10 Best Mozilla Firefox Extension – 2024

Looking for the best Firefox addons? We have got you covered.

10 Best Mozilla Firefox Extension – 2024

Probably, we all spend most of our time browsing the web using either Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or some other browser. Out of these, Firefox is the most popular for its security and anti-tracking features. Yet, people want to add more functionality and features to the best way to do this, is by using Mozilla Firefox extensions.

What is a Browser Extension?

Introduced by Microsoft as Explorer Bars now known as extensions are more than 2 decades old. These nifty tools make performing our day-to-day tasks easy. In simple terms, we can say that Browser is the internet’s navigator used to find information and extensions are the jewelry that adds beauty to the web browser. These plug-ins enhance our working style by offering different features.

People mostly use them for the following purposes: –

  • Grammar Check
  • Gmail notifications
  • Note-taking service like Evernote
  • Translate text from one language to another
  • Block ads on web pages, etc.

10 Best Extensions For Mozilla Firefox: –

1. TweakPass – Best add-on for Firefox to manage passwords

Tweakpass - Password Manager

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Looking for a secure and encrypted way to manage all your passwords? Use TweakPass the best password manager browser extension on your Firefox browser and save your passwords securely. TweakPass allows you to auto-login to sites, fill forms and generate secure passwords. Using it you don’t have to worry about the passwords or how to login into multiple accounts. Available for all popular browsers, this password manager allows importing passwords in a secure vault that can be accessed using a Master Password.

Features –

  • Access saved passwords from anywhere anytime using TweakPass extension
  • Random and secure password generator
  • Encrypt passwords at server and device level
  • Single master password to access all saved passwords

Click Here to Download for Windows PC

Overview of TweakPass – Password Manager

2. OneTab – Best for clubbing multiple tabs

OneTab- Best for clubbing multiple tabs

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We all make a mess of the browser by opening several tabs at a time and this not only slows down the browser but makes choosing the right tab difficult. But should this stop us from using multiple tabs?  To curb this issue, OneTab, the best extension for Firefox that accumulates all the opened tabs into one is here. This helps save 95% of browser memory and organize work. Now open the tab of your choice and import and export the URL list with others. Not only this, but OneTab also retains all the open tabs, allowing you to restore them if the browser crashes or you shut down your system.

Features –

  • Helps reduce the load on the CPU
  • The easiest way to store all open tabs in a list
  • Allows excluding sites, remove duplicates
  • No information is disclosed or shared with third parties or OneTab developers

3. Pocket – best for capturing articles, videos, and everything on the web

Packet - Best Mozilla Firefox Extension

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It happens with all of us while working on the system, we accidentally come across such interesting news or articles that catch our attention and we divert from our main object. Pocket is the solution for all such interesting news and articles that come between our work. With this extension for Mozilla Firefox, we can save the posts and can access them later whenever we want to. Now the fear of losing important information is gone as Pocket the best Firefox extension will save important links for us. To use it, you need to sign up using your Gmail account and start saving your articles.

Features –

  • Save your favorite web pages to access them later
  • Best Firefox add-on to let you access saved content anytime and anywhere
  • Based on your list of content gives suggestions
  • An extension that is built-in Firefox to make things easy 

4. Ghostery – best for speeding up website access time

Ghostery - Best Mozilla Firefox Extension

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While browsing content on the web, we all get irritated by one thing and i.e. ads. They are so irritating that we end up closing tabs, but doing so doesn’t help.  As accessing the website again shows ads. To cater to this issue, we now have Ghostery the best and powerful privacy-focused Mozilla extension that blocks the ads by blocking the HTTP requests. It turns on/off the trackers (a bunch of code lines) that companies use to display their ads. This gives you a smoother search experience. For users, there are many more features in Ghostery like – Ghost Search, Ghost Mode, Built-in Adblocker, Password Manager, etc.

Features –

  • Protects privacy by blocking trackers
  • Removes advertisements from a web page
  • Multiple displays to customize the display
  • Comprehensive and best privacy protection add-on for Firefox

5. LeechBlock NG  – best for enhancing productivity

LeechBlock NG - Best Mozilla Firefox Extension

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Do you easily get distracted by social media and other sites while working? Block those time-wasting sites with LeechBlock NG (Next Generation) browser extension that helps improve productivity. To use it all you have to do is specify the site and time for which you wish to block it. You can specify up to 30 sets of sites to block and enjoy distraction-free working. Available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave this extension saves you from diverting your attention.

