8 Best Coloring Apps For Adults For 2024

8 Best Coloring Apps For Adults For 2024

Coloring Apps Or Coloring apps for adults are a terrific way of relaxing without the clutter, clean-up, or conventional coloring supplies. Fortunately, there is no shortage of such apps on the Play Store and App Store.

These coloring apps are among the most effective weapons against anxiety and despair, which gently encourages you to adopt healthy lifestyle practices like getting more rest, cutting back on overthinking and improving your focus and vision.

Top Coloring Apps For Adults

This list of the best coloring apps for adults on Android and iOS includes options for those who prefer manga, color-by-numbers, or just filling in shapes.

List of Contents

  • 1. Pigment
  • 2. Colorfy
  • 3. Oil Painting – Color Game
  • 4. Recolor
  • 5. Color Therapy
  • 6. Anime Art
  • 7. Happy Color
  • 8. Color Planet
  • To Wrap This Up

1. Pigment


If you are looking for the best coloring apps for adults, then Pigment should be top of your list. The pigment is among the best coloring apps. Its simple user interface, accessibility to many excellent images, and ability to mix colors to create elegant paintings make Pigment a fantastic anxiety reliever. You can spark your imagination with the 21 types of pencils, brushes, and markers available. It allows you to paint effectively by simulating brush and pencil strokes.


Size: 164MB
Requires: iOS & iPadOS 14.0 or later
Version: 2.22
Price: Free

Start coloring with Pigment.

2. Colorfy


Adults and children can use Colorfy. It makes coloring in photographs a fun activity. Simply choose your color scheme and tap to color. You can customize your picture to your heart’s content by selecting brushes and gradient colors. You receive a free page daily from this app, and you can choose the images to color based on your mood. You may edit pictures without disturbance.


Size: 68MB for Android & 207.3MB for iOS
Requires: Android version 4.4 and up and iOS & iPadOS 10.0 or later
Version: 3.15.2 in Android & 6.12 in iOS & iPadOS
Price: Free

Start coloring with Colorfy on Android & iOS.

3. Oil Painting – Color Game

Oil Painting - Color Game

Oil Painting – Color Game is another excellent coloring app for adults. The app offers free access to 500 photos from the game’s first level. It has various sophisticated and interesting picture types for foods, animals, vehicles, birds, and landscapes. The application works just as well for adult people as it does for children, with figures guiding you at every turn. Choose a color, then go on.


Size: 50MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 1.16.1
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Start coloring with Oil Painting.

4. Recolor


According to Recolor, which claims to be the most popular coloring app in more than 60 nations, its purpose is to give people and their families a revitalizing method to relax and enjoy. The app includes more than 20 varieties, each with a few free photos and slightly over a hundred free colors. At $14.99/month or $59.99/year, Recolor premium grants access to over 5000 images, and the removal of advertisements.


Size: 79MB for Android & 461.6MB for iOS
Requires: Android version 6.0 and up and iOS & iPadOS version 11.0 or later
Version: 5.6.5 in Android & 5.5.6 in iOS
Price: Free & Subscription model

Start coloring with Recolor on Android & iOS.

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5. Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Among all of the adult coloring apps, this one has some edge over the others.  The program contains various pictures so you’ll never get bored, including images of amazing nature, animals, flowers, art, and fashion. You can color each free drawing “freehand” or “by number”; the choice is yours. The Basic Solid and Basic Gradient palettes come with a tone of free colors to use as a starting point.


Size: 273.5MB
Requires: iOS & iPadOS version 10.0 or later
Version: 5.4.2
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Start coloring with Color Therapy.

6. Anime Art

Anime Art

Anime Art is a fantastic coloring app that you may use on your Android device if you’re an Android user and an anime lover. While lounging on the couch, grab your smartphone and start creating. Thousands of images are available, though some may cost money. Many free alternatives are available, and more can be unlocked just by watching a few adverts. Numerous colors and paintbrushes are available to help you create the perfect anime image.


Size: 54MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 1.1.1
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Start coloring with Anime Art.

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7. Happy Color

Happy Color

Happy Color, an Android-based app, is among the more affordable choices on the Google Play Store. Sometimes you want the colors chosen for you rather than choosing them yourself. Just fill up the spaces as needed. And using this application, you’ll accomplish precisely that. There seem to be 15,000 free designs available in over 15 categories, including animals, places, flowers, and more. There are also several well-known characters from Disney and Marvel.


Size: 52MB
Requires: Android version 4.4 and up
Version: 2.11.15
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Start coloring with Happy Color.

8. Color Planet

Color Planet

Despite being a relatively new coloring app, Color Planet is already dominating the ranks because of its outstanding features and user-friendliness. Even though the majority of the pictures are intended for adult people, a few of them are also suitable for children and the elderly. There are many different photographs to choose from in the app. You don’t need to spend a penny because Color Planet is entirely available for free download and use.


Size: 27MB for Android & 176.3MB for iOS
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up and iOS & iPadOS version 10.3 or later
Version: 2.2.8 in Android & 2.2.1 in iOS
Price: Free

Start coloring with Color Planet on Android & iOS.

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To Wrap This Up

So, this is our list of best coloring apps for adults for 2024. Which of these coloring-related apps catches your attention? Tell us the name of it and the qualities you found appealing. Furthermore, please let me know if you’ve used any of the apps I didn’t list.

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