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Best Photo Recovery Software for Windows in 2021
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Best Photo Recovery Software for Windows in 2021

Easily Get Back Your Lost Photos!

“We take a photo as a return ticket to a moment which is otherwise gone.” That’s why images are so close to our heart, they remind us of the time and everything about it, lots and lots of memories with just a single pic.

No wonder, why we don’t want to and can’t afford to lose these pictures and memories. But it inevitably happens to a lot of people around the world. Sometimes due to technical glitches, sometimes because we weren’t careful enough.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

However, there are software that can help recover deleted photos. These software are cross platform and in this post we are going to discuss about these best photos recovery software for Windows. Using them you can retrieve your lost or deleted photos.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the list.

Best Photos Recovery Software for Windows

1. Systweak Photos Recovery:


Price: $39.95

Highlighted Features:

  • Can Recover photos even from formatted Hard Drives.
  • It can be used to recover deleted files from external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, etc.
  • Deep Scan Mode helps get back old deleted photos.


Easy-to-use Interface

Very efficient Deep Scan feature

Supports various drive formats like NTFS, FAT 32, etc.

Can recover photos from both External and Internal Drives


The free version only allows to preview recoverable photos

Systweak’s Photos Recovery Software is an amazing to use tool to recover deleted photos from your internal and external drives. Also, it supports various drive formats from seamless execution. The minimalistic interface is a charm to use.

Though the free version of Systweak Photos Recovery Software only provides the scan results and preview of the files that can be recovered, it at least gives you an idea whether or not you will be able to recover deleted photos that you want.

With seamless integration and easy-to-use interface, Systweak Photos Recovery Software is one of the best image recovery software in the market. Furthermore, if you are an Android user you can use its Android version to recover deleted photos from your gallery.

Download Systweak Photos Recovery Software

2. Stellar Photo Recovery


steller phenix photo recovery

Price: starts at $39.99

Highlighted Features:

  • Allows Disk Imaging to Quickly recover deleted photos.
  • Like Systweak Photos Recovery it too offers Deep Scan for better results.
  • Allows you to select Specific File Type or Region to easily recover deleted photos.


Easy-to-use software

Disk Imaging for Quick Recovery

Allows saving of scan results and resume recovery at a later date.

Also allows the recovery of Unicode Files


The free version only allows the preview of recoverable photos

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software is another great to use image recovery software for both Windows and macOS. It has been around since 1993 and brings utmost trust with itself. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software also allows recovery of Unicode files.

With all the given features and trusty worthy experience, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software definitely deserves to be on the list of top software to recover deleted photos.

Download Stellar Photo Recovery Software for Windows

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Price: starts at $69.95

Highlighted Features:

  • Users can directly restore deleted files from Camera, and other external devices.
  • Advanced Scan for Sector-by-sector scanning.
  • Allows recovering the data from deleted and hidden disk partitions.


Easy-to-use and updated interface

Allows recovering photos from the deleted disk partitions

Restore deleted photos directly from camera and similar devices.


The price is on the higher side

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is a popular name when it comes to recovering deleted photos or any file for that matter. EaseUS features a simplistic and pleasant-to-look-at interface along with a powerful tool to recover deleted photos from even the inaccessible drives. With all these given features and more, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is definitely one of the best Photos Recovery Software in the market compatible with Windows and Mac.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

4. Advanced Disk Recovery


Price: $39.95

Highlighted Features:

  • A completed tool to recover anything and everything on your PC.
  • Supports both internal and external drives like USB Flash drive, even CDs/DVDs.
  • Multiple scanning modes to provide both quick and thorough scanning.


Easy-to-use and updated interface


Supports wide range of File Formats

Compatible with nearly all the versions of Windows


No compatibility with other operating systems

Advanced Disk Recovery Software is another great software by Systweak. It’s an affordable competitor of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Advanced Disk Recovery supports a wide range of file formats to help you recover not just photos/images, but your documents, audio & video files, and whatnot.

The simplistic and easy-to-use interface makes it a charm to use. With all the given features and more, Systweak Advanced Disk Recovery is one of the best Data Recovery Software.

Download Advanced Disk Recovery Software

5. PC Inspector File Recovery


PC Inspector File Recovery

Price: Free

Highlighted Features:

  • Can read from FAT16, FAT32 & NTFS file systems.
  • Supports a wide range of file formats.
  • Works on the deleted and unreadable disk partitions too.


Supports a Wide Range of Files Formats

Powerful enough to recover data from the lost partition as well

Can read from FAT16, FAT32, etc. drive formats


Outdated Interface

PC Inspector File Recovery Software is a great tool to recover different kinds of files on the system. PC Inspector File Recovery features an old school interface which, in a way, is both intuitive and yet feels outdated. However, it gets the job done. Hence, it earned a place on our list of Best Data Recovery Software for Windows.

Download PC Inspector File Recovery Software

So, these are all the Photos recovery software to recover deleted photos. A couple of software on the list can also help recover deleted photos even from the lost drives and unreadable drives. We hope we were able to provide you the information you were looking for. Do let us know your favorite among these, we love hearing from you.

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  1. Chris Smith

    Systweak Photos Recovery is a real lifesaver! I recovered all my deleted photos from the drive just with a few clicks. Thanks!

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    Systweak Photo recover is the best tool to recover photos

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    Systweak Photo recovery software sounds great in it's feature. Thank you for sharing this list I can restore my all accidently deleted photos.

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