iOS 15.1 Update Introduces New Features

iOS 15.1 Update Introduces New Features

Finally, the wait is over and Apple has rolled out iOS 15.1. After the release of iOS 15 in September, users have been facing some bugs issues which are now fixed in this latest release, and apart from that users will experience the all-new feature of SharePlay and prosRes Video for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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How to install iOS 15.1

Before initiating the process of downloading and installing any new update on the device it is always recommended to users take a backup of the device.

The best way to download and install any update on iOS is with the help of Wi-Fi directly on the device.

Another way is to download and install it through iTunes but taking the note on the account hardly makes any difference if the update is installed over Wi-Fi. I will be telling you how to download and install it over the air and then will elucidate all the new features.

iOS 15.1 is of approx 1.16 GB which will not take more than 30 minutes to get downloaded and installed with an average Wi-Fi speed of 50 mbps.

(Wi-Fi connection speed vary the time of download and installation)

Go to Settings> General> Software Update> Tap on Download and Install

Update software

Once the new iOS is installed on the phone, it will restart and now you are experiencing all the new iOS 15.1 updates from Apple. You can check in the software update section about the latest iOS 15.1. The most highlighted feature of the update is FaceTime’s new SharePlay feature and ProRes Video for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Share play
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SharePlay feature is the center of focus which Apple has added in iOS 15.1. With the SharePlay feature, users can share live music and TV shows with friends and family via FaceTime call. Sharing the screen was not possible in the past. However, now Apple has made it possible for users to share the screen via FaceTime so that the same content can be seen with family and friends at one time. It curbs the need of sending the media link to all the loved ones as the content can be enjoyed at one time only by all the selected members of FaceTime call.

Share is currently supported on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with the latest iOS installed. SharePlay supports Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, Disney+, Hbo Max, ESPN+, Masterclass, Hulu, TikTok, Paramount+, SoundCloud, Pluto TV, and many others in the coming future.

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Another revolution introduced by Apple is the introduction of a much-awaited and expected feature in the camera of iPhone that is ProRes Video for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. ProRes is a post-production codec and very high-quality acquisition used in the media industry by professionals so that the best quality videos can be recorded in higher color fidelity and less compression. This feature is now available in iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with iOS 15.1.

Users with a phone capacity of 128 GB storage will be able to capture videos limited to 30fps at 1080ps but devices with high storage capacity can record in 4k. As the news from Apple, it states that 1 minute 10-bit HDR ProRes video can be recorded in 4k which will take up 6 GB storage and if videos are recorded in HD mode, then it will take up to 1.7 GB of storage.

To enable ProRes in your device, you need to navigate to Settings> Camera> Formats> Toggle on Apple ProRes

With the introduction of ProRes Apple has also introduced a new feature in cameras that Auto macro toggle. It enables the option to disable the automatic camera switching to macro mode when the phone’s camera will go near any object.

Auto macro can be turned off in the camera by navigating to Settings> Camera> Toggle Auto Macro

Auto Macro

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Other Features:-

  • Apple wallet will be used to store the COVID-19 vaccination card which will be verifiable vaccination information stored in Apple wallet and can be present to authorities whenever needed.
  • With the new iOS update 15.1 the battery algorithms for iPhone 12 have been updated and it will ensure a better battery life over time.
  • New automation triggers can be created for home apps with the help of Home Kit enabled sensors which will be able to detect air quality, temperature, humidity, and light level.
  • iPad having A12 bionic chips or later will get the new feature of live text added with the new update which will provide support for Live text in-camera apps. By using this feature camera app will be used to detect any text, address, phone number, etc
  • Many bug fixes for issues are resolved like:-

-Available Wi-Fi networks may not be detected

-Weather app may not show the current temperature for my location and may display colors of animated background incorrectly.

-Wallet may unexpectedly quit when using Voiceover with multiple passes

-Audio playing from an app may pause when locking the screen

-Photos app may incorrectly report storage is full when importing videos and photos.


The new iOS 15.1 update has provided new features like SharePlay, ProRes Video Capture, Auto Macro Toggle, Vaccine card in the wallet, and various bug fixes to iPhone and iPad users. This update will remove all the issues which users were facing in the latest release iOS update 15. While there are some glitches in iOS 15.1 also and we are discovering them by exploring all the apps of the device. We will be updating soon about the lags of iOS 15.1 and changes that users demand from the company.

If you wish to add your opinion on the same, please mention it below in the comment section.

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