Best Meditation Apps for Android

Best Meditation Apps for Android

The over reliance of technology among every age group certainly is one of the major causes of stress. Long working hours, targets, addiction towards smartphones and other digital devices adds to the stress level and increases anxiety. While many people manage to take out time to relax and meditate, others can’t.

Luckily, there are apps that can help you lower down stress levels and meditate to release the tension and have a sound sleep. There are ample of meditation apps for Android users that help you fall asleep and relax. Let’s have a look at some of the best meditation apps to relax and sleep.

Best Meditation Apps for Android To Relax and Sleep:

Listed below are the popular meditation apps available on Play Store:

1. Headspace:

Headspace Meditation Apps For Android

There are thousands of meditation apps available, but Headspace it the best amongst the category since it is dedicated towards providing mindfulness, peace, focus and mediation based on clinically approved research.

Created by a Buddhist monk, it provides app-based meditation in the simplest and easiest manner. User can download the trial version offering 10 free meditations or even subscribe to it to enjoy the full benefits.

The best thing about headspace is that it is categorized into different fields which users can select as per needs. Whether it is Stress & anxiety, Personal growth, Physical health, etc. Headspace has something for everyone.

With the subscription, users can access the entire meditation library with multiple themes like relaxation, sleep, etc. There is even an entire section dedicated to sleep and many more.

Download from Play Store.

2. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax:

Calm - Meditation Apps to Meditate, Sleep, Relax

With Editor’s Choice award in 2018 by Google Play and the rewarded as the happiest app in the world by Center for Humane Technology, Calm is again one of the best meditation apps for Android. While it is seen that Headspace majorly caters at the meditation part, Calm aims at providing techniques which promote comfort and mindfulness.

The major attraction is the dedicated feature that caters only to sleep. The best part is, it offers stories narrated by celebrities that have a pleasing voice. Bob Ross and Stephen Fry are some of them. There are weekly updates that add more and new stories so that users have something different every time.

While these options are available in the free version to avail all the features, Calm offers the premium version which is power-packed with features like Calm body that offers a series of videos to walk you through a journey catering to meditation and even yoga stretches to relax you.

Download From Play Store.

3. Deep Meditation: Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App:

Deep Meditation- Relaxation and Sleep Meditation App

Another popular meditation app in the category of best meditation apps to relax and sleep is Deep meditation. With increasing stress and anxiety levels, it has certainly become mandatory to soothe us in one way or another. Either it is spending money by joining yoga or meditation classes or installing a nifty app that lets you relax. I am sure most of us would opt for the second option.

Developed by Deep Relax, it has more than 100,000 installs that make it amongst the best meditation apps for Android. Deep Meditation not only de-stress a person it also helps people to have a sound sleep and enjoy life. It offers a variety of themes to choose from and is completely free to use.

It covers 6 different meditation focused collections namely, Breathe, Deep Muscle Relaxation, Escapes, Mindfulness, Classical Sessions, and Sleep Series.

Download from Play Store.

4. Insight Timer – Free Meditation App:

Insight Timer  Free Meditation App

Insight Timer is one of the best meditation apps for Android that help you relax, manage stress, improve quality of life, etc. Awarded as the Apps of the Year Winner by TIME magazine and Women’s Health, it has a user database of more than 1,000,000.

Insight Timer has been supported by the best of meditation experts, psychologists, and mindfulness experts from famous universities like Stanford, etc. Not just this, it also has a great playlist by world’s most famous artists. It comes with 15,000 meditations for free which is the highest number of medication tracks available till date. 

Insight Timer also offers the premium subscription for added services like access to offline playback, meditation courses, etc. If having a sound sleep is your primary concern the Night Mode is the one for you. It also offers a 10-day course for a sound and relaxed sleep.

Download From Play Store.

With the level of stress both in personal and professional lives, everyone needs a break. While some prefer a holiday to fight stress, others even strive to get a good sleep and relax. With the above-mentioned best meditation apps for Android, you can not only have guided meditations but can easily help yourself de-stress and feel energized.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your physical fitness too, continue reading about the best health apps for Android.

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