COVID-19 Working-From-Home: Tips To Boost Productivity

COVID-19 Working-From-Home: Tips To Boost Productivity

The pandemic COVID-19 has captured the whole world by surprise & no one is away from it. After the intense impact Novel Coronavirus has left, every corporate entity has either asked to work from home or take leave. While working from home, we are a bit relaxed; however, a few times it turns out to be a downfall in productivity.

So to increase productivity as well as have fun while being at home, using a few tools can literally help you out. Let’s checkout below gadgets & boost your productivity like anything:

COVID-19: Boost Productivity With These Gadgets While Working From Home

1. Using A Second Monitor

Two is better than one & it fits here. Considering you already own a desktop or laptop, it’s better to opt for a second monitor. It’s easier & faster when you start working on two monitors simultaneously as it lets you switch through windows quicker. 

All you need to do is, extend the display by selecting “Display Settings” in the multiple display menu. Just imagine having two monitors with the same CPU where you won’t need to press Alt + Tab.

2. Switching To Wireless Mouse

I think we all will agree with the fact that using a wired mouse/earphone/headphone limit us to not go far. Now while working from home, we all look for comfort & that is where gadgets come in place. Wireless Mouse is one of the gadgets that will make your experience better than ever.

With more precise scrolling, add-on productivity buttons, accessing documents such as MS excel or excel sheets are quite easier. Wireless Mouse increases the parameters for you that eventually will boost your productivity while working from home.

3. Start Using WebCam

Video calling has become more of a necessity nowadays and no one can deny it. Be it an executive meeting in office, having client calls, or circulating new guidelines while working from home. And that’s face it, making video calls than sharing messages on media apps is quite time saving.

Time saving eventually helps you put more effort into your work that results in increasing productivity. We know the quality of inbuilt webcams is not up to the mark so look out for the ones which are a perfect combination of quality and budget friendly.

4. Smart Speaker Assistance

We are all surrounded by tech today and we like it to an extent. It’s quite convenient to just sit at one place and ask your Alexa to play favorite tracks for you without even touching your phone. If you’re working from home, you need an assistant who can help you out with some things that require your active attention.

Such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, & Google Home Speaker takes care of some things you are worried about. Including setting alarms, making notes & reminders can be done with Smart Speaker devices. And you are saving that time by investing in something more productive such as preparing the presentation for the next project.

5. One-For-All Charger

Since the latest advancements in tech has given us liberty to choose from many options, we all have mobile phones, tabs, laptops, desktop, TV, & whatnot. 

We are talking about bringing work at home and converting our room as a workplace, we must opt for a multi-port charger. This won’t require us to switch through different chargers to battery up the device we would want to use.

And in case you are using traditional wiring chargers, it’s time to switch to wireless chargers that will help you stick out from a single place. Let’s bring the devices you need together and nothing will be out of your reach.

Additionally, there are many other tools that can boost your productivity while working from home. If you are someone who is in the media communication field, you can check out the best audio editing apps to help you out with your work more efficiently.

Apart from audio making, you can also check the best video editing software to give your best to the clients.

Wrapping Up

Start using the best gadgets to boost your productivity since COVID-19 is at its highest. Novel Coronavirus has brought an era where working from home is a necessity, not an option to choose from.

Go through the gadgets above & and choose the best one that suits you needs to help you out work efficiently.

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