Solo Woman Traveler? Smarten up your Trip with These 7 Apps!

Solo Woman Traveler? Smarten up your Trip with These 7 Apps!

Travel Solo, Travel Smart!

Get bitten by smart travel plugs!

We’re sure you ladies must’ve had moments when the sense of adventure pangs you, but your BFFs are too busy to join-in on your quest. In such times, all you wish for is to spot your favorite location, alone. There’s surely no harm in this as we believe solo travel makes you stronger and smarter in multiple aspects.

You are not the only one scared of such challenges, like being lonely in a strange place alongside a multitude of other fears. And to minimize such unease while making life a little simpler, scroll down for some amazingly curated and probably the best travel apps that women can use for solo adventures.

1. ‘Pack Point’ for Hassle-free packing:

Pack Point- for Hassle free packing

Packing up the bags might not be the first thought while planning the trip but indeed is the first step before boarding the train. 

What does it do?

Quite popular among the solo female travelers, Pack Point, will learn your destination, time of travel and number of days. This will let the app generate a list of essentials you must carry alongside any leisure objects.

Why download:

The handy list remains with you that can be modified as per the needs. 

  • Shows automatic weather forecast to decide the essentials. 
  • Divides business and leisure trips or combine as you may like.

Download here.

2. ‘Tourlina’ connects with female travel buddies:

Tourlina- connects with female travel buddies

You can surely count Tourlina as a secure trip planner app that lets you not die of boredom or loneliness. Meeting and exploring the culture together would be no less than fun.

What does it do?

This is one of the most thoughtful travel apps amongst the listicle to make solo female travel interesting. It pairs you up with other female travel companions once you enter your destination. Interestingly, you can also choose your buddy by swiping left or right (Argh, the era of Tinder)!

Why download:

  • Make new friends on your solo trip.
  • Experience a similar company.
  • Explore the town with your buddy and get acquainted with her culture along.

Download here

3. Stay safe with ‘MayDay’:

Stay safe with MayDay

Yes, traveling is fun, but you can never remain sure of any unforeseen problems. In case of any situation like teasing, suspected abnormal activity or any danger where you do not feel right, click on the app and hit ‘red MayDay’ thrice.

What does it do?

With the click, your loved ones can detect your precise location in a quick.‘Overwatch’ feature has its own interesting side which allows specific people to locate your presence. It is also advised that you keep this app updated before leaving for your destination so it can play its role well by the time needed.

Why download?

  • Safety comes before anything else.
  • Tracks your location for quick reach.

Download here

4. ‘Google Translate’ breaks the barriers:

Google Translate breaks the barriers

We understand that language can become a major hindrance when you are willing to speak with locals. And here bounces out again from the list of best travel apps: Google Translate.

What does it do?

Girls, more than 103 languages could be translated on your fingertip now. Even if your internet is not connected due to any reason, you still have a list of 59 languages that will support the concept of solo female travel. What’s more exciting is that you can translate a sign by pointing the camera towards it. Great, isn’t it?

Why download?

  • Easy communication with the locals.
  • Quick learning of the new languages.
  • Work even during poor internet connection.
  • Connect you with street sign language

Download here

5. Live situation through ‘RedZone’:

Live situation through- RedZone

What if your phone tells you in advance the zones that you shall avoid alone? Probably, the best thing out there! Meet RedZone which is quite different from its major travel apps.

What does it do?

Directs you in advance the areas to be avoided. The reason could be traffic, fires, vandalism, prostitution or anything which is surely not very safe and kind. Moreover, you will also be provided with a safe way that you may walk or drive from while escaping the rest of the situations.

Why download?

  • Stay away from unnecessary hassles.
  • Alternate routes to avoid the clutter.
  • Safety from multiple unknown problems.

6.  The whole and soul ‘TripAdvisor’:

The whole and soul TripAdvisor

Also rated as one of the most trusted travel apps around the world, TripAdvisor becomes your best buddy when in search of your favorite activity or delicious cuisine to kill hunger.

What does it do?

It is wonderful when you can sort the services before striking any location through this app.  Be it travel destination, hotels, restaurants or an attraction, you will be expressed about them from the traveler itself. Along with reviews and star ratings, they provide subtle information about the tips to follow at a location. Such a huge channel it is! No wonder why people call it one of the best travel apps in the industry.

Why download?

  • Real-time information from fellow travelers.
  • Ratings and reviews to judge the services.
  • Post pictures on the forum and feel it as your personal blog.

Download here

7. Be a ‘Smart Traveler’:

Be a Smart Traveler

We won’t say it’s a ‘women travel’ exclusive app but the information you need is as smart as you wish.

What does it do?

This app certainly shows you the visa needs as well as the help required to sort things out. Apart from that, you get to know about the vaccines required, information on local embassies, consulates and ways to connect in case of any mishaps.

Why download:

  • Stay connected with the local services.
  • Required traveling information

Download here

Have a Happy Tripping!

Let’s just say, traveling and exploring solo once in a lifetime is essential for a happy time. We wish you a very beautiful exploring and traveling time!

Just make sure you keep a check on these apps to sort your genres, from packing to food to smartness. Thank us later once your cameras are filled up amazing pictures and of course, these apps to travel once again.

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