How To Recover Photos From An SD Card Not Readable?

How To Recover Photos From An SD Card Not Readable?

“Oh! I can’t see my pictures saved on my SD card. I tried connecting it multiple times but I failed”. If you too have recently encountered an issue with your SD card and the data within, don’t despair. This is one of the many common issues and you can troubleshoot the issue to recover photos from the SD card.

When you are unable to load images saved on an SD card on your computer, there are two issues that come into limelight. One, maybe your computer is not able to read the format of the image files or your SD card is not showing up at all.  Also, many times, as you insert an SD card it shows you a blank SD card and asks you to format.

What shall you do in such circumstances is what we are today going to discuss in our blog. You will get to know how to recover photos on SD cards not showing on the computer. Here are two parts of the blog you need to consider:

1. Make your SD card readable

2. Recover deleted photos on SD card

Ways To Recover Photos From An SD Card On Windows Computer

Part I: Make Your SD Card Readable

“I am not able to recover photos saved on my SD card.” If you are facing this problem, you need to first resolve issues with the SD card and make it readable. There are various reasons why your PC is not detecting your SD card, some of them are: the file system is not compatible or the SD card is formatted abruptly, SD card reading or copy errors, a virus attack, broken SD card, SD card driver not updated and many others.

Try these fixes to make your SD card readable or install Smart Driver Care- the best driver updater tool to upgrade all your outdated device drivers in a go. Here’s how to use Smart Driver Care to fix ‘SD card not readable’ issue:

Step1: Download Smart Driver Care from the button below.

Step 2: Open the downloaded .exe file and install the program on your PC.

Step3: Once the program is installed, you will see a beautiful interface with a Start Scan button at the top-right.

Start Scan - Smart Driver Care

Step 4: This is the first thing you have to do. Start scanning your PC to find any outdated drivers and programs. Sit back and wait for the scanning to finish.

Step 5: Once the scan is complete, you’ll see a list of outdated drivers and programs on your PC. Click on Update All to fix all of them at once. Otherwise, you can also choose from the list of drivers or programs that you want to update at the moment.

Update All Outdated Drivers - Smart Driver Care

Step 6: Wait for the update process to finish. Once it’s done you’ll see a screen with Your drivers are up-to-date message.

Your Drivers are Up-to-date

That’s it. Running a scan and updating outdated programs using this smart tool will fix all your driver related issues, and your PC will now be able to read SD cards. If it doesn’t, there might be an issue with your device hardware.

Since your SD card is now readable, proceed towards the next part of the blog to learn how to recover deleted photos from an SD card.

Part II: Recover Deleted Photos From An SD Card

‘I lost photos saved on my SD card’, why? The reason behind losing your pictures from an SD card may include: you have deleted photos by mistake, SD card is corrupted or damaged, SD card is formatted incorrectly, or due to a virus attack or so. Well, as we say, there is always a solution to a problem and so is this. You can recover lost photos from an SD card for free without any software or using one of the best data recovery software.

A.  Recover Deleted Photos From An SD Card For Free

You can recover deleted photos from an SD card for free without any software, only if you have their backup on any of the cloud services or a hard drive. An SD card is indeed a good option to create a safe for digital pictures but it is always better to keep a backup of all the photos you have. The backup can be created on any of the Cloud backup or you can keep backups of photos on your other devices or hard drive. This will help you get back your deleted pictures from an SD card.

Important Points To Avoid Losing Photos From SD Card

●      Don’t remove the SD card from the device while in use.

●      Install antivirus on your computer.

●      Don’t use the same SD card on multiple devices.

●      Stop clicking more photos when the SD card storage is nearly full.

●      Store SD cards in dry & cool space at room temperature.

●      Keep multiple backup of your photos.

B.  Recover Deleted Photos From An SD Card Using Advanced Disk Recovery 

If you are unable to get back your lost pictures, it is recommended that you install one of the best data recovery software for your computer. This will not only help you get back your deleted photos, but also help you recover any of the data you have recently lost. Advanced Disk Recovery is the popular tool that helps you get back data from your hard drive, USB, & other storage media. Here are the steps on how to recover deleted photos using Advanced Disk Recovery:

  • Download and install Advanced Disk Recovery from the button below.
  • Once the app is installed, open it and from the Welcome tab, choose one of the Storage areas, you want to recover data from. In this case, to recover photos from an SD card, choose Removable as the option and click Start Scan Now. (Note: Make sure you have inserted your SD card)

Start Scan - Advanced Disk Recovery

Note: Since there is no removable device connected to my PC at the moment, the Start Scan Now button is turned grey. Make sure you have a removable device connected to start the scan.

  • When you click Start Scan Now, you will see two options i.e. Quick Scan, and the other is Deep Scan. We will advise you to run a Deep Scan as it extensively checks for any file or data that can be anyhow recovered. Then, click on Scan Now to proceed.
  • Once the scan is finished, Advanced Disk Recovery will list down the files and items you can recover. Select the files of your choice and hit the Recover button.

Recover - Advanced Disk Recovery

  • Wait for the process to end. You’ll see all the data that has been retrieved out of the SD card is saved in a folder named ‘Recovered’. Select the storage area to save the folder after recovery. (Note: Do not select the same storage drive that you are recovering data from.)

That’s it. This is how you can recover and restore deleted photos from an SD card.

Wrapping Up:

So, recovering deleted photos from an SD card made easy! Isn’t it? How did you find the process we explained in this article to first make an SD card readable and then recover photos from it. Let us know if you faced any difficulty in doing this. Also, tell us about your suggestions and queries, if any regarding this or any of our blogs. We’d love to hear from you.

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