iPhone Restarts on Its Own After iOS 14/13/12 Update? Here Is The Fix!

iPhone Restarts on Its Own After iOS 14/13/12 Update? Here Is The Fix!

We all eagerly wait for the latest iOS versions & the surprises they bring with us in the form of updates. In recent years, iOS 12/13/14 (coming soon) has given enough control of iPhones to users that wasn’t possible before. From editing your home screen to using App Clips & PIP mode, things have become interesting for iPhone users all over the world.

iphone restarts randomly

Having said that, since every coin has both the sides, there are users & that are many who didn’t get the experience we talked about above. Users are able to use the new features, however, because of updates, their iPhone keeps restarting itself. Yeah!! This irregularity of iPhone rebooting itself made sure that the latest iOS version (iOS 14/13.7) is facing some major issues.

iOS 14; iPhone Restarting Randomly; & Fixes (If Any)

There is no doubt that iOS 14 is one of the best & transforming OS updates iPhone users have ever seen. However, the other side of the coin is quite evident that’s making the whole experience worse when the iPhone restarts randomly. And the major issue is that you have no idea why your iPhone keeps restarting on its own because from your end, you didn’t give any command to do so. Correct!!

iphone restarts on its own

Plus, just because the latest iOS version update is making your iPhone restart on its own, it isn’t the worst thing you can imagine. There are workarounds & fixes that can help you come out of this uninvited situation. So I think it’s high time that you look out for the fixes when your iPhone reboots itself out of nowhere:

Fixes For iPhone Restarts on Its Own After iOS 14/13/12 Update

The iPhone-keeps-restarting-itself issue has majorly been experienced by users who have updated the iOS version to iOS 14/13.7. Users are speechless because they haven’t any slightest idea about this random issue that’s giving them nightmares. Is there any specific reason why this issue occurred in the first place or if we know why, is there any fix for now?

ios 14

iOS 14 update is restarting iPhone randomly, do we have a theory on this?

What I could gather from my research is that currently we all are accessing the iOS 14 beta version that’s been developed as a trial & error game. Developers let the users access the beta version so that they can get improvement ideas, bug issues, gather user feedback, & whatnot. & while you are using the beta version of OS, you cannot expect to be the perfect one. There will be glitches & issues because that’s what the beta versions are for. Issues like restarting the device randomly, battery drainage, & other issues that will be repaired before the full OS launch.

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Fixes (Not Theories) If iPhone Reboots Itself Randomly

1. Hard Reset

In case your iOS device is facing major issues like restarting on its own out of nowhere, Hard Reset is one of the most efficient ways you can go for. After you have updated the iOS versions (iOS 14/13/12) on your iOS device, chances are you might experience iPhone rebooting itself randomly & that’s where you can use this fix to see if it has resolved the issue for you.

phone reboots itself

Since Apple devices have been designed in one of the simplest ways, it wouldn’t be difficult even for a beginner to Hard Reset the iPhone. Because all you need to do is follow below steps & your iPhone will get reset easily:

1. The users need to keep a hold on both the Power as well as Home button (iPhone 6 or earlier) at the same time. Keep the hold for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the screen & once you do so, let go of buttons.

2. For iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, users are instructed to hold on to the Power & Volume Down button in one go. Doing so for about the same time period (10 seconds) will bring the Apple logo on the screen & that would be your clue to let go of buttons.

3. Similarly, for iPhone 8 & later iOS devices, you need to be a bit quicker than the above ones. You need to keep a hold on the Power button but at the same time, quickly press Volume Up as well as Volume Down button. The clue for hard resetting your iPhone is the same (irrespective of the iPhone model) & that’d be the Apple logo on the screen. Simple as that!!

We hope that using this fix will bring you out of the situation where your iPhone is restarting on its own out of nowhere.

2. Reset All Settings

Beta version is one of the theories that makes things bearable for us when we think that our device is working funnily. Like just because it’s a trial & error session for developers & they are seeking feedback from us & that’s why the device is behaving strangely. However, sometimes the fixes for the iPhone-restarting-randomly situation is much more than blaming the beta version. & that’s why we have given here another fix that you can use when your iPhone reboots itself without any command.

