10 Best Women Safety Apps For Android

10 Best Women Safety Apps For Android

According to a study on the UN Women website, one out of every three women worldwide has experienced physical or sexual abuse from an intimate relationship, a non-partner, or both. These statistics are unavoidably eye-opening. In addition, women are more powerful than before in this century. Additionally, empowerment extends beyond their homes. As a result, going outside each day to earn a livelihood and hustle is not simply a choice but a need.

Pepper spray and the increased teaching of self-defense to these women have, however, assisted a few. But none of these can save us alone. Like in other domains, numerous smartphone apps have been created for women’s safety.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss some best women’s security apps for Android which are available in today’s world.

Importance of Women’s Safety Apps

These Android women’s security apps’ most popular use is to immediately warn worried friends or family members. Other users of these apps may be made aware of specific situations, locations, etc., by the feedback and experiences that other users have provided.

Additionally, these women’s safety apps for Android may contact the closest law enforcement agencies with the precise position that can be utilized to find or save the ladies in need. Family, friends, or other family members can be notified of their whereabouts using the GPS trackers.

Top 10 Women Safety Apps for Android-2022

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the top women’s safety apps for Android. These applications have several features to provide women the protection they require, including SOS alerts, emergency contacts, location sharing, and community advice. View the options to choose which option best suits you.

List of Contents

  • Importance of Women’s Safety Apps
  • 1. My Safetipin
  • 2. bSafe
  • 3. Life 360: Find Family & Friends
  • 4. Women Safety
  • 5. Citizen Cop
  • 6. Microsoft Family Safety
  • 7. Rescuer
  • 8. SOS Alert
  • 9. Shake2Safety
  • 10. Letstrack
  • To Wrap This Up

1. My Safetipin

My Safetipin

My Safetipin is the first app on our list of the top safety apps for women. The software is accessible to iOS users in addition to Android users. It is intended to offer details such as GPS Tracking, Emergency Contact, Safest Route, Visibility, and Walking route or accessibility to public transportation. This app sends notifications when you approach a dangerous area, and you can ask loved ones to keep tabs on you.


Size: 21MB
Requires: Android version 4.4 and up
Version: 3.5

Key Features:

  • You can quickly determine the level of security before visiting.
  • Provides the closest safe location.
  • The app uses GPS to alert users of the location’s security.

Click here to download My Safetipin.

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2. bSafe


It is among the most dependable women’s safety applications for iOS and Android smartphones. When rapped, bSafe can serve as a personal tracker and notify your emergency contacts. Additionally, as soon as your device’s SOS function is activated, the app makes video recording accessible. These functionalities may only be activated by voice commands, requiring no physical interaction.


Size: 34MB
Requires: Android version 5.0 and up
Version: 3.7.85

Key Features:

  • Use the SOS function to record videos automatically.
  • Gives you the option to live-stream the scenario to your emergency contacts.
  • Available in over 120 nations.

Click here to download bSafe.

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3. Life 360: Find Family & Friends

Life 360

With the Life 360 family locator, you can maintain contact with your family throughout the day. Even when family members are far away, it uses your phone’s built-in GPS tracker to assure their safety. Sharing GPS coordinates is only permitted with everyone in the family’s approval. As a result, only persons you trust should have access to your phone’s location.


Size: 24MB
Requires: Android version 8.0 and up
Version: 22.7.1

Key Features:

  • You can access your family members’ past location histories.
  • You may check in to let your relatives know where you are.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, you can quickly locate it.

Click here to download Life 360.

4. Women Safety

Women Safety

Women Safety is among the top applications on the market for Women Safety which focuses on women’s safety to lower the rate of crime against women and boost their safety. This is the finest app to alert and update your loved ones if you are in a dangerous situation. The application delivers an email or message containing images, audio/video, and location with only one tap.


Size: 6.9MB
Requires: Android version 4.1 and up
Version: 4.1

Key Features:

  • Different colors represent the route’s quality, such as green color for safety, orange color for caution, and red color for danger.
  • Alerts sent immediately to emergency contacts through SMS and email
  • The app can record voice, video, and photos with a single touch.

