It’s Raining Smart Home Products at CES 2020

It’s Raining Smart Home Products at CES 2020

With advanced and improved technology, the word “Smart” has become more popular than before. People have started using it more often and with time, the meaning has shifted from smart work or smart guy to Smart devices. The different categories of smart devices include smartphones, Smart TVs, and so on. The not-so-old addition in the category is Smart Home that can also be considered as Home automation.

Smart Home
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Thanks to these tech giants and the platforms that help them demonstrate the wicked and innovative ideas. Because of the platforms like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), almost all the tech players come together and showcase their plans for that year. The same way, this year at CES 2020, many players played their cards for making a smart home for us.

Let’s have a look to understand what they have, and do we need that actually:

Best Smart Home Devices at CES 2020

1. Kwikset Halo Touch

A smart lock for a smart home with a fingerprint reader, Kwikset Halo Touch is creating big hype at CES 2020. As simple as you can understand, the smart lock lets you lock and unlock the door with your fingerprint. With more than 90 fingerprints registration capacity, the smart lock doesn’t come with a Numpad.

Kwikset Halo Touch Smart Lock With Fingerprint Reader

All you will need is the Kwikset app (Android/iOS) that will let you literally lock and unlock your door from anywhere. So the key to your door will still be in your pocket, with the only difference of being virtual now. The coming soon product will let you control this key via your internet connection or over an existing Wi-Fi. Simple as that.

With a reasonable price of $249, you can easily install this product on your own.

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2. Ring Smart LED bulbs

Another category of smart home products for 2020 that has been announced at CES 2020 is Ring smart home products. Coming up soon with 4 of them (Smart Lighting Solar, Smart LED Lightbulbs, Ring Access Controller Pro, and Ring X Line), Ring is all set to give you light 24/7 according to your convenience.

Ring Smart LED bulbs

The company’s products work together in the Ring app to give you a safer neighborhood by adding security layers throughout your house. With the use of the app, you will be able to turn lights on. You can also connect to select Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras and check out what’s going on whenever the lights illuminate.

These shiny and amazing products will be available from April 1, 2020, and you can view the price list here.

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3. Panasonic Home Hawk Floor

Smart Home starts with the security factor first and nowadays that’s essential also. Many of the homeowners believe in installing a camera in their homes for security purposes. So to fulfill that requirement, here is the Panasonic Home Hawk Floor that is a security camera in a lamp. Isn’t it great? A camera in a lamp!! Nobody can guess it unless he/she has read it here 🙂

Panasonic Homehawk Floor

Another smart home product is a slim lamp with an almost invisible camera system that blends into any decor for smart home monitoring. The camera included a privacy mode that can be controlled from your phone or tablet. You can also use geo-fencing that works collaboratively with GPS on your phone. You can literally program your smartphone to automatically turn on the camera when you leave the house and turn it off when you return.

To know more about the product, visit the page.

4. Knectek Townew

Not that you will need to control it with internet or Wi-Fi, Knectek Townew is a trash can that literally is convenient for you. This trashcan claims to automatically seal the trash bag inside the machine and replace the next liner for you. so you won’t have to do the manual work of sealing the trash bag and put a new one by yourself.

Knectek Townew - Trash Can

What is better than a device doing all these things for you which almost all of us consider as gross. Let’s face it, just the thought of sealing the trash bag and throwing it out gives me chills. So just imagine how cool it would be if we could avoid touching it, replacing bags, and dealing with the whole process. I think it’s pretty cool!!

Want one? go and get one for you.

5. Onsen

An AI-powered hot water manager, Onsen is a product that made it to the tech breakthrough for the year 2020 at CES. Delta Dore has unveiled its latest Smart Home innovation to transform a regular electric water heater into a smart one. Available in 2021, Onsen works on a few concepts i.e. No compromise on comfort, energy savings, budget efficiency, and sustainability.

Onsen Al Powered Hot Water Manager

Integrated into the Delta Dore Smart app, you will be able to manage your family members’ preferences and monitor your hot water consumption and budget. You will also receive notifications when your shower is ready and get visibility on your current hot water availability. Without a doubt, the product does deserve to be in the category.

In order to get notified when the product hits the market, go ahead and get in touch with the team.

6. Kohler Moxie Voice

Another weird yet tech breakthrough, Kohler Moxie Voice is a high-end shower head that incorporates an Alexa-powered smart speaker. A lot of you will agree to me on this that singing while taking a shower is a tradition that probably will never get old. We either use our phones or Bluetooth speakers plus we use our hands to operate them. Correct? What if all you need to do is give the command and the shower-head will do everything on its own?

Kohler Moxir Voice Shower

Incorporated with Alexa-powered smart speaker, the showerhead will let you listen to the music and talk to a built-in voice assistant while you shower. All you need to do is say, “Hey Alexa, play my shower playlist” and enjoy the experience.

Priced at $229, the availability date of the product hasn’t been announced yet.

Wrapping Up

Each year, tech companies come up with something or the other technology that leaves us in awe. However, it’s our decision to decide whether we need this now or is it worth spending money. There are many eye-catchy and wonderful products this year at CES 2020 for your house, but we have only mentioned the top ones that can be useful for you if you want to go for them.

Do think about the alternate options you still use to know if you want to spend money on these products. Comparatively, these aren’t that much costly but “Do I Seriously Need This” should be your first question to yourselves.

What Do You Think?

Has this info been useful and informative for you? Do let us know if you come across any other smart home product that must be a part of this enlisting. We will surely review that and add it to this list for our readers.

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