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What To Do If Firefox Won’t Play Any Sound? Quick Fixes & Tips
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What To Do If Firefox Won’t Play Any Sound? Quick Fixes & Tips

I understand this is an annoying situation when you are browsing your favorite content on Firefox and suddenly the sound cuts abruptly or there may be no sound at all. According to many Firefox users they have encountered this audio missing issue.

Firefox browser

There are various reasons that cause missing audio on Firefox browser. One of them is outdated audio drivers, or culprit add-ons. Hence in this troubleshooting guide we will share the best fixes that will halt audio related glitch on Firefox browser.

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Best Ways To Solve Firefox Audio Issue

Method 1- Update Firefox Browser

It is important to update browsers on a regular basis as it will help your browser to run efficiently. Below are the steps to start with this method.

  • Tap on the menu icon [three bars] located on the right side of the screen.

Update Firefox Browser

  • You will get the feature of “Help” at the end of the Menu page.

Update Firefox Browser 1

  • In the Help section you will get the option of “About Firefox”

Update Firefox Browser 2

  • The feature of “About Firefox” will check the updates and download them automatically.

Restart your browser and now play any sound. I hope this method helps to fix sound glitch on Windows 10.

Method 2- Disable Add-ons

As said above the sound issues can be there because of faulty add-ons. In this method we will turn off Firefox browser add-ons. Refer to the below mentioned steps.

  • Follow the same method until you reach the Help option in the menu bar.

Disable Add-ons

  • Tap on “Restart with Add-ons disabled”

Add-ons disabled

  • Choose “Restart” from the confirmation box.
  • Tap “Start in Safe Mode”

Start in Safe Mode

Now, Firefox will restart automatically and you can start playing any contents to check if the audio glitch is still there. If the issue persists, jump to the next method.

Method 3- Restore Firefox Settings To Default

If your browser has improper settings then you are likely to  witness such errors. In addition to this, if you have changed some Firefox settings the issue will start automatically. In this method, we will restore Firefox settings to default.

The steps are the same as above method 2. Menu > Help > Restart with Add-ons disabled > Restart > Firefox Safe Mode > In the pop-up choose “Refresh”

In the next option, choose Refresh Firefox

Restore Firefox Settings To Default

Firefox will restart automatically and now check if the audio issue is solved or still there.

Method 4- Check Firefox Output Device

If you have plugged in a new audio device that may cause issues with audio on Firefox browser. Therefore we have mentioned the steps to check Firefox output devices.

  • Type “Sound Mixer options” on the cortana search box.

Check Firefox Output Device

  • Now on under App, find Mozilla Firefox and make sure to set Output as Default.

Reopen Firefox browser and check if this issue is resolved or not. You can also refer to the next method

Method 5-  Check Sound Settings

There are chances when Firefox is muted on our system and hence we are witnessing audio glitches on the specific browser.

  • Right click on the audio icon on the taskbar. Tap on Open Volume Mixer.

Check Sound Settings

  • You will get Mozilla Firefox among other listed devices and applications. Make sure Firefox is not muted and is turned on.

Check Sound

You can again check the issue is still there or audio is back on the browser? I hope this method works to solve this glitch and you can enjoy the audio on the browser.

Final Words

This is how you can fix Firefox audio issues with the above mentioned methods. If you have any other method that could help you to solve this issue, share with us in the comment section below.

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