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Use Photos Recovery Tool & Never Lose Your Precious Photos
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Use Photos Recovery Tool & Never Lose Your Precious Photos

Everyone wants to capture & keep the priceless moments in pictures so that they can look at them later on & relive the experience. But sometimes, the whole experience becomes a nightmare when you mistakenly pressed Shift + Delete on your device. Similarly, there can be many reasons that result into losing those precious moments in a fraction of second & you can’t do anything about it.

Photos Recovery Tool

Any reason including deletion, removal, or formatting the drive (internal or external), the damage is already done as your data is lost. That is where we are going to explore a simple yet effective tool that will bring all those lost photos to you seamlessly. This easier than ever process with a simple user interface will let you live those beautiful moments again.

Use Photos Recovery Tool to Never Lose Your Photos Again

Systweak Software is already a well known brand that covers providing tech solutions many users face almost every day. Apart from that, from Windows to Mac & Android to iOS, the platform is all about making the users lives problem free as much as possible. Here also, we are talking about Photos Recovery tool which has the potential to bring back the photos that got deleted intentionally/unintentionally. 

Photos Recovery

Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit & 64 bit), Photos Recovery tool is helping you with the solutions you are looking for. Be it bringing back your deleted or lost photos or recovering the formatted pictures from internal as well as external drives, Photos Recovery get those back in the simplest way possible.

Photos Recovery Tool Features

You name the problem & there are already 100s of solutions you may find in the cut-throat competitive market. So if we talk about recovering the deleted or formatted pictures,  why in the world would anyone go for Photos Recovery tool from Systweak. There has to be something that this tool offers which no other photo recovery tool does so lets explore the features below to help you narrow down your options:

Before we begin talking about the exclusive features Photos Recovery tool offers, first let’s visit the website, download the software, & install the same on your Windows PC.

1. Home/Scanning Location Selection

The moment you are done with the downloading & installation, the Photo Recovery tool will auto start on your PC. & the first screen you’d be looking at is, the Home page or the location selection from where the pictures got deleted. Because how the tool works is, select the location from where you want to retrieve the photo, scan the selected location, & recover the photos. Simple as that!!

Photos Recovery software

The instructive-detailed page above helps you select the location(hard drive or removable) & scanning type (deep or quick). All you need to do here is select the location (you want to retrieve the file from) & choose the type of scan according to your preference. Once those have been selected, click on the Start Scan Now option & let the tool works via scanning the chosen path for deleted or formatted images/pictures.

Scan for deleted photos

Since the tool has the ability to retrieve digital images from different file system like FAT, FAT 32, & NTFS with comprehensive scanning, you can count on this best software to get your images back. 

2. Search Results/Outcome

Once the above scanning process gets finished, the tool starts organizing the deleted photos (from the selected location). It will give you the preview of all the deleted photos from the particular location & before retrieving the once you want, don’t forget to review them.

Recover photo

Once you have reviewed the pictures you want to recover, select them one by one or else if you’d want to recover all of them, check the “Select All” box (right below the number of photos to be recovered). 

After choosing the pictures, you’d need to click on “RECOVER”; & give the toll a path where you’d want to save those recovered files. 

Organize photo

& within a few seconds, on that particular path you’d see that those selected files have been successfully recovered.

Organize your photo

After the images have been recovered, you can click on the “Open file location” option & check if those files are the same. 

In case if the above process was a test to check if the tool works fine, tap on “Recover More” & start recovering the other deleted files following the same process.

3. About Us & Settings

About Us & Settings cannot be considered as the features of Systweak Photo Recovery tool, however, they come with the whole package. 

In case you want to know anything about the tool from app version to the support email or the refund or privacy policy, tap on the About Us mark.

Organize photo library

Additionally, just below About Us option, you have the Settings option to make necessary changes in the tool. Not everyone would be okay with the default settings every app comes with & that’s why you have the option to customize it the way you want.

Just tap on the last option (extreme left) & make changes according to you in General & Photo Settings.

Photo recovery setting

Once you are done with the choices you’d want to go with, tap on Apply (bottom right corner) & the recent changer would get saved.

In case your app starts behaving badly for unknown reasons & you want to get Technical Support, click on the Burger menu (top left corner) & tap on Technical Support.

About photo recovery

Similarly, you can explore the other options & make the most of the best Photos Recovery tool from Systweak Software.

Wrapping Up

Deleting, removing, or formatting your digital images & other files is a mistake & recovering them can be a nightmare for you. But with the right tools, every problem seems as small as restarting your cell phone or personal computer. 

So in case you have lost or deleted your images mistakenly or deliberately, use Systweak Photos Recovery tool & retrieve the files within seconds.

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