Reset All Settings

The reason behind this switch on & off fluctuation can be because of the reason that your device’s settings malfunctioned. The probabilities are high & we have seen in the past that tweaking a few settings in a machine can haywire everything about the device. So in those cases, maybe you need to reset all the settings of your iPhone & bring it to the factory state. Yeah, there are chances that you won’t like it but desperate times, desperate measures.

& in order to reset all settings & bring iPhone to Factory state, just follow the below path:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Once you have tapped on Reset All Settings, the device will ask you to enter the passcode (confirmation step) to verify if you have commanded it. Once the passcode has been put successfully, your iPhone settings will be back to the factory state. & maybe this is the end of the annoying situation you have been experiencing when your iPhone restarts randomly.

Please know if your device is stuck in the restart loop (as in restarting continuously), you wouldn’t be able to perform this fix on your device.

3. Update All The Installed Apps on Your iPhone

Machines are so vast that one cannot imagine how they are interlinked & can have a major impact on each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if I encountered the iPhone-rebooting-itself situation on my device because I didn’t update all the installed apps to their latest available versions. Any of the outdated software can give your device enough hit that you will be surprised to know about it.

Update All The Installed Apps

So with or without the situation where your iPhone reboots itself, it’s advisable you update all the installed apps to their latest version available from the App Store. Because if your device is restarting without any prior intimation or command given by you, let’s check this fix also as mark-as-done. & I don’t think that any of us who have been using cellphones need to be guided about updating apps from the App Store. So go through this fix also to get rid of the iPhone-restarting-randomly situation & update all the installed apps.

4. SIM Card Pulling Out

There have been instances where your mobile device is stuck in the restart loop & once you pull out the SIM card from the device, it stops. Yeah; just like that!! The device doesn’t give you any more nightmares when there is no SIM in the device.

SIM Card Pulling Out

& please know that there is absolutely no harm if you have removed or plugged out the SIM card from your iPhone. Just plug it in the way it was before & there are chances that your iPhone starts working before it was all like restarting-randomly-out-of-nowhere. Glitchless, smooth, flawless, & powerful.

5. Get Rid of Faulty or Suspicious Apps

I don’t think this is something we need to wait for until our device starts rebooting randomly. Downloading apps from the App Store is one of the great start rather than opting for the unsecured platforms. All of us desperately wait for the latest iOS version & update it as soon as it’s available. However, we don’t do the same for the applications because older app versions might be an easy place to put bugs & malwares.

Suspicious Apps

You need to start with updating all those apps on your iPhone without any further delay & get rid of those that let you think twice. Fault & suspicious apps on your iPhone have enough power to tweak the settings of the general functionality of your iPhone. So if your iPhone keeps restarting on its own, there is a possibility that faulty apps are the reason behind that. So I believe it’s better that you clear this possibility out from the picture by encountering those apps & flushing them out. & the process to encounter those faulty apps is just as easy as you could imagine from an Apple device:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone & scroll down to look for Privacy functionality.
  2. Under Privacy, tap on Analytics Data (Analytics) to find out the list of applications.
  3. In best cases, you shouldn’t find any app in there, however, if you do so, please remember their names.
  4. Go back to the iPhone home screen & keep a hold on to those apps one by one to remove them from your device.

Doing so will flush all the suspicious or faulty apps from your iPhone & within a few minutes, your device will start working flawlessly.

Wrapping Up

iPhone restarting on its own can be because of as many reasons as you can list down, however, you need to point out only those that are relatable. From using outdated app versions to accessing faulty apps or not clearing cache regularly can trigger the iPhone-reboots-itself issue. & that is why you need to use fixes like updating the apps, keeping faulty ones far away from the device & close the running apps in the background.

You cannot just stop updating the latest iOS version on your device just because it could have the reasons behind why your iPhone started restarting on its own. Explore all the above fixes & keep using the beta versions to give the feedback as well as improvement ideas (if any).

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