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Netflix Discontinuing Support On These Devices From December 1

Since 1997, Netflix has raised bars as the world’s leading internet entertainment service and today Netflix is ruling the world of entertainment with over 158 Million premium users broadcasting in over 190 plus countries. Netflix has a wide range of TV Series, Movies, documentary films and a variety of entertainment genres in various languages.

Netflix users can use delighted broadcast services anytime anywhere around the world as and when they are connected to the internet. The service is free of commercials and can be played, paused or resumed as and when they want.

Netflix is famous for its award-winning Netflix originals, feature films, TV Shows and documentaries on smart TVs, iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Netflix not only streams on Smart TV but there are various plans and packages for smartphones, Tablets, Roku devices, Gaming consoles, Set-Top Boxes, and streaming media players.

You can easily start streaming Netflix services by signing up with your Mail ID, a Password and a payment mode with a 30 days FREE trial and then continue on a monthly/yearly plan if interested.

Netflix Will Stop Working On These Devices

As per the new Netflix update, Netflix is going to stop working on a few devices due to technical compatibilities. In some time, you may find Netflix not working on Roku or Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TVs with ‘C’ or ‘D’ series. Netflix has updated the List of Supported Devices on its website where you can check all the compatible devices although the outdated devices are not listed here.

Netflix supported device list

Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung has also revealed that from December 1, 2019, they will stop support on 2010 & 2011 models. These smart TVs are outdated and will no longer support the minimum technical requirements to stream Netflix. Look for the model number on the TV settings menu and if you see ‘C’ or ‘D’ series, you should consider an exchange.

Netflix supported devices list

Roku Media Players

If you are using a Roku Media Player, this news may affect your device as well. Roku Media Players will be incompatible to stream Netflix after December 1, 2019. As of now, they have started listing out model numbers Roku XD, XR, SD, Roku HD, 2050X, 2100X, and 2000C.

In a broad term, if your device is not able to auto-play the next episode in a series, your device is supposed to lose Netflix support from December 2019 onwards.

What’s the Solution?

  • As per the Netflix update, if you are planning to buy a second-hand device, ensure that the device is not older than 2016 or it supports auto-play the next episode in a series.
  • If you are running tight on a budget and still want to go for an older device, ensure that the device supports HDMI & USB port so as to connect Netflix streaming device dongle.
  • You can make use of Google Chromecast, Compatible Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox consoles and other compatible modes to stream Netflix on your Old TV Unit.

Summing Up

From 1 December 2019, you may face Netflix not working on Roku or Netflix not working on Samsung, Smart TV. As per the Netflix update, due to technical limitations and hardware incompetence, Netflix is revoking support from Samsung Smart TVs older than 2011 models with ‘C’ and ‘D’ series. The support is also withdrawn from Roku devices as they don’t auto-play the next episode in a series. We have suggested a few solutions to it and strongly advise you to go for a new model instead of investing money in a dead horse.

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