Unique Ways to Check If Your Android Device Is Hacked

Unique Ways to Check If Your Android Device Is Hacked

Android is an open-source platform where you can install any compatible application on the phone. This allows users to get every task done on their smartphones with ease. However,  installing any application from any source could prove to be harmful to your device and data.

For example, if you install a  malicious application, then your data will be at stake. Apart from this, you can experience abnormal changes in the functioning of your device.

In this blog, we will discuss what could be the signs to look out for to know whether your Android device is hacked.  We will also tell you how to keep your phone protected with the help of a third-party security app, Systweak Anti-Malware.

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Abnormal Behavior When Phone Is Hacked:-

1. Unwanted Apps Installed On Your Mobile

Many times while browsing we click on a link and the app gets installed on the phone and we do not remove them. These apps often carry viruses with them that attack your phone and make it impossible to use your device. This could also lead to a privacy breach. You must always keep a check on all installed apps along with the permissions provided to them. If you find any app on the phone that you don’t remember installing or don’t find it of any use, quickly remove the app to refrain from unwanted situations.

If you are wondering how to remove unwanted apps, follow these steps:-

  • Open Settings>App>App manager/ App management and check all installed apps on your phone. Uninstall any unwanted application on your device.

App management

uninstall app

  • Alternatively, you can open the main menu, where you will see all the apps. Press and hold the app that you want to uninstall.You will see the uninstall button, tap on it to uninstall the app.
  • Disable Install from Unknown Sources from Settings

2. Extreme Battery Usage

While using the phone you get a clear idea of battery usage based on the activities you do on the phone. Suddenly if you experience that the battery usage is more than usual, then it could be a sign of suspicious activities on your phone.

Quickly check if you have any unknown application on the phone and if you find one, uninstall it. These unknown apps target your data and create performance issues on the phone.

Note:- However high battery usage can also be experienced if you play heavy games on the phone or if your phone has gotten old. In such cases, the battery drains fastly. However, if the above-mentioned points are not the case, then it could be due to some unknown factor.

3. Data Usage More Than Usual

You always know how much data is used in operating the apps installed. However, suddenly if the data consumption is more than usual and you have nothing to do with that, then it could be an indication of some malicious apps on your phone. Some malicious applications consume data and send your private information to their sources. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on the data usage as well.

Most users have unlimited data plans and therefore they do not look for data usage. It is advised to check the data that is consumed by navigating to mobile data usage. Let’s know how to do that:

Open Settings> Mobile network> Data Usage

Data usage

Daily Data Usage

Note:-In some devices you have to open Network Settings> Sim> App data usage

4. Sudden Crashing Of Apps And Phone

Many times users face crashing apps because they download and install heavy applications which might not be supported by their device. Therefore, as a result the apps crash.

However, the case is not the same every time, and if you have a high-end smartphone that supports heavy applications and still apps are crashing frequently, then this could be a sign of some malicious applications present on your phone.

Now that you know these could be the signs of your phone being in trouble, let’s move on to the solution. Before that, there are a few points you should also keep in mind:

1. Always keep apps and phones updated.

2. Download apps only from the official website of an app or Google Play Store

3. Use a strong password or fingerprint to secure your phone

4. Always look for unwanted apps on your device and uninstall them then and there.

The Ultimate Solution To Protect Your Android: Use Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer

Smart Phone Cleaner, designed and distributed by Systweak Software is one of the best mobile cleaning and security apps that comprehensively scans your phone and looks out for junk files and malware infections. Using its Malware Protection module, you can instantly find and block hidden viruses in real-time and secure your device and data. Smart Phone Cleaner scans all your in-built, installed or. APK files that are harmful to your Android devices and remove them with a single tap. One of the best things about this Android cleaner & protected is it provides a reliable Safe Browsing feature that identifies unsafe websites and notifies you about the same. Just make sure you enable the option from Malware Protection’s module settings.

Besides protecting your device from new and existing threats, you can rely on the app to manage your apps, delete duplicate files, clean junk, lock personal apps, speed up gaming performance, and more.

Smart Phone Cleaner

Click on the button below to download the latest version of Smart Phone Cleaner from Google Play Store and keep your phone protected!

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This is how you know your Android phone might behave when it is being hacked by a malicious app. Now you know what can you do to stop the malicious apps from entering the phone. Along with all the precautionary measures, you must have a security app installed on your device. We recommend installing Systweak Anti-Malware. As this is one of the best tools to keep your Android device protected It scans your device in real-time and removes anything suspicious hence giving your phone an extra layer of security.

Did you like our blog? If yes, then please let us know in the comments section. Also, check your Android device now for any unwanted app and install Systweak Anti-Malware to keep it safe. For more such blogs, watch this space!

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