10 Ways To Learn Math Online

10 Ways To Learn Math Online

Over the past few years, STEM-focused courses have been in the limelight, creating an increased interest in math. However, while this might be good news for math tutors worldwide, addressing the elephant in the room is still essential. Today, many students still struggle with math no matter how hard they try.

So, how do we combat this issue? The answer, as it may seem, lies in online tools. With the advent of edtech, students and teachers have increased access to helpful online resources. In this article, we’ve collated some of the best ways to learn math online. These tools are loved and recommended by expert teachers worldwide.

Whether you’re searching for resources to learn advanced algebra or math for 3rd graders online, the following tools will come in handy.

Ways To Learn Math Online

List of Contents

  • 1. Learn Math App: Game of Numbers
  • 2. Brighterly
  • 3. Buzzmath
  • 4. Wolfram MathWorld
  • 5. Photomath
  • 6. IXL
  • 7. Math planet
  • 8. Prodigy Math Game
  • 9. Quizlet
  • 10. Khan Academy

1. Learn Math App: Game of Numbers

Learn Math App

An affinity toward Math is gradual, and it mostly happens during the formative years of a child’s education, provided the concepts are made easier to understand. That’s precisely what Learn Math App focuses on and why it has made it to the number one spot. Learn Math App is an adaptive learning app that offers unlimited levels to learn fundamental mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, skills that are extremely important in your day-to-day life as well. To make the experience even more engaging, the app offers different themes like Halloween, Christmas, Angry Birds, and many others. Learn Math App allows you to create different profiles to track your progress more effectively.

What teachers love: Learn Math App is loved by teachers across the globe because, first, the app allows users to learn at their own pace. Secondly, the app has a user-friendly and engaging interface, making learning even more fun. It’s amazing how Learn Math App helps improve focus and motor skills.

Download Here

2. Brighterly


If you’re familiar with edtech trends, then there’s a huge chance you’ve heard of Brighterly.com, the latest startup making rounds. Brighterly is a cutting-edge edtech platform dedicated to helping young learners understand math and build a formidable relationship with the subject.

You’re probably wondering how they intend to pull this off. Well, it’s pretty simple.

Brighterly uses game-based learning to drive assimilation and retention. Children can learn complex mathematical concepts through games and cling to their newly acquired knowledge.

Brighterly also offers numerous worksheets for Pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd-grade students. These worksheets enhance kids’ counting, number recognition, and handwriting skills. The best part? These worksheets are free!

What teachers love: Thanks to its adaptive-learning curriculum, Brighterly is a personal favorite for many teachers across the globe. The platform’s tutors adjust the curriculum to meet each child’s specific needs, offering a holistic learning experience. Your child is bound to learn math quickly with one-on-one teaching sessions. Brighterly also provides a free demo session for parents who want a taste of the experience before making a financial commitment.

Download Now

3. Buzzmath


Buzzmath is an excellent platform for students to learn math, and that too in the most fun way possible. Although intended mainly for teachers, it has learning resources for teachers, students, and parents alike because all three play an intrinsic role in how a child develops interest and excels in math. It offers over 14000 interactive and entertaining math questions through which students aged 6-16 can clear all mathematical concepts. Buzzmath helps motivate children to develop confidence in Math and thereby improve grades. Before trying out the premium subscription, students, teachers, and parents can look around at various exercises.

What teachers love: When teaching math, the teacher must focus on all students. Knowing that every student has a different progress graph, Buzzmath lets teachers send activities targeted to a group of students, an individual student, or a thorough revision of an ongoing lesson.

Visit Here

4. Wolfram MathWorld

Wolfram MathWorld

It could be that you want to rekindle your love for math or brush up on math concepts to help your children; Wolfram MathWorld is a free online mathematics resource where you can pick from a range of mathematical concepts and gain clarity. The website has a dedicated section where you can enter a mathematical problem and get a step-by-step solution demonstrated using interactive animations, graphs, and several other elements.

What teachers love: World over, tutors love Wolfram Mathworld for its extensive and categorical resources. You can pick a topic of interest and gain as much knowledge as you want – You can clear your basics and then advance onto higher levels.

