Best Duplicate File Remover Apps For Android in 2023

Best Duplicate File Remover Apps For Android in 2023

Doesn’t matter how organized you keep your documents, video, music, and other files, you end up having duplicates on your storage. Random copies of the same file are the most common problem on Android devices, which take up more space. Therefore, it’s better to delete duplicate files from your Android device so that you will save more space.

There might be more copies or duplicate files in your device and it’s difficult to keep and check records of all the things that you have saved on your phone. Many people try to find duplicate files manually but fail as it is a time taking process and there will be no desired results. There might be hundreds of duplicate files on your phone and it’s difficult to manage them manually.

The solution to this problem is the best duplicate file finder tool or application that will sort things for you efficiently. There are many duplicate file remover applications available on Google Play Store and third-party websites that will make these things a whole lot easier. In this article, we have listed the best duplicate file finder apps that will help you in organizing all documents and media files easily. Have a look!

Duplicate File Finder and Remover Apps For Android Devices

1. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remove

One of the best tools or apps to remove or delete duplicate files from Android devices. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remove offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface experience. With more advanced and powerful features, easy to find and delete duplicate files from your device. This app allows users to view all detected duplicates before you delete them from your device.


  • Easy to exclude folders from being scanned for duplicate files.
  • Allows you to review scan result so you can keep what’s important and delete the rest.
  • With an Intelligent algorithm, Duplicate Files Fixer scans duplicate files with lightning speed and removes all duplicates in few seconds.
  • Supports 14 different languages in total including French, German, and Japanese.

Install Duplicate Files Fixer & Remove for Android devices here.

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2. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate File Finder- Remover

Another Duplicate file remover tool which supports all file formats and helps you to remove all duplicate files on your Android device. With a simple interface, this tool scans, finds and removes identical files from your Android device including SD card too.


  • Shows photos and videos side by side in a Grid format with all file details which gives liberty to take a quick decision which files to delete.
  • Ability to search the entire device along with an SD card for duplicate files.
  • Allows users to include or exclude any folder to allow application scan for duplicate or same file scanning.
  • Supports all major languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and many more.

Install Duplicate File Finder- Remover for Android devices here.

3. Search Duplicate File

Search Duplicate File

Another Duplicate file finder and remover app which scans any directory, lock folder, SD card, USB and OTG storage. With advanced tools of Search Duplicate File app, it performs depth cleaning, smart selector, mount points and many more. Any file extension, file type, and file size will specify particularly while searching for duplicate files.


  • Supports smart- selector, distinguish duplicates and original accurately.
  • Protect important files via “Lock Folder” (For Paid version only).
  • Create file checksums.
  • Support for selecting any directory, mount points and TRUE
  • Delete all cache and unnecessary files via “Flagged folders”.

Install Search Duplicate File for Android device here.

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4. Files By Google

Files By Google

One of the best duplicate file finder application from Google, Files by Google. Files app will scan your entire device, not just your gallery, it will also check duplicate files and other clutter junk images which are covering more space in your device. Junk files like WhatsApp media storage, screen recordings, duplicate files, large files, and screenshots, etc. You can either clear up manually by selecting one by one or use one tap free up space feature function.


  • One tap “Free up Space” feature will free up more space easily and quickly.
  • Easy to check what are we deleting from the device.
  • Easy to find and manage files faster.
  • Backup files to SD card and Cloud too.

Install Files by Google for Android devices here.

5. Duplicate Media Remover

Duplicate Media Remover

Another best duplicate file remover application for Android devices which is capable of removing duplicate videos, audio and image files in your internal or external storage. Easy to select folders and remove identical or similar files from your device. Even you can schedule scans on a weekly basis and it will scan your device once per day


  • Easy to check duplicate files along with the original one before deleting them permanently.
  • Easy to select folders to search duplicates and remaining wouldn’t be touched.
  • The app performs routine searches for duplicate files which improve the speed of subsequent scans.
  • You can schedule a scan on a weekly basis with the help of this application.

Install Duplicate Media Remover application for Android devices here.

6. Duplicate File Remover

Duplicate File remover

One of the best and effective duplicate finder tool which will help you to find and remove all exact and similar files from your Android devices. This app allows you to filter the search criteria for better and improves results.


  • Easy to scan all documents and contacts as well.
  • Remove duplicate files like Images, videos, documents, PDF files from Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail and other social media apps.
  • Has a backup directory for deleted results if you want to restore any particular file.

Install Duplicate File Remover for Android device here.

7. Duplicated Files Finder

Dupicated Files Finder

Duplicated Files Finder app offers intuitive and easy navigation to remove all duplicate files from your Android devices. With advanced tools, it will easily scan your external and internal storage and remove all identical files from your device. Complete control over all the files on your device for what is being deleted.


  • Scan Internal and External storage of your device.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation.
  • Easy to select and delete unnecessary files from your device.

Install Duplicated Files Finder application for Android devices here.

We have mentioned above the best duplicate file finder apps for Android devices and these apps are available on Google Play Store. If we have missed any duplicate file finder app for Android device or if you have any suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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