Tips To Find The Best Photos Recovery Tool For Windows

Tips To Find The Best Photos Recovery Tool For Windows

So, you have accidentally deleted pictures just to regret later as you realized you don’t have a backup. Worry not, using a recovery tool you can get back lost or deleted pictures. But which one to use is surely going to be a daunting task. If this is what you have in mind and have learned that using photo recovery software, you can restore deleted photographs, you are at the right place.

Whether the photos are deleted from a USB flash drive, HDD, or are inaccessible as the USB or HDD is corrupted, this post will help with all that. By the end of the post, you will know what exactly to look for when picking a photo recovery tool.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the tips to find the best tool to recover deleted photos.

Luckily, I have Photos Recovery, the best program that helped me retrieve photos I thought I could never get back.

Brief Introduction – Photos Recovery

Developed by Systweak, Photos Recovery is an excellent software to restore deleted pictures from Windows and Android. Using it you can scan HDDs, USB flash drives, and other storage devices. Not only this, but Photos Recovery also retrieves deleted photos from different file systems like FAT, FAT 32, NTFS, etc.

Furthermore, the tool is AppEsteem certified, thoroughly tested, offers two scanning modes, allows previewing scan results, and more.

Price:- $29.95

60 days Money Back Guarantee

Key Features:

  • Capable of recovering deleted, lost images from formatted USB Flash Drive, Memory Cards, Hard Drive, etc.
  • Distinctive scanning modes.
  • Restore deleted photos from different file systems like FAT, FAT 32, NTFS, etc.
  • Preview scan results.
  • Recover deleted RAW photos.

Download Systweak Photos Recovery

Review on Photo Recovery Software

9 Top Tips to Find Best Photos Recovery Software

1. User Interface

User Interface

Losing data is stressful, and at this time if you have to use a complex recovery tool things get difficult. So, always look for a user-friendly tool. A good image recovery tool makes scanning, reviewing, and recovering pictures easy. So always look for a tool that gives clarity of how to use the tool without any difficulty.

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2. Speed


For recovery tools speed is an important factor. Since the application scans your hard drive for deleted data, speed should be a parameter of performance. This means, there’s no point in purchasing or investing time in a tool that takes a lifetime to scan the system for deleted data. So, before buying, always check the performance.

3. Reliability


Another important factor you need to look out for is reliability. There can be different reasons for data loss. So, an efficient tool can address all types of data loss scenarios. With that said, always keep in mind that the software should be able to recover photos from formatted drives, external media, corrupt storage, and beyond. In short, it should be an all-rounder.

4. Free version limitation

Before you pay for a product, always use its free version to check how it performs. This should be the deciding factor as you know how transparent the company is. Most companies offer limited functionality trial versions, while some only offer scans-only versions. Whatever the case, each will help understand the product better. But if there’s a photo recovery tool that asks to pay upfront you cannot trust it.

5. Price


When deciding on software to buy, price plays an important role, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. If you base your decision on price alone, you might miss out on other essential features. Therefore, always look for value for money. This means, never assume an expensive software will be full of features and a less expensive software will compromise on it. Compare the features and price and then decide which photo recovery tool to use.

6. Features


An efficient image recovery tool offers all the essential features like different scanning modes, options to scan all file types, preview scan results, recover deleted data, and if we try restoring on the same drive then a warning message.

Also, it should be versatile.

7. Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

When buying an image recovery tool look for customer reviews. It is advisable to check product reviews, customer feedback.

8. Technical Support

Technical Support

A tool backed by customer support is the best recovery tool because at any time we face a problem we know where to go. Therefore, always check whether the tool is backed by trained technical support or not. Also, check what all modes of support are there like email, chat, calls, etc.

9. Supported File Types

The recovery software should be able to restore all file types. Since here we are talking about the photo recovery tools then it should help recover RAW and other popular image formats. Also, check whether it allows adding or excluding file types or not. Besides, does it allow previewing scan results and perform a different scan to perform in-depth scanning.

The best tool to recover deleted photos

Photos Recovery, according to me, is the best picture recovery software on the market. Available for Windows and Android, this tool is capable of recovering lost and deleted pictures. Most importantly, the tool fulfills all the points explained above. Also, to get faster or comprehensive results this best image recovery gives the choice of a quick and deep scan. Other than this, Photos Recovery allows retrieving RAW files and more. There’s a free trial to try the tool before buying and so on and the tool is pocket-friendly.

We hope you like the tips we shared, do share your feedback about the same in the comments section.

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