Visit Wolfram MathWorld

5. Photomath


Photomath is a math learning app with over 100 million installs and a good rating. You can install Photomath on iOS and Android devices and learn and master elementary, high school, or college math. Students can clarify their concepts and build skills with the help of step-by-step mathematical explanations vetted by expert math teachers. One of the best aspects of Photomath is that you can scan math problems and explore solutions to that problems. But, at no point would you feel that you are talking to a machine. The calculation steps appear in animation, making it feel like a real teacher is teaching you.

What teachers love: Photomath covers a variety of topics on math from second grade to college. The app doesn’t just show one way to solve a math problem. Instead, it offers several alternatives to solve it. As a result, students, as well as teachers, can widen their perspective. It provides learning opportunities that might otherwise be missed in a regular session.

Download Photomath

6. IXL


IXL is yet another useful online tool for learning math. With over 13 million users, this subscription-based edtech platform has etched its name in the industry. IXL offers a comprehensive curriculum to help students learn and assist teachers in mapping their lessons. This tool allows students to complete up to ten free daily questions without a subscription. However, it would help if you had a subscription to gain unlimited access to practice questions and other perks.

What teachers love: IXL offers a real-time diagnostic that paints a clear picture of students’ knowledge and proficiency in math. This insight goes further to create a personalized action plan for the student. More importantly, this tool offers a comprehensive breakdown of math solutions in cases where a student gets a problem incorrectly. This way, they would understand where they went wrong and how to avoid a similar situation in the future.

7. Math planet


Math Planet is a revolutionary online resource that helps students study math for free. Specifically designed for high school students, this tool offers comprehensive lessons in Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. It also provides practice tests for students looking to take the SATs or ACT.

It’s important to note that Math Panet’s curriculum is strictly US-focused. However, since everyone needs to learn math regardless of their geographical location, students worldwide can still use this resource.

Math Planet also offers a section called Math Playground, where elementary students can try out fun math and programming exercises.

8. Prodigy Math Game

rodigy Math Game

Prodigy is an interactive learning platform designed to make math fun and entertaining for kids. Most children dislike math because it’s often considered tedious or complex. Well, this tool is here to spin the narrative around.

With a team of education specialists, Prodigy curates comprehensive content to ensure a holistic learning experience for students. It also covers up to 1500 different math skills. Like Brighterly, this tool takes a game-based approach to learning, encouraging students to learn through fun games rather than in the conventional classroom.

What teachers love: With Prodigy, it’s easy to track your child or student’s progress. This feature gives you insight into their problem areas, and subsequently, you can use the information to adjust grade levels and set new goals.

9. Quizlet


Have you ever considered learning through flashcards? Flashcards are a popular and effective self-testing approach to learning. They’re a preferred study method for many advanced students (and for a good reason!)

Quizlet is a platform that teaches students math (and other subjects) through digital cards. Using this tool, students learn any subject through flashcards, short-term memorization cards, matching cards, etc. Up to 90% of students who use this tool report higher grades. Users of Quizlet can either try out premade card decks or choose to make their custom decks, depending on what they prefer.

What teachers love: Quizlet offers comprehensive step-by-step explanations for any challenging problem. The best part? These explanations are curated and verified by experts, so students are in safe hands.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

If you love free resources, then you’d love Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a free learning resource that offers numerous online courses, videos, and study resources. Students get to complete daily reviews and, at the same time, track their progress on their dashboard.

Khan Academy also offers a free educational program for kids ages two to eight known as Khan Academy Kids. Users can access YouTube videos with interactive stories and lessons with the kids’ version.

What teachers love: With Khan Academy, students can get hints to practice problems one step at a time. This is a great feature for students who need help with a specific step and don’t want the full answer handed to them on a platter.

Final Thoughts

Looking for tools for learning math online? The tools mentioned in this article have been specially handpicked and recommended by teachers globally. Brighterly is our top pick because it offers an adaptive-based learning curriculum and fun worksheets to drive interactive learning. However, other tools are great choices if you’d like to explore alternative options!

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