Easily Recover Lost Or Accidentally Deleted iOS Data With UltFone iOS Data Recovery

Easily Recover Lost Or Accidentally Deleted iOS Data With UltFone iOS Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted files from your iPhone, or can’t find your files after the latest iOS upgrade? Well, fret not, we have an amazing solution to all of these problems, UltFone iOS Data Recovery software that can retrieve this lost data for you. It is a great application for data recovery from damaged or old iPhones. Available on both Windows and Mac, it also helps recover data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Be it pictures, music or WhatsApp messages, UltFone iOS Data Recovery can do it all.

Additionally, it can help you find Notes, attachments, Reminders etc. without hassle. UltFone iOS Data recovery incorporates so many methods in one tool to help you with the data recovery for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Can erased iPhone data be recovered?

Yes, there are chances to recover erased iPhone data with the help of data recovery software. All you need to do is find the best recovery application for the operating system and connect your iPhone with it.

How Do You Use UltFone iOS Data Recovery?

Whenever there is a need to recover data on iOS devices, UltFone iOS Data Recovery is the recovery tool that you can rely on. It can be easily used on both Windows and Mac platforms with its dedicated application. This recovery tool is one of the most user-friendly data recovery tools which makes the recovery process swift. You can retrieve data from your lost or broken iOS device. UltFone iOS data recovery can also help the iOS devices which have seen a system failure, virus attack, iOS update, or downgrade.

Compatibility – iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and iPhone 12 Mini/12/12 Pro (Max)

Features of UltFone iOS Data Recovery-

  • Simple interface for the user to understand quickly.
  • Recovers tons of files from the iOS device.
  • Preview the files from backup before restoring to PC.
  • Works with or without backup smoothly.
  • Fixes the iOS devices to make them recoverable.
  • Restore the lost contacts and documents quickly.
  • Efficient data recovery for third party applications data.
  • Multiple types of files can be recovered (30+).
  • Recovers messages from WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, WeChat backup (Only for Mac).
  • Recover data from Factory Reset iOS device.
  • Save backup files recovered from a lost iOS device.
  • Retrieves from the locked and disabled device.
  • Helps in finding lost files during iOS update.
  • Select the data to restore to save space.
  • Recover data from damaged iOS devices.

Steps to iOS Data Recovery for the iOS device using UltFone Data Recovery-

Step 1: Download UltFone iOS Data Recovery from the link given below-

Click Here to Download UltFone iOS DATA RECOVERY Tool

Step 2: Install the setup on your computer. Here we have installed the Windows version for our Windows 10 PC.

Install the Setup of UltFone IOS data recovery software

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, the application will run, and you need to click on the Start button.

UltFone iOS data Recovery Start Tool

Step 4: This will initiate the installation of the required driver for the use of iOS devices on your Windows PC.

Installation for Required Driver on iOS

This only takes a few moments and then you will see a message which reads – Apple driver components installed successfully.

Apple Driver Component Installed Successfully

Step 5: Now, the program restarts, and you will see the homepage of UltFone iOS Data Recovery. Here, you will see different sections of the recovery software.

  • Recover Data from iOS Devices.
  • Fix iOS System.
  • Restore Data from iTunes Backup.
  • Recover Data from iCloud.

Recover Data from iOS Devices

Here, you can click on either of the three options to recover lost data.

1. Recover data from iOS Devices using UltFone iOS Data Recovery

  • Click on the first option named Recover Data from iOS Devices. This will instantly take you to the next page which shows you a message to connect the iOS device to your computer.

Connect Your Device to PC - Ultfone iOS data Recovery

Note: In case your device is connected to the computer yet it does not show up on the UltFone iOS Data Recovery tool, click on the options – Device is connected but unrecognized.

ultfone iOS data recovery - no device Detected

  • As you connect your iOS device to your Windows PC, it will show you the device data on the screen. You will get two sections – System Data and Third-party App Data. System Data consists of photos, videos, contacts, messages, voice memos, voicemail, safari bookmarks, notes, calendar entries, and more. While Third-party App Data comprises the data stored on third-party applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and Messenger.

Type of Data you want to recover - UltFone iOS Data Recovery

  • Select the type of data by clicking on the box in front of each option and then, click Scan.
  • Now, as you can see that the data recovered by the tool can be viewed on-screen, select the ones you want to retrieve and click on Restore on PC

UltFone iOS data recover - Select you want to restore

2. Recover data from iCloud using UltFone iOS Data Recovery

  • In case of a data backup on your iOS device, you can click on Recover Data from iCloud.

Sign in to cloud - UltFone iOS data Recovery

  • All you need to do is Sign in to iCloud with your Apple account. This will help you recover the data from the iOS device when you have selected the backup.

Note: Do not sync the iOS device while you are connected to the computer for recovering data.

Data type you want to recover - UltFone iOS Data recovery

  • Here, you can see the different sections – Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes & Attachments, Reminders, Calendar & Attachments. Select the preferable data types and click on the Download button.

UltFone iOS data recovery select images to recover

  • UltFone will help you preview the downloaded files and you can select the ones needed to be recovered on the PC. Click on Restore to PC when selected.

Restore to PC - UltFone ios Data Recovery

  • Next, it will ask you to select the folder to save the recovered data in your desired location. Fill in to make it easier to find later.

3. Recover data from iTunes Backup using UltFone iOS Data Recovery

  • Next on UltFone iOS Data recovery, we have the iTunes option for data recovery. Click on the Recover Data from iTunes Backup option from the home screen.

Select iTunes Backup to scan

  • You can see that your iPhone will be shown in the section. You need to select it and then, click on the Next

Select Data you want to recover

  • It shows you the data on iTunes. Now select the data type to be recovered and click on the Scan button.

Select Recovered File and restore on PC

  • Select the recovered files from the preview. Click on Restore to PC.

4. Repair iOS devices for recovery-

Additionally, UltFone iOS Data recovery provides an efficient tool for iOS devices that are not being recognized by the computer. Go to Fix iOS System from the home screen of the tool for the cases of a badly damaged phone or the one which can’t be unlocked.

Repair iOS device for recovery

In such cases where recovery is halted due to the unrecognized state of the iOS device. You need to take help from this option from UltFone iOS Data Recovery software.

  • Connect the iOS device and then launch the application.
  • Click on Fix iOS System.
  • Click on Start Repair.
  • Fill in the Model and Version for your iOS device and let the tool download the matching firmware for your device.
  • Once the firmware is downloaded, UltFone will start the repair process.
  • As the problem with your iOS device is fixed, you can now go back to the home screen to select one or the other method for data recovery.


At the end of this review of UltFone iOS Data recovery, we can assure you that it will help you get your lost media files and data back. With this application available on Windows and Mac, you can make the most of your data recovery process. So do not hesitate to get the wonderful iOS data recovery software on your system and retrieve the files hassle-free. Another comforting part of this data recovery application is that it gives you a preview files option. This can be really helpful to those who like to filter the important files from the pile of recovered data. We recommend using UltFone iOS Data Recovery for iOS devices to retrieve lost data.

Click Here to Download UltFone iOS DATA RECOVERY Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is iOS Data Recovery Free?

Although iOS data recovery is not free, limited files can be recovered at the free version. But if you wish to get the best results, try out the best data recovery software such as UltFone iOS Data Recovery.

Q2. How can I recover permanently deleted videos on iOS?

You can use the efficient tool – UltFone iOS Data recovery to recover your lost media files. It has a very simple interface to help you navigate through. You can find How to recover lost data with this simple tool by using iCloud, iTunes, etc.

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