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How to Block Malware Attack on Your Android Device
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How to Block Malware Attack on Your Android Device

Every coin has two sides & similarly, the technology also has its own perks as well disadvantages. Malware attacks are one of those disadvantages that you must be worried about as they are ready to take your device down. & you cannot blame anyone because eventually a slightest mistake from your end can invite those contents to your device. So be careful!!

How to block malware

And once any such devious elements hit your device, you have no idea how they can affect your data right to the point where it is rendered completely unusable. Knowingly or unknowingly, your device faces cyberattacks almost every day & they aren’t going to slow down, no matter what.

What Are Malware Attacks & How Do We Fight It?

If you have an active internet connection, know that you aren’t far away from those attackers as they can come into different forms & ways. From spyware to ransomware & phishing emails & advertisements, malicious content can hit your system without your consent.

block malware

From downloading apps from unknown sources to accessing websites (secure or not secure) & moreover, tapping on the ads can invite malware content. This is where all of this starts & slowly it starts playing tricks with the device.

So the big questions here are, how do we fight these malware attacks? Isn’t there any way to keep the device secured from all this? Do we have any anti-malware software we can opt for? Is there any permanent solution that builds a wall against all these bad behaving contents?

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Block Malware Attacks on Smartphone With Systweak Anti Malware

Systweak Anti-Malware; yeah!! The one-stop-solution to all the incidents that are making your smartphone functioning funny & weird. There’s no doubt that cyberattacks are targeting millions & millions of devices all over the world, & you need to have an ultimate solution. Systweak Anti malware here has been considered as the best mobile security tool to detect those malicious threats & flush them out of the device in no time.

Virus protection

A robust virus protection and malware removal app for your Android smartphone, Systweak Anti Malware is everything a user can ask for. Start accessing this one-stop-solution for cyberattack issues your mobile device faces every day.

But what makes this tool a one-of-a-kind app? What features make sure that my data won’t get compromised? How can I be sure that all the malicious content will flush out?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered & for that, let’s explore the Systweak Anti Malware app & its features thoroughly:

malware removal app

All you need to do here is, tap on the link & download Systweak Anti malware app on the phone. Once downloaded, let the installation process get completed & within a few seconds, you will see an S shaped icon (in GREEN) on the apps screen.

Now considering that the app has been successfully launched (from Play Store or the Apps home screen), start following below steps:

  • The very first thing the Systweak Anti Malware will ask you, is the “permission to access the media files, data, photos, & videos on your device”.
  • Tap on Allow & the following screen (blue wall theme) will give you a trailer (in pointers) how the whole picture would go on.
  • Additionally, the next screen will have info about the Privacy aspect of your smartphone as it’s quite an important part of your life.
  • Tap on Next & read through the Systweak policies as it will be detecting the malicious content from your device & will help you fix those.
  • After the Systweak Anti Malware policies page, you will have the current status of your device in front of you & I genuinely hope it displays “Your device is protected.

Let’s check out the rich features of Systweak Anti malware that makes it one of the best mobile security tools in the world:

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1. Scan

Irrespective of the app or tool that’s been designed to keep your device secure from malicious or bad behaving content, the very first feature would be scanning. Because this is how you would know if your device needs immediate attention or it’s already secured.

Scan malware

After the installation, the homepage of the app will be the scanning page where you would see the current status of your smartphone along with other information i.e. Database version, real time protection, & last scan.

For Real Time protection, the status must be ON always or else the purpose of the Systweak Anti Malware wouldn’t fulfill. Real Time Protection means that irrespective of the hours, shifts, or timings, your device is getting scanned (24*7). As soon as the tool finds any probable malicious or suspicious content that wasn’t supposed to be there, it exposes that to you to take proper action then & there only.

Here you need to tap on the SCAN NOW feature (extreme bottom of the screen) & let the tool do its work & scanning & encountering the malware threats on your device (if any).

As soon as the scanning begins, you will see that the same home screen has been converted into two sections (Scanning Status & Malware Found).

Real Time protection

The above section will show you all the apps going through the scanning phase to check if there are any suspicious activities or contents. & the Malware Found screen will start listing down the malware if it finds any in the scanning process.

You will also see that the bottom section of the home screen will have the statistics of how many files have been scanned & how much time it took for the scan to be completed.

Overall. You will find the scanning or home screen quite detailed & sharp because there was nothing but the essential information about what you were looking for.

Plus if you will notice, there is a Bell icon just right side to the Malware Found text display. It will eventually come into the picture with the flow. However, if you want to explore it now, just tap on the Bell icon & it will take you to a new screen, Settings.

