Smart Home Technology: Why and What Makes It Worth Your Money?

Smart Home Technology: Why and What Makes It Worth Your Money?

Smart Home Technology has been rolling around the market for a decade or so. These smart homes are the result of rapid technological progress, increased digitization and large data streams. What makes these homes a better thing is its sense of making everyday life smarter. But what exactly does ‘Smart Home’ mean? What impact do these smart home devices lay on everyday life? What are the benefits and risks associated with smart homes? Let’s look at the mega trends in this technology from various perspectives.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

The ‘Smart’ in Smart Home stands for:

S- Self

M- Monitoring

A- Analysis

R- Reporting

T- Technology

Also referred to as Home Automation, this technology uses devices that are connected to a network i.e. LAN or Internet. These devices include sensors and appliances connected to an internet of things (IoT) network. Smart Home technology connects you to your home remotely through apps, smartphones, and network devices. Smart Home technology was developed by IBM to remotely monitor, control, access and provide services for the home connected devices.

Where Is Smart Home Technology Used?

Nowadays smart home technology is found in a large number of household devices. The most common among those is wireless speaker systems. The other smart home devices include:

  • Thermostats
  • Home security & monitoring systems
  • Domestic robots
  • Smoke/CO detectors
  • Lighting
  • Home energy use monitors
  • Door locks
  • Refrigerators
  • Laundry machines
  • Water detectors

Note: We’ll be discussing the trending smart home devices further in this article.

How Is Smart Home Technology Helpful?

Smart Home automation is more than a technology, it adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind in your life. Just like smartphones, the development of smart homes was the next big step in major tech developments around a decade ago. Home automation offers many amazing and practical advantages including the following:

  • Manage all your home devices from one place.
  • Flexibility for new devices and appliances.
  • Maximized home security.
  • Remotely control your home’s functions.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Improved appliance functionality.
  • Get the insights of how your home operates.

Other than various advantages, there are several risks also involved. While making our lives smarter, we might experience some growing threats and risks associated with smart home technology. These risks may include data and identity theft and much more.

Smart Home Technology Products That Make It Worthy!

The smart home technology surrounds a large number of products that lets you control everything from lights to temperature to lock and secure your home. What are the latest trending smart home products? Here are some not to missed Smart home products:

Brilliant Control: A Smart Controller

Brilliant Control- A Smart Controller

A unique wall switches for your smart home. If you are looking for some best smart home devices, Brilliant Control is one you cannot miss. With this controller in your home, you’ll be able to control all supported smart home gadgets from the physical and touchscreen controls. Not only this, with Brilliant, you can turn your light switches into smart switches. Brilliant is the only affordable built-in smart home controller that is integrated with whole-home lighting.

Arlo Q: A Smart Security Camera

Arlo Q- A Smart Security Camera

The security of your smart home is of great importance. A security camera is, therefore, a must-buy smart home device that can efficiently secure your smart home along with night vision feature. Arlo Q is a smart camera that offers great video quality, strong motion, sound detection and a free cloud-storage plan. Basically, this webcam-based security camera can be set up anywhere inside the home. For not being waterproof or fully wireless, it cannot be set outdoors.

WeMo Mini: A Smart Plug

WeMo Mini- A Smart Plug

Smart plugs like WeMo Mini are cost-effective ways to act as powerful smart home controllers. WeMo is less than $40 and can connect directly to your Wi-Fi. It can be controlled by a host of other smart home systems, too. WeMo Mini does not support energy monitoring, but it can work with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. This smart plug is our favorite and with just a simple on/off you can control your connected appliances.

Well there are pretty good range smart home devices to choose from. These devices work around smart home technology giving you the best of smart home experience.

Is Your Home a ‘Smart Home’ Yet?

Well, that is all about smart home technology and smart home devices. What is your take on smart homes? What smart home product are you currently using? Would you like to turn your home into a smart home and control all your devices through a smartphone? Let us know your views in the comments section below. Also let us know what you think about smart homes as a great idea.

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