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What’s the latest tech news today?

With many news apps already on the fly, you may get confused when trying to find  a reliable source of tech news. If you cannot have enough with the latest buzz in the world of technology, it would be worthwhile to list down the best tech news apps for you to choose.

As tech news is plays major role in the lives of many, let’s just scroll down to know more about the best tech news apps and download today.

1. Flipboard:

Flipboard - tech news App

Not just every day update on tech news, Flipboard also provides major headlines from the world of entertainment, lifestyle, sports and many more stories that provide smart and personalized content.

You can save your favorite feeds to read later as well which are all compiled from dependable origin. Download here.

What’s interesting?

  • Combination of news from various sources so you do not baffle around the internet.
  • Blend of various genres to keep you entertained

2. Feedly:

Feedly - Tech news Apps

If you are willing to read quick technology news while being very much organized, then Feedly is a step ahead. Having a pool of knowledgeable articles and multiple news updates, select your tech zone and discover things quick and simple.

You can also connect yourself with Facebook, Linkedin, Evernote and other social channels so as to share them with your loved ones. Download here.

What’s interesting?

  • Latest knowledge and experience at one platform.
  • Feed personalization that allows you to choose the interest
  • Neat and organized news updates.

3. TechCrunch:

techcrunch - tech news apps

Breaking tech news is something most exciting about TechCrunch. Go through the headlines quickly every day or even customize the content you wish to see.

You can also access the contents from TechCrunch’s website which makes it easy to absorb all the knowledge from one simple source. Interestingly, the app is connected with Crunchbase where database of leading businesses, investors, startups and various entrepreneurs is also present. Download here.

What’s interesting?

  • Save your favorite stories and read them in leisure time.
  • Read stories of various startups, ventures, Silicon Valley and more.
  • Free access to TechCrunch’s website content

4. Drippler:

Drippler - tech news apps

How would you like to have a blend of tech news, smartphone tips & tricks, launch of new apps, software upgrades, phone guides, and widgets? We guess you will not be saying No to such an app if you are a classy tech junkie. That’s Drippler!

Amongst some of the best new technology apps, you can consider Drippler for your daily buzz and unlock the most exciting news that are compiled from various authentic sources. Download here.

What’s interesting?

  • Learn the new updates in the world of technology news
  • Get accustomed with useful tips and hacks
  • Breaking news of the tech industry.

5. Hacker News:

Hacker News - Tech news apps

No wonder why you can count the app as one of the best tech news apps where amazing features like commenting and liking the newsfeed are present. Apart from tracking the tech news, you can get a good update on hackers or hacking which interests a lot of users.

You can enjoy a social mood while looking at the views of various entrepreneurs, investors and other tech fans while learning the stories and sharing them with your friends. Download here.

What’s interesting?

  • Various text sizesfor quick adjustments
  • Switch in between stories and comments in one click by pressing on comment for long.
  • Reliable hacking news for curious minds

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Wrapping Up

So, all those looking for new technology apps that shout around latest tech news, now have a great list of best tech news apps above the border. Yet if you are willing to compile a good judgement among the above, we recommend you keep a note of Techcrunch. But yes, Drippler and Beebom are other helpers in the android. For Iphone users, Tech News tube one of the best sources of the required information.

Have a great clicking and let us know your valuable opinions on the same.

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