Under Settings (bell icon), you will find different sections (Protection/Scan Type/Scheduled Scans). You have the liberty to make changes in Settings according to your convenience & that’s how the tool works.

For example, under the Protection category, Real Time Protection is enabled, however, Safe browsing isn’t. So if you want to browse those unsafe websites & get notified about the same, toggle on the switch (right side of the option).

Similarly, under Scan Type, the default settings has chosen Deep Scan for all time scanning, however, if you wish to change it to Quick Scan, tap on Deep Scan & choose the other one. Simple as that!! But please know that while you are trying to find malicious or suspicious content or threat on the device, the preferable scanning type must be Deep scanning only. Because where Quick scanning works on timing more than the actual scanning, Deep scanning works on scanning dedicated paths thoroughly.

The last category of scanning settings is, Scheduled Scan that’s been disabled in the default settings. However, if you wish to change it, toggle on the switch & make the tweaks accordingly. Now the other options (under Scheduled Scan) will become available so fill in details about the scanning frequency & time to perform the scan accordingly. By doing so, you are all set because apart from the 24*7 nonstop scanning, you have scheduled the scanning as well. So no matter what, the Systweak Anti Malware will capture any malware attacks whenever your device gets & will take the action accordingly.

2. Security

Once the scanning part has been completed, you have got yourself the statistics. Including how many apps have been scanned as well as the time it took to complete the scan. Now you will find a new option at the bottom of the page, Security CheckUp. Tap on the same & it will take you to the next screen where you will know if your device has used any non-secure service like installing from unknown sources.


If your device has installed data or software from unknown sources, the Security tab will ask you to Turn Off the settings on your smartphone. Downloading or installing data from unknown sources can bring the not-required-malware-threat with itself you won’t have any slightest idea of. So its better that you keep a perfect distance from all those websites or sources that aren’t secured enough to be accessed. Once the option has been turned off manually from your end, everything under the Security tab will be GREEN, that means SAFE & SECURE.

You can tap on any of the categories under Security (Development Mode, Wi-Fi, & Installing from unknown sources) & check if the settings are all set.

3. Privacy

Now comes another most important part of the device that needs immediate attention & cannot be compromised whatsoever, Privacy. Something that has become just a myth in this tech era, Privacy needs to be on the top of your priority list. Systweak Anti Malware works on the same concept & helps you keep things private to you. All you need to do here is, tap on the Privacy tab (third from the left, top of the page) & it will start scanning the installed apps on your device right away.

Malware privacy

The results will be categorized in different ways that I myself hadn’t any idea about. From the financial perspective to the account access & text message reading access, every category has been listed in Systweak Anti Malware Privacy tab. Its mind blowing to know that these many app categories are there that can affect you in so many ways you didn’t know about. For example (in my case) , the top category tells me that how many apps are there that can cost me money as well as the apps that control the hardware of the device.

You can click on any of the categories you are curious about & it will show the enlisting of the apps on the same page. If you feel that you don’t want to get affected by any of the apps, you have the liberty to uninstall the app from Systweak Anti Malware app only. Just tap on the app you wish to uninstall following the category & the next page will give you the options to uninstall the app. Additionally, if you scroll down, you will see all the categories the same app had been mentioned into.

Anti malware

4. More

The last but not the least section of Systweak Anti Malware app has all the information from Settings to Feedback section.

Block virus

  1. Settings has the identical section of info that we accessed when we tapped on the bell icon on the home screen of the same app. Nothing different.
  2. The next section is Whitelist (exact opposite of Blacklist) that lets you avoid the malicious threat checking for the apps that you think are absolutely safe to use. Any app in the Whitelist won’t be scanned for malware threat because you put it there thinking it’s safe to access.
  3. Scan History is a self-explanatory term that displays all the scan logs that you have performed in a while. It shows the statistics of all the scan details including the malware content if that’s been found.
  4. Share is another section that lets you share the app with your friends & family. It’s time to let your contacts know which app you are using to give a good fight to those malicious contents & both the app & your contact list deserves this.
  5. Feedback is the last section of Systweak Anti Malware app where you start letting the developer know how you feel about the whole experience. From fighting malware threats to uninstalling the unsecure apps, you start giving honest & unfiltered feedback by tapping on the function.

Wrapping Up

Looking for & actually finding the capable & reliable app that can fight malicious content is quite rare. & I believe that’s why we have narrowed down the Systweak Anti-Malware app after our research as the company’s vision & mission matches with what the user wishes for.

Additionally, the app lets you check all the permissions you have given to which of the installed apps on your device. Last but not the least, the USP of the Systweak Anti-Malware app is the real time protection that will keep the wall solid as ever without failing.

So now is the time that you stop waiting & download the best mobile security app to fight malware attacks.

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