Best Widgets for iPhone to Customize Home Screen

Best Widgets for iPhone to Customize Home Screen

No matter how much we love the sleek interface of the iPhone, we all crave for the customizability of Android phones, I do. Though there isn’t much that can be done while you are using an iPhone, you can definitely improve the productivity and customizability by adding smart iOS Widgets to your iPhone.

Widgets are a great way to keep track of important information while still being organized. Although there is a plethora of widgets available on Apple App Store, we have accumulated the 5 best iOS Widgets that can greatly improve productivity while also improving the look and feel of your Home Screen.

Best iPhone Widgets to Customize Home Screen:

Here, we have excluded the widgets that come pre-installed with a new iPhone for the sake of keeping the list relevant. There are some great widgets already available in your iPhone like Super Stack, Calendar & Reminders, etc.

1.  Google News:

Google News

Do you like to be aware of what’s happening around the world? And do you also find it difficult to find time for reading newspapers? You don’t have to worry because Google News is there to the rescue. Google News Widget is the first widget in our list of best iPhone widgets and is an awesome tool that works as a news aggregator where you start with choosing your interest and region, and then Google News automatically filters to show the headlines of the most relevant news on the widget. Users can click on headlines to read the whole coverage on the matter if they choose to.

So, rather than wasting your time on mindless Insta scrolling in your free time, read relevant news to be on the top of the chain. With a minimalistic design and customizable size, Google News is the best News Widget for iPhone.

Cost: Free

Size: 195 MB

Download: Google News.

2.  Copied Touch:

Copied Touch

As we said in the beginning, widgets are aimed at improving your productivity one way or the other. Copied Touch is another great widget on our list of Best iPhone Widgets. Copied Touch helps you by keeping note of all the things you copied without having to paste them. So, while you are reading an article or a PDF and want to note down specific things, you don’t have to copy them first and paste them in another app; you can simply copy the content and it will be there in the Copied Touch widget.

I frequently read books and blogs on my iPhone and can’t simply live without this application. I take notes from different blogs and use them to my advantage. Also, you can edit the text later however you like. Hence, it is one of the best iPhone widgets for the readers out there.

Cost: $0.99

Size: 32 MB

3. Headspace:


Most of us know about Headspace. For those who don’t, Headspace is an application that is aimed at promoting mindfulness through meditation and other similar techniques. Though Headspace is in itself a pretty capable application, the Headspace widget adds to its functionality.

Headspace widget shows different mindfulness exercises at different hours to keep you productive and fresh at all times. For example, in the morning it may suggest a morning meditation exercise while in the evening it may suggest another. For all the people trying to get the best out of themselves, Headspace is one of the best widgets for the iPhone.

Cost: Free / In app purchases

Size: 107 MB

Download: Headspace

4. Spark Mail:

Spark Mail

This Spark Mail is the first connectivity-oriented widget on our list of best iOS Widgets. Spark Mail is an awesome application to help you stay updated about all your unread mails on your home screen itself without having to open the mail app. You can scroll through the widget and can also resize it to suit your need and want. Spark Mail looks pretty slick and works great. Also, Spark Mail widget gives a compose button that opens another widget to let you compose mails directly without having to open the app. For mailing and staying connected on the go, Spark Mail is the best widget for iPhone.

Cost: Free

Size: 436 MB

Download: Spark Mail

5. ESPN:


To all the sports fans out there, we have the best iOS widget for you. As you would expect from an ESPN Widget, it showcases all the data related to your favorite team, its ranking, matches played, and all the latest updates that you would want. ESPN Widget is pretty minimalistic in design and provides all the useful information. This is a great widget to keep track of your favorite team’s performance while you are away at a glance. ESPN is the best iPhone Widget for all the sports lovers out there.

Cost: Free

Size: 135 MB

Download: ESPN

So, these are the best Widgets for iPhone available in the market that you can use to improve productivity and customize home screen for better. Do let us know if you liked the widgets, we love hearing from you.

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