10 Best Safari Browser Alternatives For Mac Users

Whether you are a fan of Safari or not, here are some feature-rich alternatives that you can try on your MacBook or iMac.

10 Best Safari Browser Alternatives For Mac Users

Amongst several browsers that Mac users use, Apple’s very own Safari is the most adored and preferred browser. It even gets a head start because you already have it pre-installed on Mac. But, there are times when you might just want to switch things up a little bit, you might want to change your browser and for several reasons. Maybe you’ve tried your level best to make Safari work on Mac but to no avail or it could be that you are just looking for top Safari alternatives, just for fun sake. Whatsoever your end goal, we are going to present you with some of the top Safari alternatives.

Best Safari Alternatives For Mac 2024

Here you are going to have a look at the pros and the cons of all the browsers so that eventually you can make an informed decision about whether to stick with Safari or move on with its alternative, so, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

1. Brave

Brave Safari Alternatives

Looking for a Safari alternative for Mac, Brave can be your best bet. If you have purchased the recent M1-powered Mac, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll now have native support for all M1-powered Macs.


Great for M-1 powered Macs

Faster and more private than several of its counterparts

Supports Chrome extensions as well

Blocks intrusive ads

Inbuilt firewall + VPN powered by Guardian (paid feature)

Earn rewards while browsing

Private window with Tor


Brave may block some parts of websites that you want to load

Some extensions might not be compatible

Download Brave

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

If you ever had a notion that Chrome is restricted to other platforms but Apple, you are wrong because Chrome is one of the best Safari alternatives out there and if you haven’t, you should give it a try.


Fast and free of cost

Tabs are easy to manage, multitasking is a child’s play

Easy cache and browser history management

Streamlines interface and easy to use

Comes with a variety of extensions for entertainment and productivity

Cross-platform functionality


Can at times be resource and battery hogging

Chrome may react slowly to some of the macOS features


Download Chrome for Mac

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Just as Firefox respects your privacy on other platforms, it does the same on Mac. And, if you thought, that’s the only good it has, wait till you delve into its other features or better, you can get your hands and try the goodness yourself –


Blocks social trackers, third-party cookies, and crypto mining scripts

Dedicated private browsing mode

Facebook container extension that makes it difficult for Facebook to track you

In-built password manager

Spell check, autoplay blocking, reader mode

In-browser screenshot application

Save web pages in “Pocket” for viewing them offline


Less number of extensions

A little resource hogging

Download Mozilla Firefox

4. Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge

Don’t be surprised and say that hey! Isn’t Chromium-based Edge only for Windows? Not until we tell you how good (or how not so good) it is for Mac. Weigh the pros and cons and then decide.


Simple to import settings from other major browsers

Websites load fast

It’s easy to manage your privacy, thanks to three levels of tracking

Supports a large number of extensions

Cross-platform functionality

Customizable tab page


Changing to a search engine other than Bing can be a little pesky

The interface could be more organized

Download Edge for Mac

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5. Opera


With a user base of over 300 million and an array of magnificent features, Opera is one of the best alternatives for Safari for Mac. It is touted as one of the most compatible Mac browsers. The best part is that it even combats malware and phishing


Compatible with most Chrome extensions

VPN for additional privacy

In-built ad-blocker

Ingrained chat messenger

More privacy-oriented browser


High RAM usage

The interface could have been more streamlined

Tab management could have been better

6. Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser

Another alternative for Safari on Mac that would cater well to all M1-powered Macs is Vivaldi. It has several features like mouse gestures, tab stacks, and many others that are missing in Safari.


Download manager

Inbuilt tab tiling

Supports Chrome extensions

Energy consumption functionality


Data protection


For some, the interface could be a little overwhelming

Lesser number of themes

Password and bookmark sync can be tough

Download Vivaldi for Mac

7. Waterfox

Waterfox Browser

Though a lesser-known alternative to Safari, it is still an option to take heed of, considering the number of features it offers. You will find a resemblance to Mozilla Firefox since it is based on it.


A speedy alternative to Safari for Mac

Highly customizable

Less bloated

Works well with major streaming services


Adware can be an issue

Sometimes lags

Download Waterfox for Mac

8. SeaMonkey


SeaMonkey or SeaMonkey project is one of the options you can consider when searching for an alternative for Safari.


IRC chat, email, and newsfeed


Data manager that helps you deal with data gathered by websites

HTML editor and web development tools


Dated interface

Users may find it complex

Slow loading speed

Download SeaMonkey

9. Tor

Tor Browser

For Mac users who are adventurous yet like to keep their privacy intact, Tor is a Safari alternative for Mac to give a try. It does as it says to keep you protected from surveillance, tracking, and censorship.


Free of cost and open source

Comes with DuckDuckGo search engine

Hides your IP when you are browsing websites

You can access Deep web and blocked websites

Tor comes with NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, and other patches to protect your privacy


Speed can be an issue

It takes some time to start

The interface is a bit dated

Security can still be an issue

10. Maxthon


Maxthon might not be as popular as other browsers in its class, but it certainly has features that can give many browsers a run for the money. It does offer some great features which make it one of the best Safari alternatives for Mac.


Cloud backup saves data on a secure server

Best in class synchronization

Download videos right from YouTube and Facebook

In-built night mode, smart reader, and screen capture

Great encryption functionalities


No ad blocker

The interface is a bit dated

Does not have a large number of extensions

Contains some unnecessary features

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and were able to pick an alternative for the Safari browser. Do let us know in the comments why or why did you not change your mind to switch from Safari to a different browser. And, which of the above Safari alternatives for Mac is your favorite. For more such content, keep reading the Tweak library. Love watching tech videos, do subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also get connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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