Ways to Use New iPhone Home Screen Widgets in iOS 14

Ways to Use New iPhone Home Screen Widgets in iOS 14

The much talked Apple WWDC 2020 finally held in Cupertino, California this week only amid COVID-19 pandemic. Though the event date kept postponing, WWDC craze didn’t go down & it bounced back stronger with iOS 14. Labeled as “looks brand new & feels like home”, iOS 14 will give you a fresh look at a lot of things on your device.

Use New iPhone

The tech advancements & creative ideas to make the users’ experience better than ever, iOS 14 will bang with new features to help you out what you need in the moment. Coming this fall on your devices, you will be able to do more than you ever imagined. But what if, I don’t want to wait until fall? What if I want to watch the trailer right now & don’t want to wait for the movie?

Use New iPhone Home Screen Widgets in iOS 14

Not the whole movie but you can watch more than a trailer when you get to use the new iPhone home screen widgets on iOS 14. And that too, right now!!

Arguably, one of the biggest updates iOS has ever experienced is bundled with a fresh home screen experience for users. I believe the days are gone when you could see nothing but the squared-shaped-app-icons on iOS home screen.

Use New iPhone Home Screen Widgets

The whole concept of giving power to the user is becoming live with iOS 14 where everything is becoming too customer centric. With iOS 14, you can customize the iPhone home screen however you want, by reshaping & resizing everything.

Once you take a look at the new iPhone home screen, you may compare this update with Android’s flexibility to customize the home screen. Also, you can find similarities between iOS 14 update & Windows phone’s customized grid style almost a decade ago.

Use New iPhone Home Screen

However, Apple is making all these things happening with clarity & sharpness that it is known for. Also an additional option you will experience while using iOS 14 on your device, Smart Stack.

Now that we are all set to learn how to use the new iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14, let’s get clear on one thing. It’s always been advised not to run the Developer Beta version of any update on your device as there can be complications.

Disclaimer: The initial level bugs, performance issues, system crashing, & god knows what can damage your device irreparably & you can’t blame anyone else but yourself only.

The iOS14 update is available in Developer Beta only as the version for public will be released in July.

How to Use iPhone Home Screen Widgets in iOS 14

  • Let’s start with holding any of your fingers (possibly thumb) on the home screen until the apps start juggling. or in simple words, long-press on the home screen in a blank space until apps are ready to jiggle.
  • Click on the + icon in the top left corner & you’ll see the available widgets for your iPhone home screen.
  • Select (choose) one on those many, choose a size, & tap on Add Widget to put it on your iPhone home screen. Simple as that!!

Please know that since the whole idea is to let users customize the home screen, you have the liberty to drag the widgets around & reposition them. Once you have finalized the location for the widget, tap on Done in the top right corner to set it up.

The above steps will on iOS 14 help you customize your iPhone home screen the way you want with the latest widgets. There are a few additional features that also make the experience delightful including the new Weather app on iOS 14.

The app displayed the real-time precipitation & severe weather changing situations including snow or rain in the coming hour. It will definitely help you make decisions while going out.

Check out the Apple Beta Software Program here.

New iPhone Home Screen Widgets

Wrapping Up

Apple never fails to surprise us with its mind shattering technology & optimum use of every single feature for better user experience. The new update at WWDC 2020, Apple just went beyond expectations with iOS 14. From customizing your home screen to discovering & using different apps with app clips, you can do anything you never imagined before.

What do you think about this new update from Apple & are you going to use the developer beta version on your device? If yes, don’t forget to share your experiences & your take on iOS 14.

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