How to Change App Icon in iOS 14 Home Screen

How to Change App Icon in iOS 14 Home Screen

iOS 14 is already gaining more popularity than any of the other iOS versions so far & I believe the reason is also too solid. First & foremost is to advanced technique, simplicity, & easiness it brings to the user. Additionally, what makes it different from other iOS versions is Customization that users lacked in iPhones for a long time.

How to Change App Icon

Yeah!! Users had an amazing mobile OS to access along with top notch security features to keep everything safe. But as unbelievable as it looks, they had no control over making changes to the device interface, adding widgets to screen, & whatnot. & here you have got iOS24 that’s letting you do all those things along with changing app icons in iPhone (iOS 14). So without further ado, let’s look at the ways that can help us out here to change icons on iPhone.

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How to Change App Icons in iOS 14 Home Screen

We all know how much limited control iPhone users had over the device they used as they couldn’t tweak anything on the home screen. & now the company is letting you experience the only thing that was missing from the package, editing home screen the way you want.

App Icons in iOS 14 Home Screen

Changing app icons is like redesigning your home screen because you have the liberty to keep it the way you want. & let me tell you, users from all over the world are loving this feature on their iPhones. In short, changing the default app icons on iOS 14 with your-choice-of-image will bring a fresh look to your iPhone home screen. So let’s grab it & start this beautiful experience by changing the app icons on your iOS 14 home screen without any hassle:

Please note you will be creating shortcuts to open those apps & once they have been added on the home screen, change & add the image you think is best for the app icon.

1. Let’s start with downloading & installing the Shortcuts app on your iPhone (do more with your apps).

Change app icons in ios 14

2. Now launch the Shortcuts app on the iPhone & tap on the “+” icon (top right corner of the screen).

3. Follow the process by tapping on Add Action that you will see on the next screen.

4. Now you need to click on the search section (top) & type in, Open App.

5. The tool will show you the Open App action in the below list so tap on it as soon as you discover it in the list.

6. After tapping on Open App, click on Choose under the same to search for the app you wish to change the icon of.

7. Once the app has been narrowed down, select it, & tap on the Burger menu (on the top right side of the screen).

8. Under the Burger menu, you will find many options, out of which, you need to select Add to Home Screen.

9. After following the above steps, click on the placeholder app icon.

10. Here, tap on the drop down menu & choose the appropriate option among many (Take Photo, Choose Photo, or Choose File).

11. Select the image you want to add on the app & follow this by tapping under Home Screen Name and Icon.

12. Change the name of the app you wish to display on the home screen & then click on Add (top right side of the screen).

13. Once everything has been set properly, click on Done & that’s it. Your shortcut has been created & set on the home screen.

Please note there will be incidents where you already have the same app on home screen already & after creating a shortcut, there will be two. Since you wouldn’t want to get rid of the new one you just created, shift the original app icon to the App Library (don’t delete this original one).

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Is Changing App Icons on iPhone Lengthy Process?

There is no denial in saying that there are many steps you will need to follow to create your customized app icons. However, the outcome would be so worth it that you won’t mind these steps. Plus, all of the iPhone users waited a long time to get control over how the apps must look like on the home screen & finally they have it.

Plus, if you think regardless, then don’t follow the process of changing app icons in iOS 14 for all the apps, just a few.

Wrapping Up

Did you also wish to change app icons in iPhone before & after the iOS 14 features announcement, couldn’t hold it? Well, I did & finally I have the ways in front of me that lets me have control over my iOS device more than ever.

So don’t wait much & start exploring these steps via Shortcuts app to give your iPhone home screen a fresh new look quicker than ever by changing the app icons.

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