Top 5 Stellar Photo Recovery Alternatives For Windows & Mac (2024)

Best Substitutes To Stellar Photo Recovery Tools For Windows & Mac To Use In 2024!

Top 5 Stellar Photo Recovery Alternatives For Windows & Mac (2024)

Stellar Photo Recovery is considered as the best Windows & Mac Recovery Program designed to restore formatted, deleted, and missing pictures, videos & audios. The application supports a wide array of file formats as well as camera RAW images. Best part? Its Preview feature gives the ability to check and verify the photographs & other media files before they are recovered – – which is a huge time saver.

However, certain downsides make users search for Stellar Photo Recovery Alternatives in 2024. For starters, the picture restoration tool is resource-hogging, it may slow down your device and occupy lots of memory. Secondly, it does not (always) retrieve the original file name or full metadata. Moreover, it’s not at all a budget-friendly option. So, if you are looking for its substitutes, check out the following options!

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Top 5 Must-Try Stellar Photo Recovery Alternatives For Windows & Mac (2024)

Listed are the handpicked programs for the fastest photo recovery on your desktop. Choose the most suitable option according to your needs & requirements.

1. Systweak Photos Recovery

Photo recovery

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7 (Both 32 bit & 64 bit)

Price: $39.95

Latest Version:

File Size: 9.3 MB

Systweak Photos Recovery is a top-notch solution designed to retrieve digital images that are accidentally deleted, lost or formatted from a hard drive, Flash Drive, USB, etc. The application comes with a robust scanning engine that performs an instant scan to detect missing photographs from your Windows. You just need to select the location where you want to search for lost snaps and the analysis process will be completed in a few moments. You preview them further and recover the ones according to your choice.

Download Systweak Photos Recovery

HIGHLIGHTS: Systweak Photo Recovery

  • Intuitive and modern dashboard.
  • Displays all the detected picture files as large icons or in a detailed view.
  • Shows the filename, format, size of the snap, and the original location.
  • Allows you to narrow down the scope of search to ensure shorter analysis time & effective results.
  • Supports almost all popular photo file formats & RAW (from digital cameras), raster, or vector images.
  • Supports Preview before Recovery.

Read this unbiased review to know more about this fast & easy to use photograph recovery utility for Windows PC.

2. Recuva


Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000

Price: Free

Latest Version: 1.53.1087

File Size: 3 MB

Recuva is the Best Free Stellar Photo Recovery Alternative for Windows PC. Although, it has a professional version available at $19.95 for advanced users with more functionalities. But you can rely on its free version to perform efficient scanning for basic image recovery on desktop. The nifty utility got its word of mouth, as it is super easy to use, all thanks to its step-by-step guide, which pop-ups on the main screen. As soon as the results are displayed, you can view the current state of each file, based on the bullet color allotted to them.

Download Recuva


  • Check the current condition of files, Green = Excellent, Orange = Poor, Red = Unrecoverable.
  • Can recover a wide range of file types, among them images, text files, and cached web data.
  • Get details about each file, such as Size, Last Modified, Access Time, and many more.
  • Provide the ability to securely delete files, making them
  • Supports scanning a formatted hard drive to retrieve missing files.
  • A portable version of the photo recovery solution is available.

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3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Price: Free/$69.95 per month

Latest Version: 14.0.0

File Size: 43.2 MB

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software claims itself to be the best tool among the glut of solutions available for restoring lost, missing, deleted, formatted and corrupted snaps from Windows & Mac. Similar to Stellar Photo Recovery, the tool supports a multitude of file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, TXT, and many more. What’s more? It can help you restore your photographs from HDD, SSD, external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, thumb drives & popular memory cards for cameras/mobile phones, and more.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery

HIGHLIGHTS: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard  

  • Adopts a step-by-step approach throughout the entire configuration process.
  • Fast scanning speed ensures you can locate and restore lost snaps as soon as possible.
  • Supports filtering search results to ensure accurate recovery results.
  • Preview before recovery, so that you can get important files back in no time.
  • Allows users to recover files encrypted by a virus attack or OS crash.
  • Supports over 20 languages used worldwide.

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4. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP

Price: Free

Latest Version:

File Size: 9.4 MB

Wise Data Recovery is an intuitive and lightweight picture recovery program that helps users instantly restore accidentally deleted files with minimum effort. The photograph restoration tool features a simple and clean layout with the possibility to scan specific drives and perform searches based on keywords like photos, audio, video files, documents, email items, and so on. It has a robust scanning engine that ensures quick recovery and shows complete details about the detected items.

Download Wise Data Recovery

HIGHLIGHTS: Wise Data Recovery

  • Lightweight picture recovery application for Windows users.
  • Effortless interface, making it a suitable choice for newbies.
  • Shows details like file name, size, date when the file was last modified, recoverability status (good, poor), and file path.
  • Doesn’t hamper system performance, manages to remain light on resources.
  • Best Free Stellar Photo Recovery Alternative for Windows PC
  • Portable Wise Data Recovery version available.

5. PhotoRec


Compatibility: Windows, Mac & Linux

Price: Free

Latest Version: 7.2

File Size: 20.5 MB

Last but not the least in consideration, PhotoRec is one of the best Stellar Photo Recovery alternatives available in the market for both Windows and Mac. Not so fancy but a free file recovery tool is capable of retrieving numerous file types, including jpeg, png, gif, tga, tiff, ogg, zip, HTML, and many more. You can refer to the complete list of PhotoRec supported formats, right here. Despite all this, the learning curve for handing the tool might hold several people away, because it’s a command-line tool.


  • Designed to be accessible for both advanced and less-experienced users alike.
  • Matches the speed & recovery rate of Stellar Photo Recovery. Does an amazing job!
  • Exceptional support team just like Stellar to answer users’ queries.
  • Supports almost all Windows versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.
  • Best Free Stellar Photo Recovery Alternative for Windows PC

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Wrapping Up: Top 5 Alternatives & Similar Software Like Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery has the potential and capability to rescue your images and videos without any hiccups, but it would be an exceptional utility if it does that keeping the affordability factor in mind. Nonetheless, you can try any of the aforementioned paid & free photo recovery software for Windows & Mac to easily restore your multimedia data lost due to corruption, human error, hard drive failure, or any other common data loss scenario.

So, which one will be your go-to utility for recovering important pics & videos? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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