How to Change App Icon in iOS 14 Home Screen

The Basics

iPhone users always craved the customization for their OS, and with the latest iOS 14 it is possible. Let's learn how to do it in simple steps.

Step 1

Apple introduced an app called Shortcuts which is dedicated to changing app icons on the home screen. Download it from AppStore.

Step 2

Launch Shortcuts on your iPhone and then tap on the + icon in the Top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3

Now tap on the Add Action button.

Step 4

Next, Tap Scripting. And select Open App.

Step 5

Tap on Choose. Select the application from the list.

Step 6

Locate and tap three dots. Tap Add to Home Screen option.

Step 7

Here you can change the Home screen name and to change the app icon, tap on the app icon, and select Choose Photo.

Step 8

Select a picture from your Photos app and tap on Choose. Then, tap on Add to add it to the home screen.

Step 9

Customize other app icons similarly.