Technology Trends To Watch Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology Trends To Watch Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak has shaken the world and brought almost everything to the zero level except the tech industry. Though it is not rising up with flying colors, it is the only one with some accelerated graph. We are here talking about some of those trends that have taken a space in human life during this pandemic.

Be it contactless payments or robots as helpers in hospitals. Technology, like always, has been playing a vital role even during the pandemic. In this article, we will talk about the recent tech trends that are keeping our society functional in this time of lockdowns and quarantines.

These technologies may have been recently taken place, but we bet they will last forever and will leave a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out these highlights before we proceed with our article.


  • COVID-19 has accelerated the technology industry and introduced latest tech trends such as telehealth, robotics etc.
  • These technologies aim at reducing contact between people and are a step towards diminishing the rate of rise of coronavirus while keeping businesses open worldwide.
  • These tech trends of 2020 can help strengthen and make societies feel secured in this phase of pandemic and other threats.

Tech Trends 2020 You Can’t Miss Looking At Amidst Lockdown

The internet all over is filled with the steps taken by tech industries to cope up and fight with this pandemic. This article includes considerations about the effects of these tech trends on how businesses will continue to work, trade, learn, seek medical aid and much more.

Trend 1: Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries

Online shopping Robot Deliveries

The phase is getting worse and situations in most of the world are not stable. Meanwhile, shopping online is still one of the greatest technology trends but with some twist. The online marketplace back in 2002 gained tremendous growth after the SARS outbreak in China. As they say, history repeats. And now after decades human civilization is battling with pandemic once again. Just like before, this time as well COVID-19 has transformed the way we look at online shopping from nice to have to must have all around the world.

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Online shopping needs robust logistic support and during this pandemic, in-person deliveries are not possible and are not safe. A lot of companies and restaurants are introducing contactless deliveries where goods are picked up and dropped off at a designated location instead of from or into the hands of a person. Yes, we are talking about robot deliveries. The only essential thing to be considered to bring robot deliveries in action is to set up clear protocols to safeguard the sanitary condition of the delivered goods.

Trend 2: Contactless and Digital Payments

Contactless and digital payments

To prevent societies and our valuable human civilization, the spread of the coronavirus needs to stop here and now. For this, we need to stop all modes of virus transmitters all around the world. One of such virus carriers includes cash money. This is why central banks in the USA, China, and Korea along with many other nations have implemented various measures to ensure banknotes are clean and sanitized before they go out for circulation and even they have minimized the trading through cash payments. With this, people are asked to make contactless and digital payments through cards, e-wallets and other recommended digital payment methods. The only barrier that makes digitization of currency trade is billions of unbanked people and of course the internet availability, devices and an efficient network to encourage digitalize payments.

Trend 3: Remote Working and Distance learning

During this pandemic, almost all companies have started remote working and asked their employees to work from home. What do you think will happen after the pandemic? Will work from home and distance learning will become a norm? Well, we cannot predict the future and we can just live with flow. Currently the world demands us to stay inside and work and learn from within our homes.

Remote Working

While talking of the remote workplaces, it is enabled through various technologies such as VPNs, VoIPs, virtual meetings, cloud technology, and many more. In addition to this, work from home is saving people’s commute time giving them more flexibility to work by abiding by the rules laid by health ministries and government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We acknowledge that not everything like offices can be possible at home, but we all are striving hard to achieve our desired goals.

Distance learning

On the other hand, we have another latest tech trend of 2020 i.e. distance learning. Fairly, tell us have you ever imagined all students worldwide will be learning through digital modes? Well, schools and colleges have been inseparable phases of everyone’s life but with this pandemic, our kids are losing that liveliness. This COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to be inside our home and therefore kids today are learning through video conferencing apps. More than 100 countries worldwide have announced the closure of schools and universities that has impacted the student life of around 1.5 billion students worldwide. With distance learning, the technology trends like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and AI-enabled robot teachers are taking a raise.

Trend 4: Telehealth

Image source:

The next technology trend we heard of during COVID-19 pandemic is Telehealth. This pandemic has made everyone learn connectedness at a distance. And one of the great examples is Telehealth. With the spread of coronavirus, healthcare industries are also taking advantage of technology trends and that includes wearable personal IoT devices, and Chatbots that can help you with initial diagnoses. The best part for the countries with highly charged medical aid, it will there be covered by insurance. And the only drawback I feel with this particular technology is that it requires a certain level of tech literacy to operate. The regulations need a bit of modification as the time they were made, the entire world wasn’t envisioned in need of Telehealth as a major tech trend in 2020.

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Trend 5: Robotics and Drones

Robotics and drones
Image source: REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo

With COVID-19 outbreak, the world makes us realize how long we can depend on human interaction and engagement. We are here talking about labor intensive businesses such as retail, food, manufacturing and logistics that are major hits during this pandemic. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the tech industry has taken a big step and introduced robots and drones to help the Covid patients and Covid warriors. Robots are used to disinfect Covid affected areas, deliver food and medicines to those in quarantine and hospitalized, while drones are used to take dogs on walk and deliver items.

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After COVID-19, it is expected that many manufacturing jobs will be replaced by robots and other technological advancements. What do you think of these tech trends and what is their life span?

Will These Technology Trends Last After Covid-19 Pandemic?

What are your thoughts on these amazing technology trends that have replaced humans during this COVID-19 outbreak? How far will it go? Does it last forever or it’s just during this pandemic. Share what you feel in the comments section below and do not miss to read more of our blogs on COVID-19.

Check out these technology trends that are and will continue to impact the world.

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