How to Troubleshoot Internet Not Working With A VPN Client

How to Troubleshoot Internet Not Working With A VPN Client

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are helpful for ensuring your protection and examining your security on the web. Today, VPNs have become a must-have requirement for almost everyone. VPNs ideally work by directing your web connection through a server from an area of your preferences. This has the impact of hiding your identity online by allotting you a transitory IP address. VPNs can let clients get to content which is normally open just for explicit geographic areas. VPNs are incredible to have in this era where private data can be so handily undermined. Let’s figure out how it helps!

What is a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) system broadens a private system over an open networking system. It empowers the clients to send and get information across a shared or open network. VPN Applications may subsequently profit us with the usefulness, security, and the permissions of connecting a private system from any geographical location. It provides secure encryption between the server and the system so that nobody else can peep into your information transmitted.

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Advantages of a VPN Service

  • A VPN should upgrade the security of your gadget, identity, and information transmitted.
  • Best VPN Services makes your identity unknown and sidestep all limitations dependent on geological areas.
  • VPN additionally opens your entrance to confined areas in various nations and gives you distant access to your servers from a far-off area.
  • You can likewise take advantage of nation explicit offers, coupons, and unwind the limits for your secured online internet shopping or reservations.
  • Stream boundless web-arrangement in any nation with no confinements. If your Netflix is not working with a VPN, you should try these steps before you conclude that your VPN is not working. If you are trying to connect to a public network and your open VPN is not working, you cay try these steps.

Troubleshoot Internet Not Working

Check Internet Connectivity

Check internet connectivity in command prompt

Once you have downloaded and installed a VPN, double click to turn it ON. Once the VPN is turned on check if you have an active Internet connection. Try to open different browsers and try opening your home page. Look for the network connectivity icon in the system tray to check the status if you have an active Internet connection. You can also try to open the command prompt and enter the ping test command Ping and press the ‘Enter’ key to check if your VPN is not working. If you get four replies, you are connected.

Switch Between Location Servers on Your VPN

systweak VPN server locations

Most of the VPN settings offer servers in different country locations. If you have connected to one country’s location and that is not working for you, you can switch between different locations within the same country. If you are not looking for something specific from that particular country, you can also switch between different countries. A down server or heavy server may stop you using the Internet while it’s connected.

Check for the Kill Switch

Most of the VPN providers offer to kill Switch on the VPN’s settings page. Whenever a VPN refreshes and hops the IP address and network, or due to any accidental drop in connection, it ignites the Kill Switch to block exposure of your confidentiality. This is an advantage for your enhanced security however if you are not able to connect to the Internet, you can try switching it OFF and turning it back ON.

Configure DNS Settings

The computer uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to convert domain names into IP addresses. For example, when you convert the DNS off it changes to or 2001:4860:4860::8888 respectively for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses so that computers can understand it. If the DNS settings are not configured to ‘Obtain Automatically’ it may prevent you from connecting to an Internet connection when you use the best VPN. Change DNS settings as per the ISP settings.

Switch Between VPN Ports

Open VPN Port

The data that is transmitted through your computer, travels through the VPN ports. These VPN ports are connected to your VPN server. In every VPN settings, there are some ports that are disabled while others are enabled. Switch between different ports to check which one works for you. This setting might be disabled in a few of the VPN setups.

Alternatively, if still, your VPN is not connecting, you can also try to change the proxy settings of your Internet properties. Try to turn ON and OFF the VPN connection and if it still your VPN settings are not working, then you can uninstall and reinstall the program.

Best VPN in 2020

Systweak VPN

At whatever point another item is propelled, it gloats its advantages anyway on a later run, when purchasers use it, they experience defects and restrictions inside the item. Systweak VPN began building up the product remembering defects and downsides of other competitor products. Whatever deterrents and constraints were found in other test items, those were explained first and fused in this fresh out of the box new Systweak VPN. How about we investigate the primary highlights of Systweak VPN initially. This robust approach made it the best VPN of 2020.

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World-class Features

  •         Systweak VPN offers you the best in class security.
  •         Systweak VPN is one of the best value VPN available in 2020.
  •         It allows you to bypass the ISP throttle and go undiscoverable.
  •         Systweak VPN unblocks streaming services for restricted sites.
  •         It allows you to browse anonymously without revealing your identity.
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  •         It gives you additional security with the ‘Kill Switch’ feature.
  •         Systweak VPN is equipped with DNS leak protection.
  •         You can bank on it for secure banking transactions.

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