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Check These Out: 2022’s Best Photo Management Software
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Check These Out: 2022’s Best Photo Management Software

Photo management software is used by photographers and various organizations to streamline pictures, maintain a productive workflow and to efficiently manage the huge database of images. A good photo organizing is the one that lets you locate your image files quickly by storing them in organized sections within your entire data library.

Having a photo organizer is a great way to keep your systems clutter-free and keep all your images at a place in an organized folder. The image organizer app for Windows and Mac will help you select and organize photos based on the date, location, categories and many other factors.  We have also curated a list of best photo management software for your help. Let’s have a look:

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Here Are the Best Photo Management Software 2022

1. CyberLink PhotoDirector 11: The Overall Best Photo Editor

CyberLink PhotoDirector 11- The Overall Best Photo Editor

Platform: Windows & MacOS


  • CyberLink PhotoDirector 11 gives you multiple organizing options.
  • This photo editor is quite easy-to-use.


  • Does not allow password protection for files and albums.
  • Cannot burn photos or slideshows.

From offering image editing to optimization to portrait retouching, CyberLink PhotoDirector 11 is just like PhotoShop and Lightroom photo editing tools. What makes it the best tool is its simplicity and easy-to-use user interface. Not only does it allow you to tag your images but also lets you search them by keywords, dates, location, color labels etc.


  • Offers backup reminders to help you remember saving your files.
  • Basic and advanced photo editing features.
  • Free online storage, making it the best photo organizer.
  • Lets you create and share slideshows.

Get It Here

2. Magix Photo Manager

Magix Photo Manager

Platform: Windows


  • Allows you to burn photos and slideshows.
  • Simple user interface.


  • Does not allow slideshow sharing directly to YouTube.
  • Limited editing tools.
  • No live chat feature.

Magix Photo Manager is an efficient photo management software that comes in both free and paid version. It has various features to grab your attention like- star ratings, theme categorization, cloud importing and many more. Along with these, this amazing tool uses AI technology to find and delete duplicates. Just like other good photo organizing software, it lets you sort and search images based on names, events, locations and more. Moreover, it supports most of the photo and video formats.


  • Gives value for money with advanced import options.
  • Efficient photo management software that finds and arranges similar scenes and duplicates.
  • Effective face recognition feature.

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3. Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Platform: Windows


  • Easy to use photo editing software with basic editing skills.
  • For Office 2013 users or later versions, you can install it as standalone software.


  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager is no longer available for Office 2013 or later.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is an efficient photo editing tool that allows beginners to showcase their photo editing skills. Not only this, it lets you manage pictures within your system. With this amazing tool, you can view, edit and share your favorite pictures through Email or by creating a picture book on the internet.


  • MS Office Picture Manager has a simple user interface.
  • It offers clutter-free layout to edit images.
  • This photo management software lets you implement changes in bulk pictures.

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4. ACDSee Photo Studio: Best Professional Photo Editing Software

ACDSee Photo Studio- Best Professional Photo Editing Software

Platform: Windows and MacOS


  • Great tool for perfect landscaping photos.
  • You can password protect your files.


  • Costs extra for cloud services.
  • Does not allow you to work with layers.

ACDSee Photo Studio is yet another in the list of photo management software. It has advanced editing capabilities and efficient photo organizing feature that lets you track every image quickly based on metadata, keyword tags and other filters. With this photo editor you can edit, create and add watermarks to your photos.


  • Secure photo management software to protect your work.
  • Password protect your files and folders.
  • High-quality editing tools.
  • Allows you to work with multiple file types.

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5. Zoner Photo Studio X – Best Value Photo Organizer For Windows

Zoner Photo Studio X - Best Value Photo Organizer For Windows

Platform: Windows  


  • Great photo organizer tool.
  • Best photo editor for beginners and professionals.


  • A bit complicated for beginners or new users.

Zoner Photo Studio X is a robust photo organizer that lets you work in the four main sections i.e.  Manager, Develop, Editor, Creator. Every section has its own roles. For instance, Manager lets you manage and organize photos on the basis of location, keywords, title, dates, color labels etc. Editor section lets you edit pictures, providing you the entire suite of tools to help you touch up your best shots. This is an amazing tool for RAW and batch image processing.


  • Allows editing and organizing your best shots.
  • Intuitive features with full set of capabilities.
  • Hosts 35+ filters to add them to images with a few clicks.
  • Both monthly and yearly subscription available.

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In The End:

This list of products will be much of your help if you are looking for the best photo management software for your PC. All of them are amongst the top-rated software but in case you are looking for a photo manager that is new in the market and is free for use, you can give a try to Photo Organizer.

Download Photo Organizer Here

Photo Organizer For Windows

This is an amazing tool that quickly scans your system files and folders and moves them in an organized folder altogether.

The entire process involves a few steps:

Select Location > Organize Settings asking you to move photos, copy photos or to delete duplicates from the source folder > Import pictures to a set path > And all your pictures are successfully organized.

Photo Organizer Wizard

Photo Organizer is not in the list of top photo management software but worth a try to organize and streamline digital photo library. Its notable features are as follows:

  • You can rename multiple images in a batch and frees you from the hassle of renaming each and every file.
  • It scans and removes duplicate files to recover the space on your hard drive.
  • Locate images easily according to the EXIF i.e. find your photos using the filters like date, name, etc.).

Note: Photo Organizer is only available for Windows.

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