wallpaper artist has created the app that’s been available on the Google Play Store only. Soon, the app will be available on the App Store, however, the date hasn’t been finalized yet. The maker literally brings the world of wallpapers into your device without spending a single penny.


All the wallpapers on the app are available in 4K resolution and it auto provides the right size of wallpaper for the device. Get ready to give your mobile device an experience it had never before with the 4K resolution wallpapers.

Tap on the link, download the app and start using mesmerizing wallpapers.

Wrapping Up

Among the endless options of best websites for wallpaper, above are the ones that are worth & FREE to use. Just visit the page or the app, narrow down your image search result, & start giving your devices a new look every day.

Go through each one of them, select the one you think is working out best for you, and give the feedback with your experience.

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