Best Mood Tracking Apps To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Mood

How Are You Feeling Today?

Best Mood Tracking Apps To Help You Keep Tabs On Your Mood

We deal with so much throughout the day both in personal and professional lives that mood swings are obvious. Believe it or not sometimes we just can’t seem to understand what’s happening. The result, your mood fluctuates which is quite normal.  Yet, there are times when mood swings exceed the limits, which is not normal. Excessive mood swings can point towards underlying mental issues. 

To be honest, excessive mood swings can be bad for our mental health as you might be going through extreme stress, loneliness, grief or even depression. The first step is to identify what mood you are in something that can be identified by a mood tracker.

Thanks to technology, we have some of the best mood tracker apps that can help you identify if you are on the verge of loneliness, grief, anxiety, extreme stress or even depression.

Best Mood Tracker Apps

1. Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker


This is an app that lets you first select your mood and then on the basis of your activities helps you create patterns with the help of which you can increase your productivity. The best part is with this mood tracker app you create a journal without having to write a single line. How cool is that?


  • Beautiful icons with the help of which you can personalize activities
  • Amazing statistics signifying your mood 
  • Share stats with friends and family and create backup on Google Drive
  • Option for creating reminders of important memories
  • PIN lock app to keep it safe from prying eyes
  • Track mood over month or even year in a very concise format

No of Installs: 5 Million

Rating: 4.7 

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2. Youper – Emotional Health


To calm your mind and manage underlying mental health issues such as depression, developers have utilized the power of artificial intelligence. It brings the goodness of having a conversation and this time your friend will be an artificial assistant. It is undoubtedly one of the best mood tracker apps because it has been created by scientists, doctors and engineers.


  • Soulful conversations with a personalized chat assistant
  • Even if you don’t want to talk you can follow mindful practices
  • Comprehensively understand your emotions 
  • Useful information on symptoms pertaining to depression, anxiety and many other health issues
  • Beautiful sort your mind and create a journal
  • Several personality tests to help you understand yourself better

No of installs: 1 million

Rating: 4.6

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3. eMoods


eMoods is a wonderful mood tracker app which helps you manage your mood easily and effectively. It helps you easily manage symptoms pertaining to anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and many other disorders. You can put down all your symptoms in the form of a diary where you can create journals, create graphics, report triggers.


  • The app is completely free to use
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can send monthly PDF report to your doctor so that they can identify triggers
  • Colorblind friendly color schemes
  • In app graphs and charts that can be printed

No of installs: 100,000

Rating: 4.6 

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4. TalkLife


One of the reasons why mood swings happen is because you don’t have someone to share your distress with. How about talking to real people about your problems? Yes! It features real people to support you and listen to you. This includes friends who would give you suggestions and advice to fight anxiety, eating disorders, depression and self-harm (if you reach such stage).


  • You can choose to be anonymous 
  • Personally chat with other TalkLife users
  • Share own experiences with new friends
  • Filter posts that are of utmost importance and that you think are the most motivational
  • Inspiration and interesting content on TalkLife blog
  • Highly customizable profile with the help of which you can express yourself

No of installs: 500,000

Rating: 4.4

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5. aiMei

Another aspect of mood tracking is being emotionally intelligent. It is about how well you can recognize your and people’s emotions and how you can use that information to guide behavior.

The app helps you in four components namely – social awareness, self-management, self-awareness and relationship management.


  • Use mood tracker app to know your mood trends and how you feel during the day
  • Connect with friends and know how well you know them
  • Set up goals to become better and keep track of  your progress
  • Help friends reach their goals 
  • Extensive personality tests to help you know yourself better

No of installs: 50,000

Rating: 4.1 

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Why Is There A Need To Track Mood?

Mood is a catalyst which makes us do a lot of activities. While most of these are good, some can be bad too. When you track mood, you are able to learn more about yourself. You can identify behavioral patterns, positive and negative influences and then work upon becoming a better version of yourself. And, what better than taking help from mood tracker apps.

Can These Mood Tracker Apps Help Me Uplift My Mood?

Of course yes! Each of the above mood tracker apps have the ability to identify most aspects of your mood patterns and on the basis of that these suggest therapies, conversations and many other measures you can undertake to better your mood.  

Spread Goodness!

We really want you to be happy, be in the best of your moods and spirits which is why we have suggested some of the best mood tracker apps to you. If there is an existing app that you use and think is beneficial, do share it with us and other readers as well. The world needs Samaritans like you and us. For more such updates, keep reading Tweak Library and make sure that you follow us on all social media platforms.

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