Is 5G Really Worth Reconsidering This CES 2020?

Is 5G Really Worth Reconsidering This CES 2020?

With every New Year, what automatically gets buzz, is CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This year, CES 2020 is going to have more than 195000 attendees with around 40000 companies that will unveil their tech breakthrough on the global stage.

5G revolution and How It Will Transform Industries Around You

You might remember well that 5G was hailed as the next big thing that would literally revolutionize the way our devices connect to the internet. We all know that a few consumer electronics giants have already been in the market providing 5G internet services. In more than 19 markets across the United States of America, companies have proved their potential and looking forward to doing the same in more markets.

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How Different Is It Than 4G?

No doubt that 5G is going to transform the telecom industry as well as infrastructure updates that will alter the autonomous vehicles and healthcare sector. Though 5G is the fastest speed internet wave, it cannot be much higher than good old 4G in the same spectrum. And there is no doubt that the downloading and browsing speed will definitely improve. Claimed as a hundred times faster than 4G and for new services for smart cities, smart homes, wearables, health care services and more, 5G is poised to redefine digital lifestyles.

Ask Yourself

As the coin has two sides to it, everything comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. With reference to 5G, few of the disadvantages can increase health issues, network unavailability, surveillance concerns, or maybe it’s altogether a misunderstood risk with human lives at stake.

Are you ready to compromise on your health over a bit speedy internet service? Is network availability in your country running smoothly for 4G even, let alone 5G? Has the internet become so important in your life that you aren’t asking yourself if 5G is dangerous? Do you actually need 5G? are you ready to pay the price (in terms of health) to get speedy internet?

5G at CES 2020

Among all the speculations of innovative ideas and breakthroughs, there will be a lot of tech companies talking about the 5G network offering. we all know that CES doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the “wow + weirdo” factor, and it’s definitely going to have some announcements that will have a 5G twist.

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A novelty feature in 2019, 5G was relegated to the most expensive top-tier models, a majority of the midrange, and possibly even a few budget phones and it will ship with 5G during 2020.

Features you might relate to when we talk about the future use of 5G in your lives:

Seeing a rise in autonomous vehicles – With the deployment rate of 5G in the USA, you will see a rise in autonomous vehicles around you. Because of this technology, vehicles will be able to communicate with each other and provide information to other vehicles about road conditions.

Public safety and infrastructure – I think without a doubt, safety must always be the primary concern we should think about. In the near future, 5G will allow cities to operate more efficiently. Utility companies will be tracking usage remotely and sensors can notify public-work-departments when drains flood or street lights go out. The whole idea will be roaming around public safety and infrastructure development.

Health care – The low latency of 5G is going to transform the healthcare industry. For example, how you get treatments or the consultation step with healthcare professionals. Some of the other improvements you could see in the near future are remote recovery, physical therapy via AR, precision surgery, and probably a remote surgery in the coming years.

Remote device control – Again with the help of the low latency of 5G, remote control of heavy machinery will become reality. With the goal of reducing risks of working on hazardous equipment, this technology will allow the technicians to control the equipment remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

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We Are Listening

Among all the buzz of making user’s life more convenient, don’t you forget to check if it’s worth compromising your health? Is 5G a priority you’re eagerly looking for? Are companies not at all thinking about the radiation that will affect your health directly?

Share your experiences if you are already using 5G and if it made a significant impact on your life. If not, then let us know if you are ready to pay the price of your health in exchange for the 5G network.

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