How To Cool Down Phone Temperature

How To Cool Down Phone Temperature

An extremely hot phone temperature can be alarming! While overheating can be detrimental to the internal components of your phone, it can even put your personal safety in a soup. So, it is important that you look into the matter before things go out of hand.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Overheating?

Phone temperature can be very deceiving. While a slightly warm phone might not be a cause of worry. But, if you constantly feel that your phone’s temperature is way more than it should be or if say, you are not able to hold your device, it’s time to look into the matter.

When Is A Phone Temperature Considered To be Normal?

A normal mobile temperature falls in the range of 37°- 43°C. This is when you might not have to look for ways and means to cool down phone temperature. But, to keep a check on your device, you might consider taking some measures, some of which are mentioned below –

In the blog below we shall broadly focus –

1. Manual Ways To Cool Down Phone Temperature

2. Apps to Check and Cool Down Phone Temperature

1. Manual Ways To Cool Down Phone

If you are feeling the heat from your device, the below-mentioned steps can help you cool down phone temperature

  • Get rid of unnecessary apps and background process

Unnecessary apps and background processes that are of no use should be uninstalled or stopped immediately as these put a lot of load on your device’s system, thereby raising its temperature. The step, though very simple, can cool down your phone’s temperature significantly.

  • You could be making mistakes while charging your phone

Not charging your phone properly might be a reason why your phone is overheating. Also, there are several other bad habits and myths regarding charging that can heat up your phone or deteriorate your life.

  • If You’ve Been Gaming A Lot, Give Your Phone Some Rest

We know how addictive games or streaming videos can be. But, too much gaming or video binging can take a toll on your device’s GPU and CPU because of which your mobile temperature can shoot immediately. So, try to give your phone frequent breaks.

  • Get Rid Of The Case

You might not know but your phone case or skin acts as an insulation. Which means it keeps the heat in and cold out. If your phone is heating up too much, you might want to remove the case for once and leave your device in the open.

  • Lower The Brightness Levels

Turning up the brightness way more than what is required may lead to your device getting hotter. If that’s the reason, one of the best ways to keep the phone bright and cool is to switch the ‘Adaptive brightness’ on.

  • Check If Your Phone Is Attacked By Malware

systweak anti malware - mobile temperature

Malicious malware can completely damage your phone and here are ways you can shield your device against it. One of the best and easiest ways to keep malware at bay is to install a good anti-malware application like Systweak Anti-Malware which scans and blocks malware and other kinds of Viruses in real-time. It also tells you about applications that may try to invade your privacy or ask for money from you.

2. Apps to Check and Cool Down Phone Temperature

As we have discussed above, it is practically next to impossible to keep track of mobile temperature. So, here are some of the best apps that wouldn’t just help you keep track of your phone temperature but even help you cool down phone temperature.

1. Cooling Master

coolmaster - cool down phone temperature

This is a fantastic app that can cool down phone temperature in just 1 tap. If it senses any app or apps that can cause a rise in the temperature, it immediately closes them. And, while it itself monitors and keeps a log of rise in device temperature, it even places CPU analysis in front of you, so that you know which all applications are heating up your device.

2. Smart Phone Cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner might not exactly be a phone temperature app, but it is way more than that. How about having an app on your Android device that can optimize your phone in terms of its battery, performance, file management, and whatnot. Isn’t this a magnificent way to keep your phone’s performance and of course its temperature in under check? And, all this in just one tap, how cool is that?

3. Aida64

aida 64 - phone temperature app

You now know that your device’s temperature has to stick to 37°- 43°C mark, but how would you know if your device is maintaining that mark or if it has crossed that mark? You can’t do that manually unless you are a thermometer yourself. But, this phone temperature app can tell you precisely what the temperature of CPU and battery.        


4. CPU-Z

CPU-Z phone temperature app

Another great app that clearly puts all stats pertaining to your device right in front of you. Be it the sensors, information on RAM, device information, battery temperature, you name it and it will be shown. Plus, you get analysis reports on your mail as well.



Keeping your phone cool is an essential part of how you take care of your phone and we hope that the above information would prove to be useful to you. And, if it does, do share it with friends, family members and with people you care about.

Also, for more such useful information and other tech-related interesting content, keep reading Tweak Library.


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