Best Free Brain Training Apps For Android And iOS

Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential

Best Free Brain Training Apps For Android And iOS

No power in the whole universe can challenge the fact that the brain is the most important organ of our body. It is also the most complex organ. It controls the movements of your body parts, takes charge of how you behave and perceive things. It is the interpreter of your senses.

But here, we are not going to bore you with all the geeky biology that goes behind your brain. Instead, here we are going to talk about something that will help you give muscle to your brain, which will help you in your long journey of life.

Sure, you all use smartphones and have already installed several apps. Instead of binging on futile content that adds no to little value, why not spare some time using some apps to strengthen our brains? And, if you’ve been searching for such apps, you might as well have landed on the correct post.

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Why Have We Selected These Apps

Day in and day out, you have to mind a lot of business where you are tested on several aspects ranging from attention, memory, comprehension, calculation ability, problem-solving, information grasping, mental agility, focus, and so on. The below-listed brain game apps will help you condition your brain in all aspects. Trust us, you are going to love these apps, and you will be able to unlock the potential you never thought your brain was capable of.

What We Recommend

One of the reasons why we are presenting so many options is that we want you to have several options. You can switch from one app to another, test your brain’s mettle on varying difficulty levels, and, most importantly, stay motivated.

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Best Brain Training Apps For Android And iOS

1. Lumosity


Available for both Android and iOS users, the app helps you challenge your brain by going through training tasks designed by experts. The app is designed in a manner that, over some time, you will see a remarkable improvement in your cognitive abilities.

Why Use This App?

  • Areas targeted include memory, problem-solving abilities, processing speed, and many more
  • Each day you get to train yourself with a new set of activities, so that you don’t get bored
  • Exercises structured as per your mental levels
  • Calibrate speed and difficulty as per your desire
  • Detailed insights on your progress

Android | iOS

2. Elevate


What if we tell you that Apple chose Elevate as the App of the year and has won several accolades? You will want to know what’s so special about the app, right? And, most importantly, how can it help me in brain training? To begin with, users have reportedly seen dramatic gains just by using the app thrice a week.

Why Use This App?

  • It helps you improve attention, processing speed, speaking skills, memory, and math, to name a few
  • The app especially focuses on the skills you need most and structures plans accordingly
  • 40+ brain games
  • Keep track of your progress with the help of detailed reports
  • Elegant interface

Android | iOS

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3. Peak – Brain Training


Peak is one of the best brain game apps you will find both on Android and iOS. Every day you are randomly assigned games and are also presented with basic insights into various statistics as well. The game, at its core, tests your cognitive faculties.

Why Use This App?

  • You are tested on skills such as problem-solving, focus, mental agility, memory, and more
  • A personal trainer helps you improve and tracks your progress
  • The games are made in partnership with some of the leading universities of the world, such as NYU and Cambridge
  • With advanced training modules, you can focus on a specific skill
  • The app even works offline

Android | iOS

4. NeuroNation


From gearing you up and getting you started, NeuroNation is one of the best brain training apps to keep your brain pumped up. The free brain training app guides you through strength and weakness tests in four different areas. Then your progress is saved, and that’s the initiation of your brain training.

Why Use This App?

  • Personalized training plan
  • Over 20 exercises and 250 levels
  • Increase thinking speed and even reduce the chances of depression
  • Train with friends and share each other’s progress
  • The effectiveness of the app testified by the Department of General Psychology (Freie Universität Berlin)

Android | iOS

5. Brain Training

Brain Training

Brain Training apps specialize in challenging your brain activity with mind games. With the help of this app, you can improve concentration, focus, and coordination. Also, people suffering from short-term memory loss can use it to boost brain activity and recall things promptly.

Why Use This App?

  • More than 14 different types of brain games for all age groups
  • Not just a brain games app but even an app that intensifies your creativity as well
  • Easily track your day-to-day progress
  • Games include – focus brain training, math brain training, quick decision, listening memory, multitasking brain training, quick search skills, left vs right brain, so on and so forth
  • Just by playing the game every day for 5-10 minutes, users have seen remarkable progress in the way they perceive things, make decisions, memorize things, etc


6. Brainwell


Brainwell is one of the highest-rated free brain training apps cherished by kids and adults. You can judge its credibility because it is already trusted by millions of users across the globe, and experts have curated the exercises.

Why Use This App?

  • Train multiple areas of your brain with over 50 brain game exercises and specifically exercise 6 cognitive areas
  • Sharpen logic, memory, and many other skills
  • New challenges daily
  • Games are based on innovative neuroscience
  • Compare scores and progress with friends

Android | iOS

7. Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain

Amongst free brain training apps, Train Your Brain holds a reputable spot. It primarily focuses on enhancing your cognitive skills. If you put it head-to-head with several other apps, you will find it fairly simple in looks but looks often don’t narrate the complete story.

Why Use This App?

  • The game is known to complement treatments carried out in health centers
  • Helps improve memory, reasoning, attention, visual perception, and coordination
  • Several different games sufficient for daily brain training
  • Games are fun for all ages – kids as well as the elderly

Android | iOS

8. Brain Wars

Brain Wars

If you are a fan of Sudoku, Puzzles, Crosswords, and others, there is no doubt that you are instantly going to fall in love with this brain games app. And, as the name suggests, this free brain training app offers a real-time live battle experience.

Why Use This App?

  • A simple and intuitive way to train your brain
  • Continuous challenges to increase brain power
  • The brain teasers in this app don’t contain certain languages or subjects
  • Increase brain function through adaptation and repetition; you don’t require special knowledge

Android | iOS

9. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzle

Brain It On

From the start, the app does what it says to challenge your brain. And it’s a human mentality that when something challenges your brain, you are more inclined to conquer it. Here, you might at first think that the puzzles are what your toddler sibling or child would be able to solve but test your might, and you know how challenging they are.

Why Use This App?

  • Several mind-boggling physics puzzles
  • Several different ways to solve each puzzle, this way, you even enhance your perspective
  • Compete with your friends, share your solutions
  • Ad-free


Wapping Up:

Give these brain game apps a spin, and let us know which apps have been able to challenge your brains the most in the comments section below. For more such listicles, tech how-to’s, and other fun-filled tech-related content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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