Click here to download Women Safety.

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5. Citizen Cop

Citizen Cop

Citizen Cop is another smartphone app for women’s security. You may get in touch with the nearby police station using the app. The app also enables anonymous criminal reporting from users. Additionally, complaints of stolen items may be sent using this program. In case of emergency, it can provide real-time location of the user.


Size: 6.9MB
Requires: Android version 4.1 and up
Version: 4.1

Key Features:

  • Call the police right away if you’re in a crisis.
  • Send alerts when you find yourself in a scenario where you can’t talk.
  • The app monitors traffic and local news throughout the journey.

Click here to download Citizen Cop.

6. Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

This app promotes both online and offline safety and is ideal for the entire family. You may use the Microsoft Family Safety application to monitor your child’s online behavior and establish parental restrictions to protect them from the dangers of the internet. You can keep track of your family’s whereabouts and learn more about their driving habits by tracking their location.


Size: 23MB
Requires: Android version 8.0 and up

Key Features:

  • Locate your loved ones using a GPS family location tracker.
  • Keep a list of commonly visited places.
  • View driving events along the route in the driving history,

Click here to download Microsoft Family Safety.

7. Rescuer


This app is an excellent companion for you and a mobile app for women’s protection. You may quickly create 5 emergency contacts with the app. You may program the app to deliver warnings without using any physical contact. These notifications come in text messages and Google Maps position updates. If there is a problem or issue, the Rescuer will ensure that your loved ones will be the first to be informed.


Size: 63MB
Requires: Android version 4.1 and up
Version: 25

Key Features:

  • Using the volume button, you may send an emergency message.
  • Even if your phone is placed in another room and locked away, you can still communicate with the Rescuer by using your custom-made key phrase.
  • You can send as many SMS as you like to another rescuer member.

Click here to download Rescuer.

8. SOS Alert

SOS Alert

This application was created to let you quickly and effectively notify important individuals that you require immediate assistance. These people can be members of your family or friends, medical professionals, or anyone else you want. It provides no advertising and has a highly user-friendly layout, making it accessible to everyone. With just one tap, you may alert your emergency contacts to your need for assistance.


Size: 1.6MB
Requires: Android version 6.0 and up
Version: 1.9

Key Features:

  • No Annoying Ads.
  • A very simple user interface that is simple to utilize.
  • In the event of an emergency, your emergency contacts are provided a link to your current position on Google Maps to find you quickly.

Click here to download SOS Alert.

9. Shake2Safety


Send text messages to your contacts in the event of an emergency to share images, voice messages, and your position. Shake your smartphone or tap the power key repeatedly on your phone to send these alerts. There is a choice to send warnings via texts or calls. Text message transmission is not restricted. Calls may only be made once per user and their primary contact.


Size: 1.8MB
Requires: Android version 4.0 and up
Version: 2.4

Key Features:

  • Share places and images with your contacts with the activated shareable media feature.
  • In an emergency, send up to 4-second video capture to your contacts.
  • Functions even without an internet connection.

Click here to download Shake2Safety.

10. Letstrack


Letstrack is the last app on this list of women’s safety apps for Android. In an emergency, it provides real-time tracking. The is one of the most popular personal and motor driver safety apps. Additionally, it enables you to talk with your loved ones or pals. Additionally, alerts can be turned on to check in on your loved ones and see whether they arrived safely.


Size: 1.8MB
Requires: Android version 4.0 and up
Version: 2.4

Key Features:

  • Utilize Letstrack’s Radar feature to find nearby users.
  • Real-time image sharing.
  • Utilize its tracking capability to monitor automobiles or your children.

Click here to download Letstrack.

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To Wrap This Up

So, these are some of the best women’s safety apps for Android. For the highest level of security at all times, these are the top applications that girls/women may install on their Android devices. And forward this article to keep your friends and family safe as well.

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