Firefox Private Network VPN – Protect Your Privacy

Let’s Explore This VPN on Android Now

Firefox Private Network VPN – Protect Your Privacy

A secure and safe connection between the internet and your device is done via a virtual private network (VPN). It lets you surf through websites anonymously and doesn’t track your digital footprints. VPN is one of the most secure tools that can help you access websites that can’t be accessed having geographical limitations.

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The VPN also functions kind-of-like-a-bridge between the device and the internet to give you remote access. It’s a secure platform that encrypts your (sent or received) data, keeps it secure and unreadable to anyone who tries to intercept it.

And also, the highlight on VPN is, it gives you the liberty to be anonymous (nobody can track your IP address even) and you can be anybody from anywhere in the world.

Since it’s an anonymous way to surf around the internet, there are a lot of pros while using VPN on your device:

  1. A secure tunnel between the internet and device
  2. No geographical boundations to access content
  3. Privacy protection
  4. Data encryption
  5. VPN just vanishes the restrictions put by companies or countries

VPN gives you unlimited access to content that literally smiles-in-the-face of entities that set the boundaries in the first place. Maybe this feature gives the users a motivation that one or the other day, a new VPN gets launched that claims to be better than the last launched one.

Not that every VPN has been created with the concept of breaking boundaries because it also gives your data immense security and that’s what we look for in today’s tech world.

Mozilla Firefox Step Into VPN

A while ago, Mozilla Firefox (internet browser) launched its Firefox browser VPN and my god isn’t this a treat to us all? Though this Firefox Private Network is limited to the United State of America now, the company is planning to bring it to other countries also.

Firefox VPN Compatibility

Well, there are a lot of filters that can decrease the number of users who can access this VPN. Such as, if you talk about compatibility, currently only Android, Windows, and Chromebook users can have it and that too on beta version.

We all know that what browser or network we are using is as important as what content we are trying to access. So while trying to access any info with privacy in mind, you need to make sure of using a reliable network & browser.

Firefox Private Network has been designed by keeping your privacy and security in mind because if your network connection isn’t secure, well, you know the consequences.

All About Firefox Private Network

Mozilla said about Firefox VPN in a statement – “The Firefox Private Network is an extension which provides a secure, encrypted path to the web to protect your connection and your personal information anywhere and everywhere you use your Firefox browser.”

Firefox Private Network is a tool that lets you use the secured network to surf around without getting tracked. The data encryption, vanishing digital footprints, and other prerequisites of a VPN are embedded in the power-bundle VPN.

The tool comes with a lot of great features, however, a few that company put their focus more are in the below screenshot:

Mozilla VPN features

No matter where you are in the world while accessing Firefox VPN, your network will be fully secured.

Firefox Browser Extension & The Firefox VPN (Firefox Private Network)

Firefox Browser Extension is the free-to-use tool that will be providing browser level protection while surfing through the same. The extension is only available in the United States of America for Windows Desktop while running Firefox.

A lightweight supporting tool, Firefox Browser Extension will be free for 12 hours in a month as you will be getting 12 one-hour passes.

Firefox Browser Extension

The maximum limit to use the pass is not more than one hour as it will expire automatically. You can also visit the Firefox VPN and claim one of the remaining passes for online protection. Please know that at the start of the new month, the passes will be reset. So get ready for secure surfing!!

The geographical limitations keep the tool for the USA only, however, if you want to be notified about the service in your region, do join the waitlist to get notified.

Firefox VPN (Firefox Private Network)

The next big thing from Firefox (still beta version) protects the network connection of your device that is available on Windows 10 and Android. Yeah. It’s coming on Android as well and that is massive.

Since the features are one-of-a-kind and full device protection is included, Firefox VPN is a paid version with $4.99/month. The tool is still in beta version so, currently, the servers are in 30+ countries where you can add up to 5 devices.

Like other VPNs, Firefox Private Network provides you a secure network server and also you can choose a new location according to what you want from the list.

Firefox Private Network lets you become anyone from anywhere in the world yet provides power-packed network protection across the globe. The great thing about this VPN is that it lets you stream, download, and play games without any bandwidth restrictions and that’s something.

In case you aren’t able to use the Firefox Private Network in your region, you can join the waitlist to be notified about further updates.

What If You Don’t Have Access to Firefox At All?

This can be a bit of a problem since you will need to use Firefox in order to have Firefox VPN or extension. So in case you aren’t able to use Firefox VPN due to regional or compatible boundaries, you can go through the list of VPNs here that can be quite helpful for you:

  1. Best VPN For Windows PCs
  2. Best VPNs For Mac

Wrapping Up

In the world of ample VPNs, Firefox is coming out really strong with reliability and step-by-step growth. Firefox Browser Extension & Private Network are going to help out leave geographical and organization boundaries aside. This will let us explore the other sides of the world and use the content that we couldn’t use before due to restrictions.

Do share your experience after using the Firefox Extension & VPN in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us if you are using one that is quite commendable and is working out best for you.

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