Features –

  • Simple to use productivity booster browser extension
  • Delay accessing distracting sites by setting a countdown
  • Block multiple sites with wildcards
  • Whitelist sites you want to access

6. Facebook Container – best privacy-focused extension to stop Facebook from Tracking you on the web

Facebook Container - Best Mozilla FIrefox Extensions

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This useful and best extension for Firefox gives you control to save and isolate yourself from being tracked by Facebook. With this extension running on your browser when you access Facebook it opens it in a container saving your information from being tracked. Facebook Container deletes all Facebook cookies when you are logged out of Facebook and stops third parties from tracking you.

Features –

  • Isolated Facebook identity in a separate container
  • Makes it difficult for Facebook to track your visits
  • loads non-Facebook website outside the container
  • Prevents Facebook from associating information about your activity online

7. Imagus – best for enlarging images and display from links

ImgUS - Best Mozilla Firefox Extension

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Does it annoy you to open a file to see its contents, like images, and videos? If yes, then your problem is solved with the help of Imagus the best add-on for Firefox. Using this extension, you no longer need to open the file. Instead of that you can simply hover around it and see the image or video in a large thumbnail. It is time-saving when you are doing speedy browsing.

Features –

  • More than 200 rules by default
  • Supports thousands of sites
  • Allows to define rules to block/unblock sites
  • Best Firefox extension to enlarge images, and display from links

8. Dark Reader – Best Night Mode Extension

Dark Reader - Best Night Mode Extension

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When working for hours on the system, do you feel like relaxing your eyes? Use Dark Reader the best extension for Firefox that offers dark themes for websites on the fly. With over 140,000 users, it allows converting enabling night mode and activating dark themes for the website you visit. It uses bright colors texts on a black background so that you can read them clearly without feeling much stress on your eyes. You can choose the brightness and contrast as per your need. What’s more, it is free.

Features –

  • Best eye-care browser add-on for Firefox and other browsers
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, font settings, and more
  • Dark Reader doesn’t show ads nor does it share user data
  • Invert bright colors to make them high contrast

9. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder – Best for Screen capture and recording

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder - Best MOzilla Firefox Extension

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Gone are those days when we used some basic key combinations to take screenshots and edit them in paint or photoshop. Using Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder, the best Firefox add-on, you can take a screenshot of your screen or part of your screen. It is a modern tool that allows editing captured screens like markup the image, annotate it with text, blur the content you do not want to share, etc.

Features –

  • Record desktop or camera only
  • Immediately get a shareable link after recording video
  • Download and upload video in MP4 format (Premium)
  • Capture screenshot of a page, full page, selected area, or visible part

10. Cookie AutoDelete – Best add-on for Firefox to clean cache and enhance privacy

Cookie AutoDelete - Best add-on for Firefox to clean cache and enhance privacy

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Last on our list is Cookie AutoDelete, a browser extension for Firefox that helps improve privacy. Using it you can delete cookies – a small piece of data stored from all websites you visit to decrease web page load time. In theory, cookies make loading web pages quick but they are also used to track our online activity. Therefore, clearing them to stay secure is suggested. For a beginner, it isn’t easy and no one has time to remember doing it after each browsing session, this is when we can use Cookie AutoDelete and clear cache cookie

Features –

  • Auto delete cookies from recently closed tabs
  • Block all/block just third party cookies
  • Enhance security and privacy
  • Stay private and make it difficult for others to track you

Best Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Extensions are a great way to simplify and enhance the web browsing experience. But, sometimes when you pick a malicious extension or use too many without knowing what they do, it might slow down the browsing speed. Hence, to help with this problem in this article we have listed the best extension for Mozilla that serves different purposes and will help you.

In a nutshell, we can say extensions are beneficial when used intelligently. The ones included in this article are categorized as per their usage, you can pick any. Do let us know which one you picked and why in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

FAQ- Mozilla Firefox Extension


Where to find Firefox extensions?

To find browser extensions on Firefox head to Tools > Add-ons. Here you will see a list of installed extensions that you can manage as per your choice.



Is it safe to use Firefox Extensions?

There is no clear answer to this, as we have a mix of browser extensions available in the market. Where the reputed companies like Google using its extension steal data, the less popular offer complete privacy and add-on features. Since extensions are always active in the background they track all the activities, there are chances that the privacy can be compromised if the one we are using is malicious. With that said, we need to be very cautious while choosing an extension.


Keeping this in mind we looked for the best extension for Firefox and were able to find the 10 best add-ons for Mozilla.

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