VPN Not Working? Best Methods To Fix VPN Problems

VPN Not Working? Best Methods To Fix VPN Problems

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer a wide range of benefits whenever they work properly. However, when they aren’t, you can hit your head on the wall & nothing will come out of it. Because we have no idea what is wrong with the VPN as it’s giving quite a hard time functioning properly.

VPN Not Working

We all know how VPN has made your whole internet surfing more secure than ever before & keeps the privacy factor on the top. Now imagine the privacy wall isn’t working properly & your privacy can be compromised because of unknown reasons. So that’s where we need to know the possible factors of why VPN is not working & what are the fixes for that:

What Are The Reasons Your VPN Isn’t Working?

No product is the perfect one because sooner or later it would need improvement & you didn’t leave a chance for that to happen. Similarly, Virtual Privates Networks means your security wall can also have technical issues or misbehaving phases that can wake you up all night. So, let’s look at the possible reasons first as what causes this wall breach issue:

  1. Using out of date or an older version of VPN
  2. Putting in incorrect/invalid/wrong VPN protocol
  3. Trying to go beyond your VPN server (on geographical basis)
  4. VPN server got blocked by Your own internet connection
  5. Continuous glitch in VPN clients

Obviously, the above listed issues aren’t the only ones that give you a hard time connecting your VPN for online browsing. There can be as many as you’d like to find & accordingly, the list of solutions will keep increasing that can confuse you more than providing solutions.

Check Out The Methods to Fix VPN Problems

1. Internet Connection

The very first that can come to your mind is to check the internet connection if it’s working properly. Because there is no point looking for the VPN issue solution if your device doesn’t have a stable internet connection. Be it your mobile data or the Wi-Fi connection, you need to check if it does have the proper connectivity. Hopefully this can solve the issue of VPN not working & if not, let’s look for the other methods to fix VPN issues.

2. Relaunch The VPN or The Browser Plug-In

We all have experienced the situation of an app crashing or slowing down & the only way out we use is to restart the app altogether. Similarly, with VPN not working, another fixing method is to restart the software itself or the browser plug-in.

In case of VPN software, don’t fully disconnect as you only need to go out & relaunch the software again. For browser plug-in, close it down completely & open the browser again as a new start.

3. Check The Login Credentials

Sometimes, we are so busy looking at the problem deeply, we don’t give a single thought about the simple issues they can go overlooked easily. Putting in incorrect or wrong login credentials is one of those details that can also be the reason for VPN not working.

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4. Switch to Different VPN Server Connection

Those who have used VPN service know that this private network comes with specific servers you can get connected to. Having said that, sometimes that specific server might be facing issues that are not our cup of tea. That’s when the best thing you can do is to change the server & see if now you are able to get your VPN working.

5. Check If The VPN Software & Browser Are Up-to-date

Any & every software on your system needs an update & it must be updated so that it doesn’t glitch while functioning. With every update comes new improvements that help with bug control & performance issues with the last version (if any).

So in order to not become a victim of VPN not working, it’s always better to check for the latest version on your own. So that you won’t face difficulties while using the VPN software as well as the browser.

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6. Follow The Whole VPN Installation Process Again

If nothing above has worked out for you yet, you can also try to reinstall the VPN software as a whole again. A few times, while installing the driver/software doesn’t get installed properly & the system doesn’t show the error as well.

So just go to the official website of the VPN service provider, download it, & reinstall the latest package you just downloaded.

7. VPN Tunneling Protocol Changing

Sometimes, the reinstallation, up-to-date software, or restarting the system/software doesn’t work as there may be some tech issue. So, in case your VPN isn’t working properly, there is a possibility of problems occurring with VPN tunneling protocol.

If this is the case, visit the VPN or network settings & use different protocols including IKeV2/IPSec; L2TP/IPSec; or OpenVPN.

Changing the VPN tunneling protocols may get you out of this situation where your internet security is at risk.

If none of the above is working (quite rare situation), it’s better to directly contact the VPN provider. There are higher chances that the company’s technician can help you with solution steps over the call. This may help you become the VPN issues resolution expert within no time & the problem would be fixed as if there was none.

Wrapping Up

Almost every one of us has used VPN (virtual private network) to keep the internet browsing secure & private. However, not always this security wall works fine because there can be issues where VPN will stop working. That’s why we have enlisted here the methods of fixing VPN problems without much hassle.

Use these methods thoroughly & let us know if you find any difficulties while trying to resolve VPN problems.

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