How To Recover Picasa Photos Windows 10

How To Recover Picasa Photos Windows 10

Have you lost or accidentally deleted photos from Picasa? This post shares the best way to get back deleted Picasa photos and other files. Advanced Disk Recovery, the software developed by Systweak, is a great tool to recover all types of deleted files. Using it in just a few clicks, you can restore deleted files from a formatted hard disk, SD card, and another storage device.

The tool offers different scanning modes and it even lets you preview files before recovery. Moreover, this data recovery tool categorizes the search results. All this and much more makes Advanced Disk Recovery the best tool to easily and quickly recover deleted Picasa photos.

So how to recover Picasa photos?

Here we will explain the professional way to get back deleted photos from Picasa. But before that, let us know what might have happened that made you lose your photo albums in Picasa.

Common Reasons for Images Going Missing From Picasa

Picasa shows all the photos, including the edited version and original copies of images stored in your PC or Mac drive. This means if you delete a photo from Picasa it gets deleted from your PC also. Due to this if you accidentally delete the resized, edited, or photo thinking it is duplicate without checking the folder path you might end up losing the only copy of the image you have. In addition to this, if you select the ‘Delete from Disk’ option, you remove the photos from the computer.

Furthermore, if you format the drive on which you store image files or folders, you will lose photos. Alongside this, Google’s decision of withdrawing Picasa can also make its Web Albums’ pictures inaccessible. Also, if your system gets infected by a virus or is attacked by malware or HDD gets corrupted, then you might lose photos from Picasa.

How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Picasa Photos

Developed by Systweak Advanced Disk Recovery is an amazing recovery tool. Compatible with all the versions of Windows, this data and photo recovery tool is excellent. To make the Picasa photo recovery process quick, effective, and accurate it offers different scanning modes – Deep and Quick.

Deep Scan helps restore the maximum number of files and photos

Quick Scan as the name explains is fast and is less effective.

Furthermore, the scan results also tell the state of the file. In addition to this, you can use Filter options also.

Advanced Disk Recovery Advanced Disk Recovery _ Filter Options

Using it you can recover any deleted file types. This includes photos, audio, videos, Office documents, etc.

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Steps to use Advanced Disk Recovery and get back deleted Picasa photos.

Step 1:  Download & install Advanced Disk Recovery Tool.

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Step2: Launch Advanced Disk Recovery Tool provided by Systweak.

Step 3: Choose the location to scan for deleted Picasa photos. You can scan the hard disk, removable drive, and partition.

Advanced Disk Recovery _ Scan

To scan external media, connect it to the system before using the file and photo recovery too.

Step 4: After selecting the location, click ‘Start Scan Now.’

Step 5: Set from the two scan modes:

  • Quick Scan
  • Deep Scan

Advanced Disk Recovery - Scan Type

Step 6: Hit the Scan now button and wait for the scanning to progress.

Advanced Disk Recovery - Scanning Process

Step7: When done, review scan results.

Advanced Disk Recovery - Scanning

Step 8: To recover, select the folder where the Picasa photos were saved. Expand it by double-clicking on it and click Recover.
Select the location to save restored files. If you want you can create a new folder by clicking Make New Folder create.

Note: Never save the recovered photo or file on the same location from which you are recovering digital images. This reduces the chances of data and image recovery.

Advanced Disk Recovery - Scan Result Advanced Disk Recovery - Browse for Folder

Step 10: Let the recovery process finish.

Check the summary of the action performed, go to the location where you restored data to confirm data recovery.

So, using these simple steps, you can restore deleted Picasa photos.

Wrap Up – Best Way to Restore Deleted Picasa Photos.

In today’s time, there’s a solution for everything. Whether it is recovering deleted photos, permanently deleting files, cleaning junk files, optimizing Mac or PC, you will get a tool for everything. It is up to you which tool you pick. We suggest always going for a trusted and recommended tool. For recovering data, photos, audio, and other file types, we suggest using Advanced Disk Recovery.

We hope you will give it a try to restore your deleted Picasa images. Once you do that, do share the feedback about the same. Also, let us know how you find the information we share. It helps us bring more relatable content for our readers. Do share your feedback. We love hearing from you.

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