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Is It Safe to Use Photo Recovery Software? If Yes, Then How?
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Is It Safe to Use Photo Recovery Software? If Yes, Then How?

Irrespective of what type of files you have lost, recovery is one of the most useful features one can opt for. From your precious iPad to the personal computer, data can be lost anywhere & then you start looking for recovery software (that are actually equal-to-indefinite in the market right now).

Use Photo Recovery Software

Out of those lost docs, text files, photos, & videos, you try to recover as many as possible, however, tools have limitations. Plus you need to start prioritizing the files you wish to recover because docs are something that you might already have on your emails as an attachment. So recovering docs would be a waste of time as well as free MBs you have received for recovering.

One of the most important types of files you can recover is Photos that cover most of the storage on your device. From auto-downloading photos from WhatsApp (Wi-Fi) to sharing millions of pictures on social media platforms, your device is flooded with photos. Though many of them aren’t of any use but when you lose them accidentally, you try to recover all of those pictures.

Losing Photos From Your Device & Recovering Them

The thought about losing my memorable moments captured in photos gives me chills & I start thinking about keeping them safe. Now there can be as many ways as you can imagine to save your photos from losing including keeping them in a hard drive or cloud storage. However, the main question is here, what are the ways you can lose your precious photos?

Let me tell you there can be many reasons one can lose his/her images on devices that are dear to them. & once they are lost, the feeling is not at all good & all you want is, get those photos back.

Few of the major reasons you can lose your precious images are as mentioned below:

  1. Accidental deletion of individual pictures or the entire folder
  2. Bad behaving contents including virus & malware attacks
  3. Didn’t create backup properly & lost files in-between including photos
  4. Hard drive or SD Card corruption
  5. Intentional or unintentional formatting
  6. Removing the hard drive in rough manner or improperly
  7. Power cut while transferring photos from one device to another

Photo Recovery Software

Above aren’t the only reasons one can lose photos but yeah, the major ones are listed above so be a bit careful while transferring or saving photos. And still if you lose your precious photos, photos recovery software is there to recover them for you. But, is it safe to use photos recovery software? Is it safe to use free photo recovery software? Are you sure the free photos recovery software will recover photos from the system as it is? Will this free photos recovery software be able to recover photos from external hard drives or corrupted hard drives?

There are many more questions that will cross your mind when you will start thinking about opting for a photos recovery software. Moreover, we all know that till the time we don’t lose our data once, we do not take creating backup seriously. So obviously, if this is the first time you have lost your photos, there is no backup you can retrieve the photos from.

Do You Really Need Photos That Bad?

Photos are quite an integral part of our lives as we capture our best & worst moments in them. But when we lose those moments for different reasons, it’s like an important part is lost. And yeah, you will do almost anything to get those photos back because only you know its significance.

But in order to get back those photos, you cannot opt for something that will jeopardize your whole system. For example, downloading & installing a FREE photos recovery software that made things worse & deleted those photos permanently. Or corrupted your whole system so that now you aren’t to access your whole system as well. That is why we asked you, do you really need photos that bad? And if your answer is YES then we strongly believe that you should always opt for premium photos recovery software as they come with a recovery guarantee & keep the security aspect on the top.

There are many major difference between a paid & free photos recovery software, however, we have pointed out a few in the below table:

Aspect Free Photos Recovery Software Premium Photos Recovery Software
Data Confidentiality No Yes
Data Integrity No Yes
Guaranteed Recovery No Yes
Thoroughly Scanning No Yes
Recovery Storage Size Limited Unlimited

Now that we know you will be making many compromises if you wish to go with free photos recovery software, it’s advised not to access the same. Plus, photos recovery is something that would require images to get back in the same condition but there is a probability image quality can go haywire with free photos recovery software. So it’s always advised that you choose a premium photo recovery software so that all your photos would be secured while getting them backed up. And this is where we have got just the right tool for you that offers top notch security features & lets you recover photos flawlessly than ever before, Systweak Photos Recovery.

