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Top Technology Trends In 2020 That Might Impact The World
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Top Technology Trends In 2020 That Might Impact The World

Technology trends deeply impact our lifestyles. There are some that we already seem to have embraced while there are some that are making huge roars in 2020. Consumers and organizations alike are thriving on technologies, some of which definitely need a mention.

Emerging Technology Trends Of 2020

1. AI – Taking Intelligence To The Next Level

AI - Taking Intelligence To The Next Level

 AI is a booming technology trend in 2020. We have the finest examples of Artificial Intelligence in the form of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant which respond to our commands and perform the tasks.

In the manufacturing sector, the abundance of AI is quite prominent as several US startups like Kindred, Vicarious and Osaro are using AI in manufacturing.

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2. Machine Learning – When Machines Understand Humans Better

Machine Learning

Yet another booming technology trend is machine learning.

Take a very simple example, how does Facebook suggest new friends? Or how do you see the ads of your favorite shoe brands just after you have searched for the same? How does Netflix tell you just the apt movies, the genre you like? Your searches are refined, and the social media runs on an intelligent machine learning algorithm. Here machines or in our case computers are programmed to understand data patterns and then intelligently make suggestions.

It is expected that by 2022 the machine learning market will grow by $ 8.81 billion.

3. IOT- Things That Can Really Change Our Lives


 We can see that IOT or the Internet of Things has a deep impact on both consumer and industrial worlds. Smart locks are being used to open homes, remote control sprinklers are thriving, so on and so forth. And 2020 is going to see a boom of IOT applications.

Quite recently Amazon launched Amazon Go which uses machine vision and IOT to enable consumers to continue with their shopping without having to manually check out.

4. 5G –  Speed Beyond Comprehension

Speed Beyond Comprehension

4G is so passé and one of the emerging trends in technology is 5G. With this consumers can expect data services at whopping speeds. And, that’s not just it! It’ll provide an ideal condition for AR, VR and IOT applications to thrive in a much better manner. Talking of IoT, 5G will also prove to be a boon for Smart Home Technology

5. Autonomous Driving Technology – Vehicles Without Humans

Autonomous Driving Technology - Vehicles Without Humans

We once feared cars being driven by headless or no drivers but what was then horrifying is now a current technology trend. Companies like Tesla, Waymo and Alphabet have already started rolling out driverless cars.

In fact during an interview the Tesla boss stated that “From our standpoint, if you fast forward a year, maybe a year and three months, but next year for sure, we’ll have over a million Robo-taxis on the road.”

6. Human Augmentation  –  There’s Nothing That Man Can’t Do

If a human has capabilities, he has limitations too. It is these limitations that sometimes stop him from becoming his better self. And, that’s where our next tech trend comes into being – Human augmentation. It is a process by which a person’s cognitive and physical ability is enhanced. It is a way through which human capability of productivity is enhanced.

7. Blockchain –  We’re Talking Of Currency of Tomorrow


Blockchain is one of the emerging trends in technology. The research firm Gartner Inc said that public blockchains at the current stage are too immature for the purpose of enterprise deployment, knowing the fact that they have poor interoperability and scalability but predicts that technology will overcome such issues by 2023.

The same research firm also predicts that in the future blockchain will have the potential to transform economies and industries. And, in the future it also predicts the future it will also integrate with IOT and AI.

In The End

From the past year, technology has become both intricate and more advanced, thus signifying that we are foraying into an era where technology and humans will go hand in hand. So, what do you think, what changes do you see in technology and more so the tech trends? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. For more such engaging tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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