How A Cleaner App for Android Works?

How A Cleaner App for Android Works?

Going by the title, you might probably ask “Why would I need an Android cleaner in the first place?” After all, Android smartphones these days are packed with everything that can help you get rid of junk in a few clicks, right? Even if you are the most cautious user, you might not be able to get rid of remnants that accumulate in your device and hamper its performance.

Come in Android cleaner apps that stay on its toes all the time, cleaning every bit of junk it tracks then and there.

What Does A Cleaning App For Android Do?

There are tons of Android cleaners out there in the market and most of them do a tremendous job of decluttering your device of unnecessary junk. One such app is smart phone cleaner. As a dedicated Android smartphone cleaner, the app –

● Boosts RAM

● Clears junk in the form of cache files, temp files, .APK files and many other residual files, thereby freeing up precious storage on your Android device

● It even prompts you to clean large files which might just be taking up space on your device

● Saves battery

How Cleaning Apps On Android Work?

We shall now have a look at smart phone cleaner and try and understand how Android cleaners actually work.

To begin with, you can navigate this phone cleaner app hassle-free. After you have installed smart phone cleaner, you can boost RAM with one click. Furthermore, you can then click on each of the items, evaluate the contents, and perform assigned actions such as deleting duplicates files, deleting large files, hibernating space-hogging apps, or enabling the power saving mode.

For an even clearer picture, let’s dive into the app’s tools of the trade, shall we?

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Tools That Let You Optimize Your Android Device For Best Performance

A phone cleaning app is all about its tools and smart phone cleaner comes packed with tools

1. One Tap RAM Booster

2. Clearly Storage Consumption Demonstration

How about you have an app that clearly shows you how much of your storage space is consumed? And, more importantly, what is it that’s consuming a considerable amount of storage on your device.

Smart phone cleaner does that for you.

3. Junk Files

There is a reason why smart phone cleaner is hailed as one of the best junk cleaners around. It comprehensively looks for junk in the form of temporary files, outdated folders, .APK files, external applications, and even large files.

You could either look into each of these or simply clean junk files in just one click.

4. Duplicate Files

Duplicate videos, documents, music files, and several others are a bane of your phone’s existence. In most cases, when you proceed to delete duplicates, you might end up getting rid of the wrong one.

Smart phone cleaner eases out the task for you by auto-marking the right duplicate file. Moreover, it even lets you take a backup as a precautionary measure.

5. Battery Saver

An important facet of an Android cleaning app is its ability to save battery and Smart phone cleaner nails this task by terminating all those apps which unnecessarily run in the background and take a toll on your device’s battery life. Additionally, it even makes you aware of the temperature of your Android phone knowing the fact that some Android models are prone to heat up faster.

6. WhatsApp Media Files Can Be Sorted And Cleaned

And, that too in one place. Sometimes, you don’t even realize and a considerable amount of your Android device’s resources are taken up by WhatsApp media files which are inclusive of images, audio files, documents, chats, videos, GIFs, and whatnot.

Smart phone cleaner not only lets you delete these files but even facilitates taking a backup which can come in handy if mistakenly you have deleted a wrong files

7. Hibernate Apps

As an efficient Android app cleaner, Smart phone cleaner makes all battery hogging apps inactive while letting your devices use resources in a better manner.

8. App Manager

This module lists out all those apps which are just consuming space and resources of your Android device. You can choose to either uninstall them or disable them. The module even allows you to put files in Archive.

Exceptional Premium Features

●     Malware Protection

Protect your device from malicious threats. Smart phone cleaner constantly updates its malware database and then scans all the files and apps in your Android device. As you can see from the screenshot below it has enlisted all the apps category wise.

●     Private Browsing

Go incognito and prevent your browsing data from prying eyes with the help of a dedicated private browser.


In a nutshell, you must power your Android smartphone with a dedicated phone cleaning app like Smart phone cleaner so that it can remain optimized and clean without you lifting a finger. If you like the blog, do give it a thumbs up. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube as well.

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