Need Photo Recovery Software

Systweak Photos Recovery & How It Works

Considered as one of the best & effective tools to recover your precious photos, Systweak Photos Recovery is there to help you get your photos back. From the situations where your accidentally deleted photos or formatted the whole drive, recovery of photos is possible with this tool. Moreover, if photos have been deleted from external storage drives as well (memory card/USB flash drive), Systweak Photos Recovery can still recover those digital images. Now that the tool has been talked so high of, it’s time we explore the rich features to know if it’s worth our time:

Photo Recovery

1. Home Page

Since Systweak Photos Recovery tool is fully compatible with Windows OS, let’s start with downloading the tool on your PC. Post the successfully downloading, let the installation process complete & launch the Photos Recovery tool. Once launched, the very first view you will see will be the homepage of Systweak Photos Recovery tool.

Photo Recovery tool

Things are self-explanatory, however, you need to choose the drive from either of the tabs (Hard Drive or Removable) that you wish to be scanned. Please know whatever drive you select must be the same one from where your photos got lost. That’s why the tool is scanning the specific path to the flawless recovery of photos.

Additionally, if you look down nearby Start Scan Now, the scanning method selection also matters in between Deep & Quick Scan.

For example, in this case, I selected Windows C drive with the quick scanning method & tapped on Start Scan Now.

2. Search Results

Post selecting the path & scanning method, Photos Recovery starts looking for all the files in that selected location as well as the deleted photos. Since this is a quick scan, the scanning will be completed within a few seconds. Or the scanning can take enough time to go through every part of the path to find the deleted photos.

Quick scanning

Once the scanning has been completed, the results might shock you because I got to know that I have deleted over 600 photos. Maybe it’s high time to get those photos back with additional ones that I don’t remember at all.

3. To Be Recovered

After the scanning process to find the deleted photos is over, you will have all the information in front of you in Grid view. All the photos that’s been deleted or removed from the drive as well as many pages to scroll through. You can go with the thumbnail view or tap on the View option (nearby Recover option on the top) to convert it into listing.

Photo process

This is where the recovery of photos process starts as you will be narrowing down the to be recovered photos. You can either select one, multiple ones, or all of them in one go. Just tap on the Select All option (just below the display of photos to be recovered).

& if you don’t want to select all, keep checking ones that you wish to recover & the number will get updated on Selected Photos (nearby Select All option).

Post the selection, you need to tap on the Recover button so that whatever photos you have selected will be recovered in no time.

The above page will show you every teeny tiny detail about the recovered files along with the time it took to recover them. Since you are using a premium service photos recovery software, the quality of the recovered photos won’t be compromised.

4. Settings

Now that you are extremely happy with the results from this powerful photo recovery software, let’s check out the Settings section. In case you want to make a few changes to customize the tool as per your need, tap on Settings icon (last in the list) or the burger menu (top left corner of the tool).

Photo Recovery settings

When you tap on Settings from the list, the above page will open up where you can make changes into General as well as Photos Settings in the tool. For example, General Settings include Photo Recovery launching as well as display control with the language selection feature.

Data recover

Whereas, Photo Settings is a bit deeper because results are something everyone measures a tool’s success to. So when you tap on Photo Settings, there will be two sections. Scan Method where you have the liberty to put in the minimum & maximum size of the photos that you wish to recover. It’s more like a criteria you use to narrow down the results & set limits on image size.

Another section, Scan Option asks you if you want to add only the common image forms (jpeg, jpg, bmp etc.) or the other ones as well. Because there are hundreds of image forms we don’t have any idea about & it might happen that whichever photo you wish to recover can have one of those rare image types.

This is how this effective photo recovery tool covers each & every aspect to recover your photos successfully, from internal & external drives, deep & quick scanning, to recovering different types of images, Systweak Photos Recovery is your solution to recover photos flawlessly.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways one can lose photos, however, there aren’t the same number of ways to recover those photos. Plus, while selecting those photos recovery tools, you need to be extra careful because some tools can literally put your security in a questionable condition. So do your research & start using tools like Systweak Photos Recovery. It lets you retrieve all types of image files deleted accidentally or lost from your PC and other storage devices.

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  1. akshita

    Thankyou for this amazing product. Systweak Photos Recovery helped me get back the lost pictures within minutes. Loved it.

  2. Chris Smith

    I can never thank enough for sharing this tool. It's a lifesaver! It even got my photos that were deleted 2 years back.

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