Friday Essentials: Will Robots Replace All Human Jobs?

Friday Essentials: Will Robots Replace All Human Jobs?

You work, get paid and that’s how you earn your livelihood and get elated when you have your paycheck on your palms. But, imagine that paycheck slipping away from your hands as a robot snatches it away from you.

robots taking over jobs

Will AI and Robotics Munch On Jobs

robots replacing humans

Well, the answer is maybe!

University of Oxford has prophesied that in another fifteen to twenty years, approximately 50% of US jobs might just go in the hands of Artificial Intelligence and robots.

That day is not far when we these Robots and AI might just eat our jobs away. Let’s try and envision the supposed doom with open eyes, shall we?

Yes! robots are taking over jobs. It’s how Robo sapiens are crushing homo sapiens and their dreams? We have created them, we’ve given them life, they can’t possibly take our livelihood, or can they?

This might very well be a possibility in the near future? Here we are going to list such instances where robots my take away your employment.

Scenarios Where Robots Replacing Humans Could Be A Possibility

Here are some scenarios which tell that robots taking over jobs is quite a legit possibility –

1. Pizza’s Anyone?

Who doesn’t love pizzas, sure everyone does. While you might love pizzas for their taste, many college going students mint their pocket money or livelihood by delivering pizzas.

Now, here’s something that could leave a bad taste in their mouth – Pizza delivering droids. Robots replacing humans here could be brutality! Isn’t it? For instance, the pizza giant Dominos has come up with Domino’s Robotic Unit (which is yet to take to the streets).

The four-wheeled future pizza droids would be speedy, would keep your pizza piping hot and beverages ice cold. As of now, this looks more like a stunt, but, this could just completely dismantle the pizza delivery scene.

2. AI-Based Telemarketers And Customer Support Experts

In today’s world, whether you wish to purchase a product or whether you wish to get an issue resolved regarding a product or service, everything can be done instantly via phone or online. Up until now, the receiver of your query was a human, but the future beholds that a robot could be entertaining your queries and your screams (at least some humans will be spared from the wrath of customers)

3. Robotic Drivers At Your Command

We could soon have robots replacing humans as drivers. We’ve already had airplanes running on autopilot mode and now, the feature has now descended to cars as well. For now, the technology has been in its testing phase, but

The sensor-driven cars will also have Artificial intelligence working at its Zenith. Take the Tesla cars for instance, which with the help of embedded chips, computers and sensors make human decisions like stopping on a red light, maneuvering the traffic and so on. This could possibly be the future and you might as well have more self-driven cars or cars driven by robots.

4. How Human Would AI In Recruitment Be?

For any given job, humans were recruited by humans. But, as with any other domain, AI has stepped into this vertical as well and it does some serious scrutiny. It is being used to find individuals who have the right attitude and knowledge that can meet company goals and requirements.

Here’s the catch there are many platforms that are not even a tad bit impressed by human resumes. So, the questions are will impeccable robotic employees replace their human counterparts. But what algorithms don’t understand is the human tendency to grow in terms of skills and knowledge.

5. Soldiers At The Front-Line

So far so forth, at least as far as employment is concerned, you might not see Robots in a good light but here is where Robots can actually prove to be very useful. Soldiers in the army front line might prove to be more good than bad. That is because when in a war-like situation, the front-line soldiers would be able to prevent casualties.

In The End

AI and Robotics are a certainty but, they are the creation of humans. The algorithm which runs in their veins is given by humans. Even the most intelligent robot would just be worthless pieces of brass, alloy, and other metals if there is no wisdom involved.

That being said, in the not so distant future robots might take up routine, mindless and repetitive tasks. Only routine and labor-intensive tasks which don’t require much cognitive comprehension would be automated.

On a brighter side, this in a way will open the portals of imagination for humans. For robots to replace human jobs will take tons and tons of wisdom, emotional content and probably a human mind.

What do you think? How far can robots replace human jobs?

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