Make Way For MacOS Monterey

Make Way For MacOS Monterey

The wait is finally over for all Mac users who are waiting to upgrade their machine to the latest macOS Monterey. Apple’s event which took place on 18/October/2021 unveiled its new product range like redesigned third-generation AirPods, new much awaited M-series Macbook laptop with the all-new macOS Monterey.


If you have missed the event held on 18/October/2021, then no need to worry you can get a glimpse of all-new upgrades here.

Monterey will be available to download and install from October 25 onwards. It is the power-packed OS equipped with the features of the latest iOS 15 also like Apple’s Focus feature, Share play and Spatial audio in FaceTime.

iOS 15

There is a list of features that are coming with the new macOS and users will have a different experience than ever while using this new upgrade. Some significant features which are loaded with the new upgrade are the All-new Safari browser to make your browsing experience more simple and fast.

Apart from this, the new upgrade is providing Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac so that Apple users get a more unified experience across Apple devices. Universal Control allows users to multitask between iPad and Mac by using a single keyboard and mouse and also it is compatible with Apple Pencil. With the Apple pencil feature now the artist inside you will be able to sketch and draw on iPad and then it will be transferred to Keynote on your Mac machine.

With the new AirPlay feature now users will be able to share the content of the iPhone on Mac wirelessly.

Another new feature is the ability to make notes while browsing with the help of Quick Notes. As the all-new safari will give you the best-in-class browsing experience with all-new tab designs, you can go ahead and simultaneously make notes on Quick Notes.

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How to download and install Mac OS Monterey:-

Make sure that when you plan to download and install the latest macOS Monterey, then the first thing which you need to do is to take the Backup of your Mac. This is just to ensure that you do not lose anything personal while the upgrade process.

Once you have taken the backup of your Mac machine, then proceed to System Preferences> Software upgrade. Here you will have to click on the Upgrade now tab to download and install the new macOS Monterey.

As soon as the whole process is completed, then restart your computer and now you will be using the latest beast that is MacOS Monterey.

However, if you are among those restless techies who can not wait for that long, then you have the option to download and install the macOS Monterey public beta.

Although, make sure that we do not recommend beginner techies to download the beta version on their private machines as it may contain bugs. If you have a tester device, then go ahead and enjoy the new Mac OS then the release date.

Steps to download and install macOS Monterey public beta:-

  • Take the backup of your device before you initiate the process
  • Now navigate to
  • Now sign in with your registered Apple ID and select the new MacOS from the list to download
  • Click enroll your Mac in the getting started the session
  • Click on the blue button labeled Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility.
  • Download the file and open it and check all the prompts
  • Once the utility is installed, navigate to System Preferences using the upgrade tool, and here check for software upgrade. Now download and install it.
  • Restart the computer and now you are running the latest macOS Monterey

Machines Compatible with new macOS Monterey:-

Apple in its launch event also notified a list of all Apple machines that will be compatible with its new OS. It is great news for its users that most of the devices are compatible with the upcoming release of the OS, both 14 inches and 16 inches MacBook.

MacBook- 2016 and later versions

MacBook Air- 2015 and later versions

MacBook Pro- 2015 and later versions

Mac Pro- 2013 and later versions

Mac Mini-2014 and later versions

iMac- 2015 and later versions

iMac Pro- 2017 and later versions

Only the very old users who are still satisfied with their machines purchased in 2013 approximately will be facing disappointment because they will not get anything beyond MacOS Big Sur. Some products which will not get the upgrade are:-

iMac- 2014 to early 2015

MacBook Air- 2013 to early 2014

MacBook Pro- Late 2013 to mid-2014

MacBook- Early 2015


New macOS Monterey is releasing on 25 October 2021 with many features like Apple’s Focus feature, Share play, Spatial audio in FaceTime, New Safari, etc. It can be said that the new upgrade will be the best of all the ancestors in terms of performance and also features. October 25 is not far away so let’s wait for the new upgrade and we will tell you the personal experience after using it.

Let us know about your views in the comment section below about the new upgrade.

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